How to Get the First 1000 Instagram Followers


Creating a new Instagram account, you may get a few Instagram followers after publishing your first posts. However, you may notice that the process of getting new followers is slowing down and it is not in proportion to your activity on Instagram.

You may even sometimes notice that the engagement of your page does not correspond to the number of your followers. In this article, we would explain how to speed up gaining your Instagram likes and followers and how to draw the attention of more Instagram users to your page. Using this guide, you can easily get 1000 new followers in a month and gain 200 likes per post.

Step One: Prerequisites

As mentioned in other articles, your Instagram profile is a manifestation of your brand's identity. If you want to have a lot of followers and gain the attention of many people, first you need to create a standard profile. Have a look at the Instagram profile below.


A standard profile shows your prestige and helps people to trust you easily. On the other hand, a profile created not based on standard norms would have negative effects besides not gaining the attention of Instagram users. But what are the basic standards an Instagram profile should have to get the first 1000 followers?

Profile picture: as you may know, a picture worth even more than one thousand words. Before seeing your feed, people usually look at your profile picture. For a private account, a clear personal portrait of your face would be the best option. For business accounts, however, choose the picture of your most known products or your company’s logo so your followers recognize you easily. If they couldn’t recognize you with your profile picture, it is unlikely that they follow you.

Write a terrific Bio: your Instagram biography can just have up to 150 characters but it still shows the essence of your profile. If you want other Instagram users to notice your presence, you should write a great bio with all the needed information.

First of all, your biography gives a brief and concise scheme of your brand’s as well as the page’s identity. Use separate distinct words to explain your profession or interest(like writer, photographer or athlete). also, don’t forget to add your location and contact information. Adding your branded hashtag can also guarantee your page appear in related searches as well.


Note : Depending on your page’s main purpose, you can also write a brief sentence explaining your purpose. Are you interested to show photos of pets? Are you interested to take photos of landscapes? Do you want to sell clothes or shoes? Whatever is your purpose, explain it in your bio so your potential followers know what they should expect following your page.

Step Two: Content

Content creation is an important task in Instagram. The first factor leading to your success in Instagram is creating high-quality contents; it is even more important than other social networks. Quality content is a value for most of your audience and gives them a reason to follow you or purchase your products.

So if you do not have a great content marketing plan for your Instagram account, you will lose the game sooner or later. One of the main problems many marketers face when they are creating their content is that they have no idea what to share and what their followers mostly like.

Here we would talk about some of the basic rules of creating Instagram contents to have a clear vision on what to share and how to share them:

Quality, quality and quality!

Quality is the most important factor in content creation and content marketing on Instagram. Whether you are sharing photos, videos or any other types of contents, you should keep their quality as high as possible since quality is the main feature on this social network. For example, our suggestion for square images is to be at least 1080*1080 and be FullHD.

Your videos should also be high quality and preferably square. Your content should be visual, Instagram is different from other social networks in the content its users prefer. It is basically a visual platform and even if you want to share text, you should choose a proper image for it to get the attention of users. Food, clothes, houses and nature images are among the most popular Instagram posts which receive a lot of impressions.

Create content considering your audiences’ persona and interests

The audience of each Instagram page is different from other pages. If you have a page selling infant toys, your followers are mainly moms having little children. If you have a page for selling cosmetics, your audience is most probably young people. So it is important to have contents that suit the persona of your potential audience.


Step Three: Run Instamber to Get New Instagram Followers

One of the best ways to get new followers is by interacting with other pages. It means you should follow people who may like your page, like their posts, and leave comments on them to encourage them to visit your page. You may have used this approach before to gain the attention of other users or you have seen people following or interacting with you to gain new followers.


It is not hard to perceive why this approach is effective. it is quite natural that when a person follows you, like your posts and comment on them you get curious to visit his or her page in return; if you like it, you may even follow them. we have a concept in psychology which is called reciprocity action which shows clearly why people react in this way. Instamebr works exactly in the way we mentioned above. This Instagram bot is a Software that would interact with other Instagram users on behalf of you.

By interaction we mean following other people, liking and commenting on their posts or seeing their stories. The only difference of bot with a real person is that all the things will be done automatically using Instamebr. You need to just set up the initial settings.

You are still not sure how Instagram bot works to increase the number of your follower?

Read our article about Instagram bots and how they work. Also, this article explaining why Instagram bot is one of the best ways to get active Instagram followers may also help.

Finally, Instamber offers all a bot needs to manage Instagram accounts. Besides like and comment services, Instamber Instagram bot lets you search for your target followers based on hashtag, location and also user name. It would also follow and unfollow other users automatically. In addition to being automated, Instamber Instagram bot has other advantages like working when you are offline and also no need to download any application or file.

If you do not have enough time to manage your Instagram account, Instamber Instagram bot is your best choice for sure. Moreover, Instamber blog is a proper place to learn marketing tricks in social media platforms especially Instagram.

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