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2. Add your Instagram account


3. Install our free android application “Social bridge”

Installing Instamber android application, which is called social bridge, is the most crucial step in running Instagram bot. Due to the fact that Instagram constantly changes its algorithm, bot activities get restricted more and more. For example IP conflict can cause getting blocked and your bot activities will not be useful any more. To prevent being blocked and low efficiency, each bot user must run social bridge.


It is completely simple to download and install social bridge because it is on your Instamber dashboard.

The name “Android app” may raise the question, so what about non-android user?

Actually, it is easy for those too! They need only and an android emulator, it means that by using an emulator, they can run social bridge and the bot performs just fine. The best emulator that non-android user can find is bluestacks. By installing bluestacks on their desktop and running their Instagram and social bridge via that, they will make the most out of their bots. By using bluestacks, you have a complete android device.

4. Pay and set promotions to activate your automation

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