Thousands of car accidents happen daily in the United States alone. However, many of these car accidents are just fender benders that do not lead to serious injuries or death. Also, some car accidents that lead to injuries may not show symptoms right away.

Therefore, when you are in a car accident, but no acute injuries occur immediately, in such a scenario, you will obviously settle a case because you don’t feel any pain and no injuries appear whatsoever. However, later on, symptoms that are related to your car accident may appear.

 So whether your injuries have been delayed and now you are in a lot of pain and need medical attention, or your injuries occur right away, or even if your car has been damaged, etc., you probably need a car accident lawyer to protect your rights. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to some of the most excellent lawyers so keep reading.

Non-injury car accident lawyer

Not all injuries in a car accident occur immediately; some injuries will occur a week or even a month after you have an accident. Your injury might be minor and it will go away on its own in some instances; in others, it will get worse and you may even need surgery. Additionally, your car might have been damaged in an accident or there might be a small or even big dent in your car that you did not recognize at first.

In all the above scenarios especially when you sign out a release, you might not be able to persuade a car insurance or in some cases a medical private insurance to cover your expenses. So you will likely need a car accent attorney on your side to help you.

#1 Oklahoma City car accident lawyer

I’ve provided a list of some of the best car accident attorneys who are from 6 different states. So based on the state you currently reside in you can read them.

Monty L. Cain

Being among the top trial lawyers in the field as well as practicing for more than 2 decades and winning so many court cases regarding car accidents is what has made Monty a unique lawyer. Since he along with his other fellow lawyers work tirelessly on their clients’ cases, they have brought success to their firm called Cain Law Office.

 Many Oklahomans who get injured in a car or any other vehicle seek advice from Monty and his team. So if you or a family member are going through pain because of someone else negligence or if your insurance is giving you hassle instead of helping you, then contacting Monty and his team is a good idea. They can help you or a loved one to get the compensation they need to cope with their injuries.

Nick Farha

With more than 17 years of experience in the field, this attorney can help you win your case. So if you were injured in an accident because of another person’s negligence, carelessness, etc. you can contact this lawyer. His reputation for protecting his client’s rights is impeccable. Therefore, you can hire him if you need help to receive any compensation for your injuries, car repair costs, medical expenses, and so on.

Dawkins & Gowens Law Firm

This is yet another wonderful law firm that can help you with your case particularly if you if you are an accident victim. This firm has been helping injured Oklahomans for the past 3 decades.

Consultation is free, so you can reach out to them and see if they can help you with your case. If you are liable for compensation, attorneys who work in that law firm can help you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

#2 Chicago, IL car accident lawyer

Jay S. Sheth

As a lawyer who has been practicing for almost 28 years, Mr. Sheth knows the ropes very well. If you take a look at his website, you’ll see some of his outstanding legal results.

The good news is that this attorney does not charge his client up front. So if he can help you receive the compensation you deserve whether it be for your medical expenses, vehicle repair cost, etc. then you’ll have to pay an attorney fee. He is an experienced car accident attorney who seems to be high-powered, so if you need help make sure to contact him.

Salvi & Maher

Like the previous lawyer on the list, Mr. Salvi is also a very experienced lawyer. He has over 31 years of experience and he’s great in his field.

If you have been in any accidents such as truck, car, motorcycle, or even pedestrian accidents recently, and you are suffering from any pain, internal injuries, or even emotional injuries, and need someone on your side to protect your compensation right then Salvi is your guy.

William Cassian

He and his team have won more than 500 cases related to car accidents and have protected their clients’ rights quite well. Working on many cases related to personal injury, car accidents medical malpractice, etc., and also representing people from all walks of life and defending them for more than 3 decades has helped him gain so much knowledge in the field.

#3 New Jersey car accident lawyer

Kole & Burke

Helping their client to get the maximum compensation is Kole and his team’s motto. Working as an injury lawyer on thousands of cases for more than 32 years has made him a real expert in the field. Also, his fellow lawyer, Burke is an extremely intelligent attorney who has succeeded in many court cases. Burke has settled various cases for his clients ranging from $1,000,000 to $ 4,500,000. So obviously he can be your guy if you are an accident victim who needs help to protect his compensation rights.

Peter Michael

The next one on the list is a young yet passionate lawyer who is eager to help his clients. He’s the founder of Peter Michael Law in New Jersey and has been practicing in the field for over 6 years. The main focus of Peter and his teams has been on cases related to personal injury caused by car, motorcycle, truck, and bus accidents. So if you or someone you know have been in a car accident recently and have been injured, then this young man might be your guy.

#4 Sacramento car accident lawyer

S. David Rosenthal

One of the well-known car accident attorneys in Sacramento is Mr. Rosenthal. He’s dedicated almost 27 years of his life to fighting for his client’s rights. He has helped thousands of clients with simple and complex cases and has resolved them quite successfully.

If you’re suffering from any financial loss due to an accident that was caused by someone else’s inattention and carelessness and it wasn’t your fault, then this prominent lawyer can help you recover damages and protect your compensation rights.

John J. Moreno

Mr. Moreno is an experienced attorney who has been in practice for over 3 decades and has helped thousands of clients recover damages after car accidents. So he can be a reliable attorney who can fight for your rights and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

#5 Long Island car accident lawyer

Soloff & Zervanos

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident recently, then you’ve probably learned that insurance company will do everything they can to not cover your expenses. Generally, insurance companies just rip you off not help you! So in time of need like when you are suffering from economic loss caused by a car accident, they don’t provide you compensation.

In such a scenario lawyers as good as Mr. Soloff and his fellows who have decades of experience can help you receive the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track.

Scott Gilman

As someone who has been practicing for more than 34 years, Gilman is an excellent attorney who knows when to pursue settlement negotiations and when to bring a case to court. Also, his negotiation skills as well as his hard work have resulted in achieving favorable settlements for thousands of his clients with accidents cases.

At his firm, they follow a contingency fee method which means that you won’t be charged any additional money. In other words, you won’t have to pay the lawyer any extra money for his services if he is not able to help you win the components you need.

#6 Cincinnati car accident lawyer 

Alissa Sammarco

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident recently which has led to any unwelcoming situation like emotional trauma, physical injuries, financial loss, etc., then Alissa can help you.  She works tirelessly to ensure that her clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Also, being in the field for 33 years or so has made her a real expert who knows the law, particularly personal injury law. In my opinion, if you live in Cincinnati state, as an accident victim, you can hire her because she is the right person for your case.


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