If you plan toget more followers on Instagram, you’ve chosen the right place to go.

As it is the plan of every business to expand the network of its audience, it is actually noteworthy that the owners get to choose the right path in each stage of their marketing plans.

Imagine a new business, that hires a powerful influencer to advertise its page to help it increase its followers. It is aterrible methodof course becausenobody trusts a newly-established businesswhich does not have a proper Instagram page!

So, what is the solution?

For the careers that just start their activities in social media, the first and most important job is to add an audience to their followers lists. So, encouraging people to come and join you must be the first task that you embark on. It is also recommended that you keep track of people who are most related to your industry. Thefollow- unfollow methodhas been used from the very beginning of Instagram until now.

Let’s look at some basics on follow- unfollow method

In the following, we are going to go through some issues like:

  • What is the follow-unfollow method?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the advantages?
  • What is the disadvantage?
  • Which mistakes that you may make?
  • Is it still helpful in 2020?

What is the follow-unfollow method?

As simple as the name suggests,follow-unfollowis the act offollowing some Instagram users and stimulating them to follow you back. And also,unfollowing the users who do not follow back or even the people who do follow you back.

An account owner is calling people to join him on Instagramby follow- unfollow method

The rule is clear:

  1. as you have limitations (which are determined by Instagram policies) in following people, you must keep the following list low.
  2. The other reason for keeping the following list as short as possible is that it is not good that your followings outnumber your followers. It makes your profile seem unpopular.

How does it work?

The mechanism of the follow-unfollow method isattracting the attention of the audience, who are targeted. In other words, you follow some users who have similar interests with your industry and have the potential to be your followers and customers.

 A girl is gaining likes and comments via Instagram follow unfollow method

The best thing that you can do to find and target users is yourcompetitors’ followers(or similar page followers)who are definitely interested in your niche too. Your nichehashtagsare the other aspects that you can find users to target related to your work. It means that you must discover the people who are following or using your desired hashtags, and follow them because they like the hashtags in the first place. So, they will tend to follow you since you share the same interests.

What are the advantages?

  • It is budget-friendly in comparison to other advertising methods
  • Finding related and potential customers
  • It brings real followers because they follow you themselves
  • Grow your engagement rate

What are the disadvantages?

It is time-consuming as you need to find the accounts one by one

what are the mistakes that you may make?

Following random/unrelated people because following not relevant users brings back nothing Following non-active accounts as they do not exist to follow you back .
Overusing the feature because it may exceed Instagram limitations and cause you to be blocked !
Unfollowing people too soon since they realize and lose their trust and unfollow you.

Is it still helpful to use follow- unfollow method 2020?

There are two aspects that you need to observe thus, this method is going to be efficient:

1. Adherence to Instagram limitations which are listed in the following table:

ActionPer HourPer Day
Story Views701200

2. Standard Profile:Having an outstanding and proper profile is a completely salient element that absorbs potential people:

  • Bio:complete your bio in a way that has a proper profile picture which introduces your business, adding your full contact information, website link, or any other necessary information.
  • Content:Develop the greatest possible content including visuals and sufficient information which provide the users with their required information.

How to apply the follow-unfollow method to grow followers in 2020?

As mentioned earlier, to use thefollow- unfollow methodmore effectively, you should obey Instagram rules and observe the standards. You should also perfect your account, then begin the process of follow and unfollow.

A boy is using follow-unfollow method on Instagram by calling out users to follow back

Note: You must be aware of the fact that there are some useful tools which simplify the path for you.

The challenging question is what account should be followed, you need to consider some factors for the accounts that you are going to follow for example:

  • The accounts that you find as people who share the same interests and know them as the people who can be your future customers. You are going to find them based on hashtags, locations, usernames and the followers who follow a relevant page, for instance, the followers of a famous influencer in your niche.
  • The accounts that do not have many followers, because you can catch their attention very easily.
  • Follow the people who share nearby locations with you
  • For more information and details about how to target accounts click for more

Use an Advanced Instagram growth service Instead of traditional methods

Now that you know about the functions, merits, drawbacks, and the mistakes of the follow- unfollow method, it is beneficial to try a faster way which aids to accelerate the process of follow and unfollow.
As doing follow and unfollow is a long process that needs full-time effort, we recommend you to use a growth service that does those actions for you. Therefore, you will have more time to concentrate on your content and other marketing strategies.


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