How to start using Instamber TikTok growth service

There are two steps before you get started with Tiktok promotion tool that you must observe:

The most important thing to do before starting with the TikTok promotion tool is knowing your audience. It means that you must know your followers in other words, which page followers and which hashtags they are using. This a very important choice for you, because of the fact that your bot function depends highly on this choice.

There are many pages on Tiktok that your target audience will follow. You have to find these pages and add them to the TikTok robot. Your competitors’ pages or those with whom you have common goals are the easiest way to find your target audience. Instamber TikTok robot is an intelligent tool to help you get your desired number of followers

Your competitors and co-workers' pages help you

A - Seeing their pages and finding out their strategy will help you choose the right plan and make their weak points your strength.

B - Get their Followers. By using Instamber TikTok bot you can persuade followers of competitor pages to follow your pages.

C- Use their hashtags to your advantage. By searching in their posts you can find your target hashtags and choose the most appropriate ones.

To do this, you need to click on the new promotion button on the Instamber dashboard. On the opening page, you should write the pages you want to gain its target audience. Wait for a moment to display the full name of the page and then select it from the displayed list. You can easily target your audience.

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