How Instamber works

Instamber is one of the best Instagram automation and management platforms. We provide tools for Instagram users and marketers to boost engagement and save time to manage their accounts.This solutions allow users to get more Instagram followers organically through automated likes, comments and follows and reach the right audience according to hashtags ,locations, gender and more.


With Instamber, you’ll get:
- Powerful targeting feature - empower you to target your desired audience by location, gender, hashtag and more.
- Managing and scheduling your post - ability to upload photos and videos, and post them later and having full control of published posts like editing, deleting and etc.
- Sending Instagram automated direct message - allow you to send unlimited Instagram messages automatically to your audience. This feature will help you grow and scale your brand awareness.
- Managing your audience comments at a glance - ability to handle your whole comments in a single stream and get valuable insights of your audiences to inform marketing strategy.
- Increasing the number of likes & views - enable you to have a good quantity of likes and views for strengthening your Instagram account.

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