Create a new campaign

A. How to begin

a. Sign up

Use Instamber sign up page and enter your name and email to create your individual dashboard.

b. Add an account without password

B. How to activate the manual promotion

a. Click on Manual Promotion tab

Select the manual promotion which is the second tab

b. Click on +days button

To activate the manual promotion select days button

c. Top up your balance and select your package

Among the existing package, choose the one you like

d. Pay with PayPal

Pay the money and have the service activate.

Note: The only payment method is PayPal.

C. How to set promotion?

a. Click on Manual Promo tab then on source and setting tabs

After choosing promotion tab, click on source and setting tab to continue the process

b. Choose targets

In this step, choose targets based on locations, hashtags, usernames.

Note: Pay attention to the fact that it is so important to find the most proper and related targets in great locations with the most suitable hashtags.

c. Configure settings

Click on setting button and under setting button configure setting under filter tab

d. Wait till the system collects targets

Spare sometime so that the system collects targets

e. Choose the recommended actions under found targets tab and do it manually

The found targets will be shown a long with their profile and the system will show suggestions about what you had better do to upgrade your account. So take the most proper action.

For example, you gather targets and the system suggest to follow-unfollow . So perform the action as the system recommends.

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