Unfollow additional Instagram following

Unfollowing extra Instagram users can be helpful to convert your profile into a stylish Instagram page.

Instamber lets you to unfollow Instagram followings according to your order automatically.

How to start Unfollowing automatically

Here are some steps to adjust unfollowing settings :

- click on promotion tab
- click on setting button
- select unfollow tab
- adjust your settings

Please take into consideration, process of unfollowing will start in following situation :

1. start manually when you click on the “unfollow button” in promotion tab.
2. maximum number of followings, according to Instagram terms, can be 7500. when system arrives to this number, following process will be paused and unfollowing starts automatically.
3. on unfollow tab, when the Unfollow scheduling option is checked.

Unfollowing setting description :

# Options More Info
1 Unfollow scheduling By activating this option you will be able to start unfollowing at the specified range of time
2 Keep personal following By activating this option you will unfollow only users which were followed by our system
3 Following threshold If your account arrives to this number, unfollowing process starts automatically
4 Min following days System will unfollow account if it was followed earlier than specified number of days ago
5 Unfollow number Unfollowing process continues until your account's following number arrives to this number

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