How to Get Followers with Instamber?

An Instagram bot can bring you thousands of real, active followers each month as long as you apply it properly. This article is a guideline explaining all you need to know about Instagram robots, from creating them to setting them up.

We are sure that using this guideline, you can easily run an extremely effective Instagram bot for your page! So, read this article carefully if you haven’t started using your Instagram bot or if you have done so and now you want to increase your followers using it.

Note : If you still don’t know what an Instagram bot is, check our previous articles What is Instagram robot and Why Instamber bot is the best way to increase your Instagram followers.

Instamber Instagram bot has been created to make you popular on Instagram and this article is exactly for you. Here we would say how you can get followers with Instamber.

2 Essential Steps Before Running Your Bot

There are 2 essential steps you definitely need to take before starting to use Instamber Instagram bot to get followers. These 2 tasks have nothing to do with the bot and are completely related to your Instagram page.

Step 1: Analyze Your Audience and Competitors

  • - Know your competitors: Who are your competitors and what are they doing?
  • - Identify the pages of your competitors: What are the pages which can be considered as your competitors on Instagram?
  • - Review their posts: How are their posts? What are their posts mainly about?

Step 2: Prepare Your Instagram Page

- Your Instagram page must contain your contact information including your phone number or an email address. So, if your email address or phone number have not been verified by Instagram, confirm them before setting up the robot.

- No other robots should be active on your Instagram. Otherwise, it will interrupt the performance of the bot you are using.

- Go to Instagram Settings and turn off “Two-factor Authentication” (this will prevent others from accessing your account. Two-factor authentication requires the user to confirm the security code sent to his phone number or email address in addition to entering the password. So a person who has no access to your registered phone number on Instagram could not confirm this security code).

Note : Keep in mind that the two steps mentioned above are very essential. Dedicate sufficient time to research to have a clearer vision about your goals and set up your Instagram bot more accurately. Now that you have taken the necessary steps before creating your Instagram bot, it’s time to make Instamber Instagram bot to increase your followers.

Are You Ready to Create Your Instagram Bot?

To make your Instagram bot, first, you need to register in Instamber website. If you have already done so, you can skip this stage. But if not, go to Instamber’s main page. After entering your email address and completing the registration process, Enter your Instagram username and password in the registration section of the bot.

Note that Instamber would never save your password in its system and our staff also have no access to your password. Entering your password will only connect the bot to your Instagram account.


If you can see the image below, Congratulations, your Instagram bot has been built and is ready to use.


But if you encounter another page, don’t worry! Continue reading this guideline! Normally, after pressing the registration button, your account will be ready and the bot will be created to use. If you can see your bot, go to Tutorial and follow the steps mentioned there.

I Can not See My Bot, What Should I Do?

In rare cases, following all the registration steps correctly, you may see a message on your screen instead of seeing the bot’s image. This message wants you to verify the bot. You can simply confirm your bot by entering a 6-digit code and access the bot.


What is The 6-digit Code and Where can I Get it?

This code is to confirm that it’s you who is attempting to create the bot and not anyone else. To limit the access for other people who may try to misuse your information, you need to complete the authentication process through Instagram. So, don’t close the Instamber page, leave it open and go to your Instagram account.

How Should I Verify My Identity?

When you log into your Instagram account, the following message will appear. This is the verification message we mentioned before. Instagram asks you to confirm that the person who was trying to access your account as you. So, select “This was me” as shown in the picture below!
After selecting “This was me”, the 6-digit code will be sent to the email address or the phone number registered in your Instagram account.

Now that you’ve received the code, go back to Instamber site and enter the code in the required section. This time your bot is ready to use for sure! (Note that the 6-digit code will be sent to the email address you had entered while creating your Instagram account. If you have forgotten your email address, you can see it in the “Edit profile” section of your account).

What Shall I Do When I Have Created My Bot?

Before starting to explain the process, let’s tell you a fact: your Instagram bot like a real robot will not perform any action more than what you have commanded. So, in order to activate it and enable any of its services, you need to go to Setting and review its Basic Setting.

Your Instagram bot is supposed to play your role and perform the actions which you are supposed to do manually to help you gain more followers. All it requires is to be set correctly because these setting will determine other factors.

You should set it up based on the answer to the following questions:
  • - Who are the followers that are supposed to join my page?
  • - Where do my followers live? - What are the favorite hashtags of my followers?
  • - Which comments my bot is going to use to lead followers to my page?
  • - How many likes, comments and follows should be done throughout a day?
  • - Who is the target audience? Users who like posts or people who leave comments? Followers or great page owners?

Basic Settings of Instamber Instagram Bot

In this part, you will determine how your Instamber Instagram bot shall interact with your audience to increase the number of followers. Shall it like other posts? Or leave comments on them? Shall it first follows and then unfollows or none of them? The most important point in Basic Settings is that if, for instance, you turn off the like option, your bot won’t like any Instagram post. So turn these four functions on to use each of these options and we will tell how to set them up properly in the following section.

Target the right audience

Do you remember that we talked about analyzing your competitors and knowing them well? In this section, you will command your bot to target your audience and how it should find them. You can use three methods in order to target your audience:
1-Target pages

But what do these options mean? We are going to explain what is the function of each item in Instamber followers bot in the next part.

1- Hit the Nail on the Head!

There are many Instagram pages, active in your niche and can be considered as your competitors. You should find these pages and make your page popular among them. Instamber is an Instagram followers bot exactly designed to make help you build a unique page.


How Identifying Competitor Pages Will Help Me?

The advantage of finding the Instagram page of your competitors is three-fold:
  • - Becoming aware of their strategy: It helps you to learn what your competitors are thinking about and how they perform their marketing strategies.
  • - Stealing their followers: by finding people who are following your competitors, you can easily encourage them to follow your page as they are already interested in your niche.
  • - Discovering related hashtags: checking out the hashtags your competitors are using, you can choose the most appropriate ones among them.

How Should I Find My Competitors?

Search your niche on the explore page of Instagram and you will see a list of the most viewed pages which are related to your business. Now, you can enter the name of the target pages in the box and see that Instamber Instagram bot also gives you a list of pages which you can choose your target pages among them.

Please note that the number of followers is not the only criterion here because many pages buy fake followers just to increase the number of their followers. You should pay attention to the number of their likes and comments in comparison to their follower count and also consider the quality of the posts.
For instance, a page with 200K followers may seem a serious competitor at first glance, but afterward, you find out that only 100 people have liked its posts on average. So, it’s obvious that this page has purchased fake followers.

It is not recommended to buy followers by the way as you cannot buy people’s trust. Instamber bot is a safe and reliable approach to gain real Instagram followers; people who would view your posts, like them and comment on them and use your products.

The picture below shows an Instagram page with fake followers. Now you know how to identify the pages of your competitors and how to take advantage of them.


It’s time to return to Promo section. Click “New Promotion” and write your target pages in this section.


Tip: To enhance the efficiency of this option, you can target the followers of specific pages who engage with the posts. To activate it, you just need to just enable the option.

2- Get New Followers with Instamber Using related Hashtags

Targeting specific hashtags is one of the most important features of Instamber Instagram bot, in fact, a powerful one to get new followers. Your hashtags should be well-chosen and you should keep them limited.

Here we would explain how to find hashtags relevant to your niche and use them. If you want your Instagram bot to use the hashtag option, you need to activate it, otherwise, it won’t work.Note that in the “New Promotion” page, you searched and found the name of your competitor pages and entered their name manually. Hashtag is another way to find your competitors and their posts.

How Should I Find Relevant Hashtags and Use Them?

Instagram Explore Page:
Firstly write the most common hashtag in your business field in Instagram’s search box; a list of related hashtags will be shown sorted based on the most viewed ones. Choose some of the most used hashtags and enter them in Instamber’s hashtag section. Note that you should enter just their name without # sign.

Hashtag in Hashtag:
You can also find a list of hashtags in the “Tags” section of the search box and see the number of posts with the hashtag. By clicking on each hashtag, you can see posts with that hashtag sorted by the time of their publication and also their popularity. A list of related hashtags will be shown beneath it too. As well as these hashtags, you can open each post to find other relevant hashtags. Searching, again and again, you can find the key hashtags related to your field of work.
For instance, you may found other forms of writing the same word like #socialmedia and #social_media which are both related to marketing pages and as a marketer you should pay enough attention to both these hashtags but you should exclude hashtags which are common in so many different businesses. Don’t dedicate too much time to this section. You should only continue finding relevant hashtags until you find your targeted audience. In fact, you only need to get an overall view of your subject, don’t become obsessed with them.

Steal Your Competitors’ Hashtags:
Now that you’ve found relevant hashtags, write them in the related section of your Instagram bot.


3- Increase the Number of Your Followers Using Geotags

Imagine that you have a shop in Walworth, London. Who are the best followers for your page in this case? Yes, people living and working in this area or those who are interested in it.

For all the businesses which require the physical presence of their customers, such as shops and businesses which offer services only to people located in a particular area like fast foods, targeting the audience based on their location would be the best option. If you own a business like this, you can use this option in its related section in the “New Promotion”.

Location is one of the best ways to find your target audience. So, choose the location you are interested in and make sure you are writing the right location, not, for example, Walworth County, Wisconsin.


So far, you’ve set up all the necessary settings and your Instagram bot can start its work. But you can use your bot even more efficiently by changing its Advanced Settings. The Advanced Settings includes 3 options:
-Your bot’s speed
-A blacklist of Instagram accounts

Note : See Help to get more information.

Your Instamber Follower Bot is Ready to Use

Now, you are an expert in using Instamber to get lots of followers. All you need to do is to go back to the first page in your Instamber bot and monitor the growth of your Instagram followers!

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