What is Freddie Wong’s net worth?

Freddie is an American filmmaker, an internet celebrity, and has a net worth of $ 6 million. This guy is not a professional YouTuber like the previous ones. However, he has a YouTube channel with 9.08M subscribers and his content has been viewed 2 billion times.

Our guy is also a competitive gamer, visual effects artist, internet celebrity, and podcaster.

Early life and Fame

Freddie was born on Sep 13, 1985. He graduated in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California. It is not clear how much he earns a year. However, he has two media companies that mostly create feature films and video content.

What made him famous in the first place was winning the “Guitar Hero 2” tournament that was held in Dallas. However, it is not clear if he earns any money from YouTube these days or not, for I checked his YouTube account and found out that the last time he uploaded a video on his channel was 3 years ago. So it’s obvious that this guy is not on YouTube and we can’t call him really a YouTuber.

Freddie’s social media

There is a list of his social media below.

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