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How to buy elite Yelp reviews

  1. Register and send your requisition
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How to buy positive Yelp reviews

  • People always like to experience eating in new restaurants, and these days, many prefer to search for the quality before eating in a restaurant. They go online and after a bit of searching about the restaurant geographical location, menu, and opening hours, they go straight to online reviews and reports to see what other people think of that restaurant.
  • Yelp is one of the most popular sites that introduces and ranks different types of restaurants ( other services also exist on Yelp, we address just-food business for now) and make customer feedback available to the public. So, as a restaurant manager, you should know that online Yelp reviews are very effective in attracting or repelling potential customers. Online Yelp criticism can easily harm the reputation of your restaurant or even shut down your business.
  • The above-mentioned reasons are why most business owners tend to buy positive Yelp reviews to gain credit and trust for themselves.

Buy 5 star Yelp reviews to make an advancement

  • To make a name for yourself on the Yelp website, buy 5 star Yelp reviews for your business. Thus, the more reviews you have on your account, the more people get attracted to you both for purchasing your products and services and reviewing you in case of using your services.

 Effects of buying negative Yelp reviews on your account

  • As the business world is competitive, it is very common that your rivals buy negative Yelp reviews to ruin your fame and degrade your online business. 
  • Likewise, negative Yelp reviews not only distort your current and future customers’ perceptions of the restaurant but may also negatively affect various aspects of your business. Worst of all, there is no way to count lost customers, and you will never know how many potential customers you have lost due to online criticism.
  • So, what is the solution? 
  • The primary thing that you can do to fight back is reporting them to Yelp and introduce them as users who violate policies.
  • The second and the most important task to do is buying positive Yelp reviews so that the negative reviews bad effects will be removed from your account.

Why is it helpful to buy elite Yelp reviews?

  • It has always happened that when we are satisfied with a purchase we make and we repeatedly recommend to our friends and acquaintances the pleasant use of it. Sometimes we use products and then inform all our friends and neighbors not to make the same mistake as we do and get into an unpleasant experience like us.
  • Review, that’s it, but it’s written. A review is a note to share the experience of using a product or service with others who want to know about that product or service.
  • Review writing in today’s highly productive world is so advanced that it has been recognized as a profession and specialty in various fields.
    1. People write about a book and can make a book a bestseller or out of the market.
    2. Some people write a report about restaurant food and make long queues on the sidewalk to experience the chef’s cooking there.
    3. People visit a recreational complex and sell one-season tickets in advance.
  • Reviews are doing wonders in today’s world, and they are not far from you. Not only if you are a good cook and you know the flavors well and know the aroma of food, its ingredients and the number of spices, not only if you are a professional reader and have a bookcase, not even If you are an expert in handicrafts and you understand the difference between original and fake crafts from the back of the showcase; But if you have no expertise in diagnosing spices and always confuse salt with sugar and use cinnamon instead of pepper, even if every book you pick up takes six months to finish, you can still be a famous and reliable playwright.
  • Altogether, customers’ decisions to buy products or services depend on different factors. One point that almost everybody relies on is others’ recommendations about what they use before.

Methods to lead clients writing reviews on Yelp

  • Based on what we have mentioned earlier, the more reviews you get on your Yelp page, the more credit you will gain for your online business.
  • Below, we are going to introduce different ways of acquiring reviews for the Yelp website.
    1. Channels for immediate Yelp feedback and reviews
  • If you do not allow customers to share their criticisms and suggestions with you, they will have to voice their complaints to you and other customers over the Internet. If you do not create channels to get “immediate” feedback from customers, over time and in the shadow of these criticisms, your credibility in the virtual world will be questioned. Ask customers if they are satisfied with the quality of the services.
    1. Quick and timely response to get indirect Yelp reviews
  • When you receive a comment or criticism from customers through one of the communication channels (email, phone, survey form, etc.), you should respond to it as soon as possible. If you respond to customer feedback in a timely manner, they will feel that you respect them and are sincerely trying to fill the shortcomings. The best time to respond is between 24 and 48 hours. If you do not respond to customer complaints, they will find another place to file their complaints.
    1. Respond to online complaints
  • Suppose, despite the above two points, one of your customers criticized your restaurant on one of the social networks or the “Yelp” or “Google Review” site. How do you react? Fortunately, most of these sites have customer contact information. If it is possible to contact customers, you should take this opportunity to respond to all comments, both positive and negative. Thank those who admire your restaurant. Assure dissatisfied customers that you will fix the problems. If they are honest in what they say, they may remove their negative comments from the sites.
    1. Consider special benefits for dissatisfied customers
  • In the field of digital marketing, it is a smart strategy that aims to retain all customers, even those customers who criticize your services. To satisfy customers who do not have pleasant memories, you can ask them to give you another chance to fix your shortcomings. You can offer discounts to dissatisfied customers, such as a 10% discount or a free service. You can design a discount card for them. The goal is for the dissatisfied customer to return. After a while, he will probably change his/her opinion and will give you a higher score or rating.

Complaints and negative reports are inevitable

  • The only possible way is to manage and respond to criticism. You can not keep all customers satisfied. We are all human beings, misunderstandings happen and sometimes we can not meet each other’s expectations. For instance, a restaurant that has all the positive reviews and reports about it can cause suspicion among customers and internet users. Users may think that the comments posted are not real or that the restaurant has paid users to get positive comments.
  • In addition to the points mentioned, it is better to consider a few other things. In any restaurant, there should be one person responsible for handling the comments and criticisms and managing the reputation of the restaurant. The feedback you receive is an opportunity to help to improve your performance. Getting customers satisfied, getting positive feedback from them, and gaining credibility among them is a long-term marketing strategy. Customers can then trust you.

  1. What percentage of business owners buy Yelp reviews? It is not possible to state the exact percentage of people or business owners who use Yelp reviews. However, it includes a great number. The reason for this fact is Yelp is a review website for various types of businesses and businesses no matter how big or small they are, they benefit from the perspectives which customers write about their products and services.
  1. Are Yelp reviews reliable? Definitely, yes. Normally, people who use products and services and they are satisfied with them may hardly write a review unless the provider asks them to. But people who are not pleased with what they get will definitely write destructive reviews. So, you can be sure that original people write to them.
  1. Are anonymous Yelp reviews effective? Yes, they can be effective, but it is better if users get their feedback from the ones who write by their credentials not anonymous.
  2. Do people take Yelp reviews seriously? The answer is yes. Yelp is a very authentic website and people refer to it to get more information and trust what they read there and make decisions based on that.
5. Are the reviews written by exaggeration? No, they are not. What you order us to write for you will be written completely fair. There will be no exaggeration in writing reviews, first, your business and its reliability will be surveyed then, our team writes you proper reviews.
  1. Do companies pay for Yelp reviews?
Yes, they definitely do. Having a lot of good reviews for products and services is like an aspiration every business has for themselves. Thus, to do so, companies pay willingly for more and more positive Yelp reviews.
  1. Is it illegal to buy fake Yelp reviews? Yes, it is. Buying anything fake is harmful to your business as it will sabotage your customers’ trust and more important than that it is against Yelp policies to get fake reviews. So, due to the mentioned facts, it is essential to find the best place to buy yelp reviews.  

Do you want to buy Yelp reviews? Read it before!

In 2004, two former PayPal employees, Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons returned to the MRL Ventures Business Development Center, founded by Max Levchin, one of the former founders of PayPal, they came together.

Their goal was to create a new conceptual model in the field of consumers, especially a model related to the online search of local businesses. In the summer of that year, Stoppelman caught a cold and tried to look online for a doctor near where he was. But all the information was useless.
He and Simmons thought that there must be a way to connect social media and user feedback, and eventually came up with a product that allowed users to search for local businesses to ask friends and relatives for feedback. And so, the Yelp site was born in San Francisco, USA.
Although the site was originally designed to review all businesses, it is known as a site where people comment on local restaurants and other businesses” and has grown to include not only an enthusiastic audience, it gathered itself, but it was also able to enter the stock market. In 2012, Yelp was listed on the New York Stock Exchange at a value of $ 898 million. As of September 30, 2013, the number of comments posted on Yelp reached 47 million, with an average of 117 million monthly visitors.

Why is necessary for your business to have Yelp reviews?

1. Attract early users: Turn an old thing into a new one

Web store customer attraction. Attract buyers, isometric retain loyal clients and social media business marketing, acquisition loyalty retention customers reputation attractions vector illustration

Although the core of Yelp’s idea is the same as that used by other competitors, Yelp does a few different things that get more users involved with the site and help Yelp be able to attract a lot of early users. Here are the different things to do:

2. They use the idea of social networking to review

Vector illustration of an abstract social network scheme, which contains people icons connected to each other.


While most of Yelp’s longtime competitors wait for an anonymous user to post a comment on their site, Yelp focuses on building a network of commenters with related profiles, friends, and awards. This move is considered a key factor in the growth of the app because users care more about the person who is real than the unknown.
But that was not all, because users wanted to be able to share their opinions with others. An article by Professor Zhongming Wang, a professor of economics at Western University, states:
“Yelp allows its users to maintain their popularity and social image. Yelp members can rate each other’s opinions, chat online, make friends, and meet in public. Each Yelp user has a public profile page where their activities such as comments given, number of useful, cool, and well-received votes, number of friends, and compliments received are recorded. Yelp also introduces some of its good commentators in the “worthy users” category.
Profiles give each anonymous person a photo and a name, and this alone gives them more credibility. A user looking for advice on a local restaurant can be sure that the advice has been written by a real person and not the owner of that restaurant. However, the role of false recommendations in the form of real profiles cannot be ignored. Some businesses express false opinions under real profiles, or local business owners, along with friends, post negative opinions about local competitors. Although such scams were initially troublesome for Yelp, they have gradually been able to prevent such misconceptions by developing their algorithm over the past several years.

3. They encourage good behavior

It turns out that users like to be encouraged and known for their comments and recommendations. When their names appear next to the comments they are writing, they try harder to make their comment or advice deeper and more accurate. Yelp makes good use of this behavioral feature of users, and by using tricks such as giving special credit to those who post the first comments or allowing others to rate the comment, makes them become more involved with the product. 

How Rise of new-age transformed your business 

These days, technology has made very good things happen in our lives, and in many cases, it provides us with very good and free services. Just as urban life is much more complex than rural life, technology life requires more complexity and responsibility. It is good that sometimes people write about the culture of using technology. Let us not forget that we have responsibilities in the face of these useful things.
After buying a product or downloading a file, or reading an article, people tend to write a review of it and determine its quality from your point of view by determining the score from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10.
 Why is it so?
It has two reasons:

1. This is a new phenomenon that has already received some points and reviews

In this case, we are one of the first people who have used this product or service and our opinion about this service is very effective and it is good to be careful in criticizing that product, if it is good, with the good rating of us others of this product Or they will benefit from good service and if it is bad, others will notice that they do not repeat your mistake.

2. This phenomenon is not new and many points have already been registered for it 

If we have all participated in this public participation, then you have definitely come across a good product or service, because if it was bad, its rating (stars) would be bad. And after using it, if you are satisfied with your vote, you make it more definite% D for the next user, as you used it.

How is it possible to get Yelp online reviews without buying them?


1. Take your time and prepare your Yelp profile 

An important step for businesses that want to prosper on Yelp is creating a great Yelp profile, as it is the first element that customers confront. It is so effective in attracting people.
You do not need to spend so much money to have a great Yelp page, there are some free tools to develop your profile. By using these tools you are able to manage your account and answer questions and comments.

2. Incentivize customers 

The most common method to get online reviews is giving clients discounts or incentives to write reviews. This proves an applicable way to lead customers to take part in providing feedback for your services and products.
Do not forget to write proper words to persuade your customers to write wholeheartedly about your business. Do not ask them to write positive reviews for your products, do it indirectly, for instance, ask them to rate you by stars and write about their experiences of using your products or services.

3. Increase your Interaction with customers 

Try to interact with customers and users who leave their perspectives on your services and products. For example, in the case of positive reviews, appreciate them and if you receive bad reviews, apologize and reassure them you will check into problems and solve them.
Beginning a discussion forum is another helpful remedy to talk with users.

4. Use Yelp features to add to your reviews

One effective Yelp feature to grow customers is Yelp Deals. Yelp Deals are discounts that you give your clients to use your products and services. Yelp will pay for each discount that customers use. By offering discounts a lot more users buy your products and services and write about their perspectives so that the number of reviews goes up.
Using this feature and others such as Yelp Reservations makes it possible for businesses to take action directly from their Yelp pages and paves the way for getting more and more reviews.

5. Use your positive reviews as testimonials

After creating a Yelp profile, and striving for getting more reviews you will end up having a sufficient amount of reviews so, share them on other media that you have and let others see your performance. Statistics show that users who plan to buy a product or hire a service, check the company’s reviews of their work and then begin purchasing. Thus, it is highly recommended to exhibit great reviews as testimonials and gain more credibility for your business.

6.  Make a fan base from your family and friends  

As a specific business owner, your primarily loyal clients are your friends and family and they willingly agree to talk about your products and services.
Ask them to write about their experiences of using your products and services.
As your acquaintances, they help you to promote your business online.


All in all, we can conclude from previous sections that even in this modern age of advertising and doing business what affects most is word of mouth and reflecting other customers’ views. This is because other people’s admiration for a company’s services and products will result in more sales from that company.
Former customers’ good feelings and experiences from a product are what a business needs to prosper.
Do not stop trying to share good experiences with new people and always keep going ahead and updating your Yelp page, as the outdated pages and reviews not only do not do any good for your business, but they also sabotage it badly.
The last but not least issue is complying with Yelp guidelines and policies are obligatory not to be banned or punished. Be aware of the fact that reviews can be the path to your successes or failure.


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