Choose target for your TikTok promotional service

Instamber bot works based on two type of targets, usernames and hashtags.

Username targeting

The function of deploying usernames to target accounts is very beneficial, as the bot goes and find the followers of those usernames and follow, like and leave comments on them. So, it attracts their attention and makes them follow back your account.

Hashtag targeting

Using hashtags is the same, by entering hashtags, TikTok bot will target the people who follow those hashtags and publish posts containing those hashtags.
Choosing the right hashtags, as we have described previously, is one of the practical tools for obtaining Followers. Pay attention to the fact that the hashtags you choose must be effective enough to maximize the efficiency of the TikTok.

Before using hashtags please make sure to check them out on the Tiktok app. How often these hashtags are used is not a good way to judge them, as there are many posts on Tiktok that use popular hashtags to present themselves that have nothing to do with their post.

Search for the hashtags on the TikTok app to get a better hashtag. Take a good look at the posts and see what percentages of them are used correctly and are close to your goal. Do your competitors also use these hashtags? Are these hashtags legal and not banned by Tiktok? To do this, you need to click the new promotion button on the Instamber dashboard. On the opening page, you should have the hashtag you want and you will need to get it. Wait a moment for the hashtag to be displayed in full details and then select it from that list.

Find the most trending and the most related hashtags in your niche to help you aim at the best targets possible. Take the most popular hashtags on TikTok:
2. #love
3. #funny
4. #memes
5. #followme
6. #cute
7. #fun
8. #music
9. #happy
10. #fashion
By adding these hashtags you can find accounts that use them.

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