We often want to download instagram videos in good quality, but we stop ourselves out of obstacles. Whether the obstacle of not knowing a reliable site, or obstacle of infringing some copyright. These two cases are easy to solve with SSSGram. In addition to having a secure platform, you will not infringe any copyrights as you can download Instagram videos and enjoy them, for personal use is no problem.

Part 1 – Why use an online video downloader?

With more and more videos being posted on social media such as Instagram, having a safe way to download these videos is important. That’s what SSSGram was created for. A practical and free way to make Instagram video download mp4.

SSSGram is a website for instagram video download 4k. It works completely online, without having to install an app on your phone or a program on your computer. With it, you can download almost all content available on Instagram, from photos and posts to even saving Instagram stories in high quality.

– SSSGram is a free site, the user does not need to pay to download the Instagram Videos, nor does he need to register on the platform.

– With the possibility of unlimited downloads in 4k MP4, the user can create a playlist with the Instagram videos they like. Or even save the old photos you posted on your profile.

– It is possible to download streamed Lives after their completion. It doesn’t matter the size of the video. SSSGram downloads long duration videos.

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Part 2 – Learn how to download Instagram reels and more with SSSGram

It’s not difficult to make your downloads with SSSGram. Plus, you can download stories, reels, photos and videos from your feed.

1 – Have the video link

To copy the video link, you need to go to Instagram. Click on the share button, or on the three dots and copy the available link.

  • for post/stories
  • for reels

2 – Enter SSSGram

The second step is to go to SSSGram and paste the copied link into the search bar. Don’t forget to click “Download”.

3 – Time to perform your download

Finally, it’s easy! Wait for the post thumbnail to appear, with the account name and click on the new “Download” button that appears. Wait for the download to complete and you can enjoy it in MP4 format.

Part 3 – 5 Reasons to Choose SSSGram

There are many options of websites and apps for downloading Instagram files, so why choose SSSGram?

1 – It has no ads

The main highlight of SSSGram is the fact that it has no ads. The page has no advertising and does not keep opening ads to interrupt your download process. Download smoothly using SSSGram.

2 – Quality of files

SSSGram is one of the few sites that download videos and photos in the quality they are online. Even if the video is in 1080p HD, you can download it at that resolution from SSSGram.

3 – Can be used on any device

It doesn’t matter if you have iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, PC or other devices. With SSSGram, you can download almost all of them. Because it is online, the site is compatible with Linux, Android, iOS and Windows. Open SSSGram through any browser on your computer, mobile and tablet!

4 – No worries

In addition to being safe and reliable, SSSGram does not save a copy of any video downloaded by it, nor does it keep a download history. In this way, its users maintain their privacy.

5 – Download almost any type of file

Last but not least, with SSSGram, you can download video, photos and even lives after they are finished. Download stories, reels and memes all in one place.

For those who want to have their videos in MP3, there is also a solution. Download your video by SSSGram and convert it to MP3 by Online-AudioConvert.com. This MP3 converter website extracts quality audio from videos completely online and free of charge. It also has a Portuguese version and you don’t need to register to use it.

Use SSSGram to download Instagram videos to MP4 in 1080p as many times as you like, there are no limits. How about starting to create your playlist with your favorite videos by SSSGram? Try it right now!