There are a variety of ways to gain more followers on Instagram. All people can create funny videos, take controversial selfies or advertise their business on yellow pages, but I haven’t written this article for ‘all people’. My audience is people reading this article to find the most appropriate ways to increase the number of their followers on Instagram.

Why get followers on Instagram is challenging?

It’s hard to succeed on Instagram without paying attention to important things mentioned below. Notice that by adhering to each of these factors, you will be near to get followers on Instagram massively.
get followers on Instagram

Time Spent

One of the factors which are important for rating posts on Instagram is Time Spent. Time spent implies the time users spend on a single post. Instagram calculates the importance and charm of a post on a specific following page. If the rate of this calculation is higher in comparison to other published posts, Instagram will recognize the importance of this post and will show it to other followers. This is the reason that videos and posts with images have more chance to reach explore page and go viral. in order to get followers on Instagram, you need to pay more attention to the time you want to spend.


Relevancy is the other important factor for rating posts on Instagram and many other social media. Instagram defines relevancy in engagement rate; it means the relation between this post and other posts which a user has engaged with. But the biggest challenge is that how Instagram calculates this rate. Instagram calculates relevancy, by analyzing the user’s interests and engagement with other posts. You may recall that how Instagram recognize these relations. This is simple. Instagram recognize the relation mentioned above by calculating shared interactions between its users.
When two users like a similar post, Instagram find out the shared interaction between these two. That’s how explore pages are designed to show you the posts that are more likely to be attractive for you. However, if you have followed the page which published the specific post we described, Instagram will show it on top of your homepage and if you have not followed the page, Instagram will send the post to your explore page. Nevertheless, the importance of creating high quality contents for social media increases and having the accurate way for publishing your contents may increase your engagement rate and will cause to get followers on Instagram.
  get followers on Instagram


Likelihood is one of the newest Instagram features that helps you keep track of the posts that seem more interesting to you. To understand this point, Instagram gathers information about the profiles you visit. Based on your engagement rate in these places, it will eventually offers similar pages.
For example, if the page you like, has published a new post, Instagram will show this post on top of other contents in your feed even if other pages share new ones.
From this feature, we can conclude that the more we get loyal followers, the more we can be seen on social media especially on Instagram. So for succeeding in social media, take care of your audience and followers.
Instagram followers
These are 3 main factors that affect your social media exclusively. It is really important to keep close eyes on them to succeed in social media; specially to get a better rating for your posts on Instagram.

How to get more Instagram followers using Instagram ads

The most important goal of any business that starts working on a social media is to attract more followers in order to achieve more profit and income. If you want to increase the number of your followers in a short period of time, it is better to use Instagram ads.

Of course, the Instagram ads are growing these days, and if you want to create attractive ads and convert more audience, you should pay attention to a few points that we will discuss below.

# Use attractive and catchy ads

You should know that users see a large number of advertisements in their Instagram feed every day. When many users notice an advertising post or story, they ignore it without paying attention to it. So if you create advertising content, you should know that users may skip it. What is the solution?

You have to produce your content in a way that attracts the audience’s attention or arouses their curiosity. To do this, try to use people in your images. You don’t need to use video content for advertising, but it is better if the first few seconds are with a little movement to attract the audience’s attention. If you’re going to make promotional video content, it’s best to include some talking there.

# Explain about the advantages of your page

What is your goal in creating your page? What content are you going to produce? What services you want to provide, and what advantages do you have over your competitors? Explain all this to users in your advertising content to help them know what they will get by following your page and whether it covers their needs.

# Speak clearly to your users

Tell users directly what you expect from them. Sometimes speaking clearly and honestly will bring you better results. Ask them directly to follow you. Using a direct Call to Action makes them more likely to convert.

Your goal in creating this Instagram ad is to increase your followers. Tell them about this and ask them to follow you. Of course, along with this request, you should tell them what the benefits are for them if they follow you and what they will receive in return.

Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

To gain more Instagram followers, all you need to do is to use these magical methods! If ready, let’s begin:

1. Produce appropriate content

Are you a doctor, a globetrotter or a valve importer? Actually, there is no difference. To increase the number of your Instagram followers, you must produce appropriate as well as quality contents. What does it mean? It means that when I visit your page as a potential follower, your posts should be so interesting that I willingly follow you. Your content is the message you are trying to convey to your audience. So, the first step to increase your Instagram followers is producing quality content based on their needs and interests. Different factors determine a good content, but I’ll mention the most important ones in the following section:

# Be to the point

Are you interested to follow a page which publishes irrelevant contents at the same time and talks about so many different topics every day? So, a good page needs to have a determined plan. First, ask yourself what you want to do exactly and what is the real purpose behind your interest to gain more new followers on Instagram? Do you want to be famous? Do you want more sale? Or are you just interested to expand the network of your friends? When you specify your purpose, it helps you to follow a more clear path. When you defined precisely what your contents are going to be, classify them. You can even schedule a weekly plan for posts which you are going to publish each day.

# The more professional, the better!

Your page should be really helpful to encourage others to follow it. If you are running a business page, it should demonstrate your expertise. To gain more Instagram followers, you should build trust by showing your capabilities as an expert and also broaden your knowledge in your business field and always be up-to-date. When a doctor, for example, publishes a post with useful info about rheumatism, it will lead patients having this disease to his page and grow the number of his or her followers. This applies to all businesses, whether being a child psychologist or a fashion designer. You only need to look for the need in your audience and publish posts replying to that need.

You might think that you don’t want to talk about your job and profession on your page; instead, you like to talk about your life. In this case, you need to make your page even more specialized (in showing your lifestyle)! What is the advantage of taking a photo of the food you ate yesterday at your favorite restaurant? However, if it contains useful information about the quality of this restaurant or its food ingredients, people would pay more attention and consider it helpful.

# Keep going!

You’ve created a great page with lots of followers. But life chores don’t let you manage your page appropriately and publish new posts. Here is when your followers decide to unfollow your page and they most probably forget you soon, simply because following you is not beneficial for them. Which one would you rather choose: a page with 20 posts or a page with 200 posts? The active page for sure as you probably find more useful information in it. Also, be careful about publishing too many posts. Publish at least 3 new posts per week.

# Don’t forget your personal style

Your page is a demonstration of your personality. How are you going to picture it? With boring discussions or attractive ones? You need appealing content to increase the number of your followers and there are already lots of interesting contents on Instagram. So how do you want to get the attention of your target audience among all these contents?

Be different. Find a personal style to present your content on your page; a style which only belongs to you and can’t be found anywhere else. This can be a specific color theme for your page, the words and phrases you mostly use or the way you talk to your followers. This personal style is very influential in the branding of your Instagram page and forms its identity. Just like the real world in which each person’s identity differ from other people, you should be unique in Instagram as well and show this difference!

# Quality photos are your trump card!

Imagine that you are a salesman selling beautiful high-quality clothes on Instagram. Your Instagram page also offers lots of useful information about fashion, how to match clothes and etc. But, having no interesting photo, who is going to buy from you? No one! Don’t forget that Instagram is about sharing quality images and videos. People want to watch. They even read the captions if they find the visual contents interesting! So publish quality photos interesting for your followers. These images are the first impression people get when they visit your page. There are lots of photo editing tools and there is no need to be a professional photographer or photo editor to win the game!

2. Interact with your followers

Instagram posts are no longer shown based on the time they have been published; instead, they are ranked based on Instagram users’ engagement with them and how they interacted with your posts. Therefore, my second magical advice is to interact with as many Instagram users as you can. Interaction literally means a “mutual or reciprocal action or influence”. Which one would you prefer yourself: someone who cares about you or someone who pays no attention to you? The same thing is happing here on Instagram as well.

When you have an Instagram page and you want to attract more followers, you need to interact with other people. It means you should offer something worthy so they follow you back in return. That ‘something worthy’ can be your ‘attention’. You should pay attention to other people and communicate with them so they follow you, like your photos or leave comments on them. Your posts are not just a bunch of photos; they show your relation with your audience. It is, in fact, your interaction with your followers as well as other users which increases the number of your Instagram followers. Continue reading to learn the ways through which you can increase your follower counts by interacting with your audience.

It is important to know that people need a reason to talk. To gain new Instagram followers, all you need to do is to start a conversation with your target audience. Talk about a personal experience, they will continue, engage with your experience and the outcome is a perfect interaction with lots of people.

There are thousands of ways to interact with your costumes. But, you need to conduct a comprehensive survey of your business to find the most appropriate channels for interacting with your clients. You can also observe your competitor pages closely to find the ways they are interacting with their followers. As a restaurant owner, for example, you can make polls about different meals and ask them about the items that are missing on your menu. You can also ask them to publish photos of their experience with your restaurant using your branded hashtag so you can put them on your Instagram page.

People love nostalgia! Have you ever pay attention to people’s face when they are recalling a memory? If it’s not about an old love, it is always accompanied by a sweet, big smile! You can create such a pleasant feeling for your audience. Ask them to share their memories of your restaurant. You can even publish a photo of you and your colleagues so they know with whom they are interacting and feel closer to you. Don’t forget learning posts or those introducing your business. However, don’t limit yourself just to these types of contents. Ask questions from your followers, ask their opinions or want them to do something and share the result with you. You just need to start a relationship.

3. Advertisement on Instagram makes a huge difference

One of the most important ways for increasing your followers is Instagram ads. There’s no limitation for ads and you can advertise everywhere from different websites to street banners! But advertisements on Instagram normally have greater impacts. Here I would introduce various ways of advertising on Instagram; choose the best way to save your money and time:

Approach One: Instagram Sponsor Ads

To gain more Instagram followers, you can use Instagram Sponsor ads which are really powerful and take less time in comparison to other advertising methods. Creating an Instagram sponsor ad is really simple as Instagram itself gives you a thorough visual guide. Instagram Sponsor Ads can be displayed either on explorer page or stories or both of them. In these ads, you can also choose your target audience based on their gender, age, location (country or city), and many other factors and set your desired time for publishing them. But the most interesting point about Instagram sponsor ads is its payment method. You can determine your payment method based on your marketing goal:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • App installs
  • Engagement
  • Video views
  • Conversions

Instagram sponsor ads have a huge influence on increasing your follower number and accordingly, the price of this type of advertisement is higher than other methods on Instagram.

Approach Two: Advertisements on Great Instagram Pages

You have definitely seen pages with many followers on Instagram which advertise other pages on their account. You can use these pages for gaining more new followers. This is also an effective method to gain new followers as many people view your post and if they find it interesting, they will follow you. Here are different types of advertisement on such pages:

  • Views: In this case, the number of views determines the cost.
  • Hourly: You will pay for your advertisement based on the hours it has been displayed. It can be a temporary post for just a few hours or a permanent one.
  • Story: In this type of advertisement, you can ask the page owner to run a survey or put the link of your website’s homepage in their stories.

Send them a direct message to know about their rates. There are many pages working in this way. Advertising birthday products can be totally useless on a mobile repair page, even with many viewers, but publishing it on a page sharing cooking tips can bring you lots of followers.

Approach Three: Influencer Marketing

Who is an influencer? Someone who leaves a positive impression on other people. Who is an Instagram influencer? A person who influences other people’s decision and feelings. They have lots of followers, their stories usually get huge views and their posts get many likes and comments. But why? Who are these people? They are actors, singers, artists, politicians, models, travelers and clowns. They are literally the leaders of Instagram and dictate others what to do, what to wear or how to react to social events. Some of them might not be good people, they may have done anything just to become famous, but they are still those who tell others who to follow and how to act.

You can cooperate with these people to advertise your page and gain lots of new followers, even if you own a small business. This method has become a well-liked method for most famous brands and companies. Researches show influencers return on investment is 11 times more than other digital marketing networks because they create contents interesting for their audience.

It is true that using influencer marketing has a huge impact on gaining new followers, but advertising on make-up products won’t be accepted on an influencer’s page who is a fan of natural beauty. Before using influencer marketing, not waste your money and conduct thorough research to find the appropriate person.

4. Exciting Contests

Most people visit Instagram just to see appealing contents and a smart person knows well how to take advantage of such an opportunity. For gaining more followers, create exciting contents, one which is running contests. Instagram contests play a key role in increasing the number of followers on Instagram, as it is free to participate and people like winning! People normally like to participate in your contest to win your prizes even if they are not interested in your business! However, your contests should be exciting, otherwise, they won’t participate. In the following section, I’m going to explain the three stages through which you can design a thrilling contest:

Stage 1: Plan your contest

Specify your goals of running a contest before everything else. Is it brand awareness? Or you want to get more customers? Your goal determines the contest’s phases and also how to run it. Then, you need to choose your audience. Decide about the title of the contest, terms of participation and also awards. Find a fascinating subject for it and make it as simple as possible, so a wide range of people can participate in your competition. For instance, don’t ask your audience to buy your expensive and luxury products and take a picture with it!

Choose appealing and useful gifts. You can give your products as a gift to create a lasting experience for the winners. Check the contests previously held on Instagram and examine their feedback. Generally, contests consist of liking a photo, following a page or tagging 2 or 3 people. It will lead to lots of engagement for your page, your posts go viral and you will gain a lot of followers.

Stage 2: Advertisement and running the contest

It’s time to run your contest. To increase your followers, first, you need to advertise your contest on Instagram and try to make it attractive enough to encourage people to participate. For example, you can announce it in your stories and tell your audience about the upcoming exciting news, or you can talk about the date and prizes in your previous posts! Tell people about the preparation process and publish behind the scenes in your stories or posts.

Stage 3: Examining the results

After completing the contest, it is time to select and introduce winners through a precise, fair selection approach. The important point is to be punctual and send the gifts on the promised time. Nothing would be worse than being unreliable for your audience. You can ask the winners to take pictures with their prizes and send them to you. Remember, you need to be creative in all the stages of your contest to get the attention of people and increase the number of your followers.

5. Encourage your audience to act

In this magical method, you have to make your followers do something for you. How? The formula is very simple! Have you ever encountered the following phrases?

  • For more information, click here
  • Purchase it right now!
  • To download, join the channel,…

In marketing, these commands are called “call-to-action”. Normally, the purpose of such commands is to sell products. But you can apply it for increasing your followers on Instagram. How? With special offers. For instance, tell your costumers that today is the last opportunity to buy your product with 70% discount and only the first 50 people who like a specific post are going to get this offer.

Warning! Remember that your audience won’t do whatever you ask easily.
You need to offer something special to make other people act. For drawing their attention, make them buy your products or even click a button, your audience needs a good reason. This is the reason why most call-to-actions are for sale. Because when your audience needs something and want to buy something, they will definitely click the link. Here are some of these commands you can use to boost the number of your followers on Instagram:

  • Write your favorite color
  • Did you see this video?
  • Continue reading in the caption
  • The song in the channel, Link in the bio
  • Tag your handsome friends,…

6- Automate your Instagram Account to Get New Followers

By now you probably have been built your page and now you are interacting with people and advertising your business. Today a person would see your page, find your contents interesting and follow you. Tomorrow another person will follow you and the day after that, other people will do the same. Now what? You can’t wait until your followers increase one by one. No matter how good your page is, it can’t bring you lots of followers on its own.

Get started. To gain more followers, explore Instagram and follow pages related to your business, like their posts and leave comments on them. You can do it using hashtags. For example, if you are a chef, search cooking hashtag and find your colleagues. But using this method, you should spend a lot of time on Instagram. How about having the best Instagram bot to do all of these tasks for you, while you are enjoying your coffee or performing other tasks? I am not sure about real life, but on Instagram, such a robot exists!

My last magical suggestion for you is using an Instagram robot to gain lots of new followers. It’s very cheap and 100% effective for boosting your followers on Instagram. Give it all the tasks of interacting with other pages including liking posts, commenting on them, following and unfollowing other pages and lean back in your chair! You only need to set it once and specify what kind of people you are searching for, this obedient robot will do it for you!

The Last Word

Believing me or not, becoming famous in Instagram is as easy as ABC! All you need to do is to share something that others don’t. I taught you some magical ways and I guarantee that by applying them, the number of your followers is going to boost dramatically!

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