The smartwatch has played a major role in the emerging wearable technology sector since its introduction. Through different generations, Apple has added features such as GPS, LTE, and weather insulation that make the watch a stand-alone device; but can I use an iWatch without an iPhone?

Each Apple Watch uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to exchange data with the iPhone. In order to save more battery, this connection is set to Bluetooth by default. However, if your iPhone is not in the range that the Apple Watch can connect to Bluetooth, the connection will automatically switch to Wi-Fi mode.

You can use your Apple Watch only with Wi-Fi networks operating at 2.4 GHz, and it is not possible to connect to Wi-Fi networks faster in the 5 GHz band. In addition, the Apple Watch cannot connect to Wi-Fi networks that need to log in, subscribe, or install profiles to work. The connection between the Apple Watch and the Wi-Fi network will not take place even if the iPhone paired with the Apple Watch has not yet connected to that network. This is because the Apple Watch itself cannot receive and manage the settings and information needed to connect to a new network.

Can you use an iWatch without iPhone? The answer is both yes and no.

When you first want to use an iWatch, it needs an iPhone to launch. There is no way around it. The Watch app on the iPhone does most of the heavy work, and without it you only have one beautiful bracelet, which is very expensive.

 We’ll talk about how to set up an Apple Watch, but the hard part is that you cannot go far without an iPhone. Apple still considers the watch as a mobile device for its smartphone, so it is not possible for you to even use your Mac or iPad to set it up and use it.

Although you can’t start an Apple Watch without an iPhone, there are still many features in the device that you can benefit from.

Track your activity levels

Do you want to close your rings, but do not want to pull out your iPhone on a run or a long walk? The Apple Watch records all these steps and other health information outside the home, then syncs it with your iPhone when you get home.

Listen to music

You can store many songs on the Apple Watch, all of which you can listen to without the need for a phone. Of course, since there is no headphone jack on the Apple Watch, you need a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Get a phone call

If you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or higher, its LTE capabilities mean that you can set the watch to act as your iPhone extension. With this, you can receive calls directly on your watch.

Try Maps

Another very useful feature of the Apple Watch is the ability to use the Apple Maps application without the nearby iPhone. Again, this requires an Apple Watch Series 3 or higher with an active eSIM contract.

Use Apple Pay

Once you launch Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, you do not need to have an iPhone with you when you pay. Just double-click the Side button and hold the Watch on the sensor without contact, and the payment should be done automatically.

Apple has looked at these smartwatches as a tool to sell more of its iPhones, which is why not all of the features of these watches can be used without iPhones.

Use an iWatch without iPhone

Introducing the watchOS 7 operating system, Apple has introduced a new feature called Family Setup that allows you to set up and use an iWatch for children and the elderly without an iPhone. Parents can set limits on how their children can communicate with them, access their location, and even set activity goals to motivate them.

The Family Setup feature aims to help iPhone-free users take full advantage of the features that Apple Watch offers, such as health and activity tracking, communications, maps, Apple Pay, and SOS emergency alarming. Parents can use their iPhone to pair and adjust the Apple Watch for different family members.

Family Setup Features to use an iWatch

When Apple Watch is configured using Family Setup, each watch has the following features:

  • A unique number
  • A unique Apple ID
  • Access to calendar and personal and shared reminders
  • Access to synced photo albums from iPhone’s parents or guardians
  • Apple Pay Cash support for use in Apple Pay
  • Support for Apple Music
  • Siri access
  • Maps and sharing places with family
  • “Find me” program support
  • Activity program and activity subscription support to track the various exercises set up for children or adults
  • Emergency SOS
  • Medical ID for health emergencies

 Access to the software store and support for third-party applications. App Store purchases are approved by parents/guardians.

 A School time mode to reduce distraction and focus on children. The School time clock face mode appears during the period and access to apps and other features of the Apple Watch is restricted.

 For older people, watches with larger pens, custom activity goals, accessibility features, and fall detection will be available.

The Family Setup feature works on the Apple Watch Series 4 cellular (SIM card slot) and later versions, running watchOS 7 with iPhone 6s or higher. The new Apple Watch SE is also supported, which may be ideal for children. This feature will be available to only 18 telecommunications companies in the following countries at launch:

  • United States
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Swiss
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • England

In Conclusion

It should be mentioned in a nutshell that Your Apple Watch will work without an iPhone, yet depending on what model of Watch it is, you might not have access to all of the features.


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