Roblox is a video game platform as well as game development. Sometimes in some games, you need to pay money and have a paid subscription to access some features and restricted areas. One of the ways to get such features for free is to use a Fake ID for Roblox. By using such fake IDs, normal users can also access a series of locked abilities. But you should know that using these IDs can get you banned because it is against the terms of service of the Roblox game.

How can I find a fake ID for Roblox?

You can get these fake IDs online and offline. But online ways are better. It is better to use a reputable website to buy a fake ID that guarantees that if Roblox does not accept the purchased ID, it will return your money back.

For buying a fake Roblox ID, when you want to enter the required information, be careful to enter them correctly to ensure your ID is accepted.

If everything is ok, this ID will be sent to you after a few days. After that, you can log in to your Roblox account and upload your fake identity card photo. To do this, go to the Create page. Select the upload an image option to upload the desired image.

How can I use a fake ID in Roblox?

You can use a fake ID in different ways, which we will mention below.

  • You can create an account for yourself using a fake ID generator.
  • You can create an account using a fake name and email address.
  • If you borrowed or stole a credit card from someone, use it to pay for membership.
  • You can use someone else’s username and password to enter their account.
  • Hack an existing account using some third-party apps.

Reasons for users to use Fake Roblox ID

There are many reasons why a person might want to get a fake ID. For example, a person may need an id fake just to be able to change their avatar. One of the most common reasons for users to get a fake Roblox ID is to be able to create multiple accounts for themselves. With this, if one of the accounts is banned, they can use their other account to play Roblox. Or they can use one of the accounts to chat and the other to play.

Another reason why users want to use fake IDs is that they want to change their avatar or username.


You can easily find many websites to buy fake Roblox IDs by a Google search. But there are a series of points that you should pay attention to before buying:

The website you buy from must be reputable. Some of these websites may be scams.

The ID you buy must contain enough information that you need.

When you use a fake ID, you may get banned by the Roblox website. After that, you cannot use your existing banned account and should create another account. So try to enter the information correctly.


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