Introduction of service

A. What is the manual promotion?

One of the most efficient method to increase followers, likes and the account engagement rate that Instamber offers is Instagram manual promotion. As its name suggests, manual promotion actions are done manually. It is one of the greatest services that Instamber prepares due to the fact that Instagram plans many anti-bot algorithms, so sometimes it is too hard to use bots because the rigid regulations Instagram blocks the accounts which use bots.

To get more familiar with the tool, take the process of follow-unfollow on instagram as an example, after targeting your audience the system will recommend the action of follow or unfollow which you perform manually.

B. Why is it beneficial to use the manual promotion?

The old-fashioned way of follow and unfollow is an extremely influential method and helps users to increase their followers, however, using the manual promotion makes the process more intelligent and faster.

C. How does it work?

To use manual actions after finding targets the system recommends the most suitable action for your account and you must do it manually. In the following, we are going to state the mechanism and how you can activate and use it:

  • 1. sign up and Add an account
  • 2. Activate manual promotions
  • 3. Configure the service

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