One of the most important concerns of most Instagram managers is that their posts are not seen. Or many users are not following them! However, these pages produce amazing posts and if they were on the pages with more fans, they would get better feedback.

If you manage such pages, you should know that it is not the problem with your posts; it is the way that you distribute your posts so, they cannot encourage users to participate. There are various ways to encourage users to contribute to your page.

In fact, you need to do something to engage users with your posts, for example commenting or liking your post. These are the smallest things that users can do on your page. But they are also very useful for your page.

If you manage an Instagram business page that sells your products or services with Instagram, you can turn your fans into your business customers and get more sales experience. In this article, we are going to look at five remarkable solutions that help make your Instagram more visible. If you’re ready, keep up with us to get a full review of these 5 solutions.

Getting More Seen on Instagram and Increasing

To get more seen on Instagram you need to do something to get users’ attention! When you get users’ attention, they’ll comment or like your posts. The best way to invite users to like and comment is to challenge them! For example, one of the most effective ways to do this is to have an exciting contest with great prizes so that you can encourage users to participate.

Of course, what we mean by great prizes is not expensive prizes! Rather, the rewards that users love. For example, you can present one of your business products or services as a reward to users. Many users like to get one of your products or services for free and that’s why they participate in your contest. So holding a contest is one of the ways you can see it on Instagram, which we’ll look at in more detail later.

1. Use Hashtags to Get More Views on Instagram!

Many users don’t care about Instagram hashtags and think hashtags are not useful! Instagram pages that use hashtags get some of their followers and views of their posts through hashtags. Hashtags help users find their posts with just one click! In fact, hashtags help distribute more content to Instagram users, and you can showcase your post to thousands of users. However, to get more views on Instagram you have to use popular hashtags to get more users to see your post.

To use hashtags, you must first find hashtags for your niche! After finding relevant hashtags, you should also find the amount of search and attention that users have, and prioritize your hashtags. Note that Instagram has no restrictions on using hashtags, but optimum use 1 to 6 hashtags in each Instagram post. You should also know that there are only a few popular hashtags in each area of activity. For example, there may be only 4 important hashtags in your area of work, and the other hashtags are not very popular.

Another significant point is that you are indirectly branding when you use hashtags! For example, if you are a lingerie retailer and want to keep your brand in mind, just select hashtags for women. when users see your posts, they will see the hashtags next to the brand name. On the minds of your brand users, you stay committed to your business and stay on the minds of your users forever. Branding is a very important issue in customer trust, and the more popular your brand is among the users, the easier it is to trust you and your business sales will increase greatly.

A Note!

Try always to use hashtags related to the same post, because when users are looking for a specific hashtag, they only enter the page of related posts and ignore other posts. Now if you post to Instagram and use a popular but unrelated hashtag, users will see your post on the same hashtag page but not interact with it. Instagram reduces the rank of such posts over time and your posts will not appear in hashtags after a while.

Generally, if you are planning to increase followers and interact with your page, do the following 5 steps:

Step One:

Use relevant hashtags to look for! Related hashtags help you increase your target revenue and do well on your Instagram marketing business.

Step Two:

Your goal is not just to increase your Instagram feeds, but to increase the sale of your business products or services! So you need to encourage users to interact with your page.

Step Three:

Follow the hashtags used on your competitor page! In every field you work in, you have competitors who in some cases are more professional than you. One of these might be hashtags! So try to consider the hashtags your competitors use to make the best use of your posts.

By following the 3 steps above, you can get the best feedback from popular hashtags. And easily increase your page feeds in a very target way.

2. Communicate with Your Audience and Users for More Visibility on Instagram

Social networks are created to communicate with users and no matter how you use social networks to market your business, you should not forget about connecting with users. Users will feel closer to you when they see you want to connect with them as a business page. And you can trust them more easily.

Insert influential comments below their posts to increase engagement with your audience; pay attention to the fact that your comments should not be repetitive or spam! Because then you will have nothing but an annoyance for users, but if your comments are relevant and influential, you will attract a lot of users and you can turn them into followers and then your customers.

Find the posts that most users like and tailor your content strategy to get the most out of those posts. The best way to find users’ favorite posts is to use the Instagram Insight tool to see the number of likes, comments, saves. Most importantly the engagement rate of each post and to include every single post that is more related to your content strategy.

Every page of Instagram has a bunch of followers that are very interested in your posts and even your brand and publish posts related to your page on their page. To demonstrate that users are important to you, simply repost posts related to your page that users publish on their page. You can do this with apps like Repost For Instagram and republish others’ posts on your page.

A Note!

Pay attention to the fact that you need to select users who are your target audience! To find such users, you can use your competitors’ pages and attract them. You can also easily get target audiences using Instagram ads, but you still have to select pages for ads that include your business target audience. This helps a lot to be seen on Instagram and you can easily increase your target audience.

3. Launch Exciting Contests to Get More Views on Instagram

Another great way to get more out of Instagram is to launch Instagram contests! Instagram competitions are usually very exciting and a lot of users pay attention to them. Especially if you have valuable prizes for your competitions, many users follow you and participate in the competition. When you launch an Instagram Contest using a dedicated hashtag for your page. The contests help a lot in branding your business and you can easily keep your brand name in mind.

4. Share your Instagram page with your business customers

One way to increase your Instagram audience is to share your Instagram account with your customers! For example, if you have a real store, you can print a banner and share the address of your Instagram page with users. Also, if you work on other social networks, just give them an Instagram page address and ask them to follow you.

The most effective way to reach a target audience on a page is to invite existing customers to follow you. If you have a website for your business, I suggest putting your Instagram and other social media icons on your site so that users can click through to your Instagram page.

This can easily turn your site customers into followers of your Instagram page. So, it introduces your new business products or services to them. You can also publish a post on your Instagram account and share it with other social media accounts! For example, you can tell them to contact your telegram number for support and share your telegram number in the bio section or on your Instagram posts. This can help you get more out of your Instagram and other social networks where you work.

5. Share Posts on Other Social Networks

Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos and has restrictions on writing text; for example, you can only write up to 2200 characters(including characters, letters, and spaces), and if you plan to write more, you should continue to post in another post. You also need to know that only 3 lines are displayed to users, and to read more, click on See more to see the full text. So Instagram is not a network for sharing text with users and I suggest using other social networks.

We recommend that you share your Instagram posts on other social networks at the same time. So, you have active users on networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The more you distribute your posts, the more you will attract, and you will turn your former users into regular business customers.

A Note!

Almost most users prefer visual content such as video content to textual content. So, on social networks, you should be looking for posts that have attractive images or videos for users and less on the text. For example, Instagram is not a good place to share textual content, and users care about video posts. Now if you’re planning to publish textual content, I suggest designing a fun video or image to share on Instagram. Then share it with users through the bio section of Instagram.

Also, if you plan to publish short textual content, use Twitter; all users are looking for textual content on Twitter, and visual content is less important to them. Therefore, every social network has its own application, but you can’t just publish your content on a particular social network! For example, when posting on social networks, you can produce attractive images and text and post it successfully on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites that have a lot of users.

To get the most out of your social networks, you need to know them first! Understanding the limitations of any social network is the best way to use them because you know well how to use and reduce the branding of your business. Some of the restrictions on social networks include:

Network #1 Business Blogs

Business blogs are parts of their sites where valuable content is placed. Usually, on blogs, long posts come with images or content types to have a great impact on users. But the limitations are in line with Google algorithms! For example, the title length is between 8 and 12 words, usually 70 characters long. It also has a good word count of up to 1500 words, of course, Google now gives comprehensive content(sometimes up to 4,000 words) and tops the results. The ideal length of the text is up to 1500 words, which takes about 7 minutes and does not bother the user.

Network #2 Facebook

On Facebook, you can write text without restriction and share videos in 30 to 45 seconds for users to get the best feedback.

Network #3 Twitter

In the past, we were only allowed to write 140 characters on Twitter, but currently, only 280 characters are allowed! You can also write ongoing comments and share your text with users. In general, you will have no restrictions on writing on Twitter, but the first post only shows up to 280 characters and users should see the rest of the text in comments.

Network #4 Linkedin

In LinkedIn, you can easily type 120 characters in the headline. Also in the post section, you can write up to 2000 characters as the main content. And you can write up to 100 characters for the title.

Network #5 Instagram

Instagram, which was the main topic of this article, has some limitations too! In the bio section, you can only insert 150 characters and when writing a post, you can only write 2200 characters. Note, however, that only 3 lines are displayed to users on the home screen. And the user must use the See More option to see the rest of the text.


There are different ways to get more views on Instagram, some of the more efficient and some are less efficient. Using the hashtag on Instagram is the best way to show your post to more users at no cost. There are, of course, other solutions we’ve reviewed in this article, two great ways to get more views on Instagram. And you can easily use it.


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