Trip Advisor History
Stephen Kaufer and his wife Caroline decided to travel to Mexico. As usual, they started searching the internet for destination hotels, places of interest, restaurants, and so on. But all the photos were the same and the comments were often copied from the same site and no useful information was found from their intended destination.
This led Caroline to consider setting up a site where travelers could express their views on travel, hotels, restaurants, natural and historical attractions, and everything related to travel and tourism in general.
Trip Advisor Icon: Colored Eye Owl
During your stay at a hotel, apartment hotel, inn, or restaurant, you may encounter a pair of owl eyes. When you see this sign-in that place, then be sure that this place is registered on the Trip Advisor site and many users have commented on it. The owl is always a symbol of wisdom in stories, and by choosing this animal, the company assures its users that everything is closely monitored. On the other hand, this owl has two colored eyes, one green and the other is red. Green tells passengers where to go and red tells them not to set foot on.
What are the different parts of the TripAdvisor website? 
It has almost all the information about tourism, historical, tourist, religious places, strange and spectacular places and everything you can think about your travel destinations. From hotel and hostel reservations to access to comments about any tourism sites. One of the most popular parts of the Tripadvisor website is the review section, where users have written their critiques and recommendations and different experiences from that place without any bad intention. To access this section, all you have to do is search for the name of that place in TripAdvisor so that you can have a complete introduction to the collection, comments, and criticisms.
Find unknown places with TripAdvisor
Many foreign tourists got to know the unknown attractions with the help of Tripadvisor. Every place you can think of can be found here, even villages you have not heard of. So if you are looking for a mysterious, and special place, be sure to search in TripAdvisor.
Everything is real
It often happens that you are looking for an unedited and real photo of a historical or natural place, but you can not find it. on TripAdvisor, all photos of attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc. are provided by the users themselves, and you can be sure that the photos are completely real.
Learn more, book better, and travel easier
This is the motto of the website. To use the site services such as commenting, uploading photos of your travels, booking hotels and plane tickets, you must become a member of the site. Your registration is through Gmail and Email account and be sure to read the terms of use of the services and rules of the site. It is said that 10% of the world’s tourism is through TripAdvisor, and because its content is travel-oriented, it has been trusted by Internet users. In general, content-driven sites are managed based on user feedback and thus create a sense of trust in their audience.
Notice the bubbles
Unlike most star-rated sites, Bubbles play this role in TripAdvisor. Full green bubbles are a good criterion for a place, hotel or restaurant.
As we said before, Review plays an important role in this site. On the page of any destination, whether city or country, you can get acquainted with its main and popular attractions. View photos and videos and read the most useful comments.
A world of information
Everything you can think of can be found here. Want cheap or expensive accommodation? Do you have special hobbies in mind? Looking for an exact address? Or do you still have a question? You will find all of these, plus dozens of other content.
Things to do
This is a famous section in TripAdvisor. Just find it in the tab at the top of the site. Search for the city you want and ask Things to do to give you a list of suggested jobs. 
The ranking of this suggested list is based on users’ opinions.
Help Center
Be sure to visit the Help Center of the site. If you have any questions, such as how to buy a plane ticket and book a hotel or rent a house for accommodation, you can find them in this section.
How to put a hotel or restaurant on the site?
After joining TripAdvisor, you can introduce your hotel or restaurant. It is important to write about the facilities that you will provide at your hotel or restaurant.

What do Tripadvisor reviews do for your business?

The solution to progressive growth for any business is trying to bring more and more positive improvements. And, no companies can survive from negative reviews, they definitely ruin the company’s job. It is important to note that it is not always bad services that cause bad reviews. It is sometimes the competitors who start sabotaging your business. So, it is essential to defend your work and gather a bulk of good reviews. That is why it is a must to gain constructive reviews for your company.
To get users involved with your services, you have to prove the quality of anything you provide and make them loyal to buying from you. 
To amplify your brand in the world of digital marketing, you need to establish some standards so that your product ratings will go up and you gain worldwide fame.
As Tripadvisor is a tourism-related website and the world knows, approves, and uses it for trip requirements, such as accommodation and food, thus popularity on this website will work great.

How to acquire more Tripadvisor reviews without buying them?

Both novice businesses and older ones need to get TripAdvisor reviews as their online fame management strategies.
Why? Because according to data more than 92% of users deploy online reviews to decide about their purchases and some authentic reviews are needed to confirm the choices.
 Here are a few methods to begin with:

 1. Deploy TripAdvisor Review Express

TripAdvisor offers a built-in feature named Review express, so you can send requests for reviews and get reviews for your brand.
This a great way to ask for feedback from your customers and build trust for your business.

2. Ask for feedback yourself

Design a template and ask your clients to send their opinions through email or other methods of messaging. This is the most common way to gain what you need from your clients.
Do not forget to peruse your customers even after they make purchases, this way you will get what you want and make a great impression in front of them as the provider so that they return to you.

3. Provide TripAdvisor stickers

Another splendid feature that Tripadvisor grants the businesses is Tripadvisor stickers. Fortunately, it is free and you can simply request it from the Tripadvisor sticker request page, fill out the information and submit it.

4. Share your TripAdvisor presence on your social network

Social media play an important role in keep users informed about your business, so it is good to promote it on your networks such as Instagram and Twitter. So, attract the attention of your audience to your Tripadvisor account and lead them to write their views about your services.
By the way, you can gain reviews from your fan base on social media.

How do we get to the first rank of TripAdvisor?

There is the main factor that Trip Advisor site uses in ranking hotels and other tourism services:

1.Quantity and number of comments and reviews

The quantity and number of reviews on the TripAdvisor site is the main factor that can help introduce your services. The high number of views on your hotel page creates most of this image. First of all, you provide most of the good and high-level services to your guests and audience. It also reminds the guests that there are pleasant services where all the guests have recorded their opinions. This inadvertently attracts people to your tourism services.
Of course, if you have just started your own business, it will be a little difficult for you. You have no idea at first, and it may be a little difficult for the TripAdvisor audience to trust such a place. At this point, you need to have a clear strategy for engaging the audience and recording their comments. Check that your competitors are getting an average of a few new reviews each month, and you should have a higher number of them to get close to them within a certain period of time.
2. Quality and content of reviews
Before you start and send a message to all your previous guests to write reviews for you on the TripAdvisor site, I need to remind you of some points. It is true that the number of comments for example, on your hotel page on the Trip Advisor site is very important, but there are only positive and high-rated comments that will raise you in the TripAdvisor ranking. So to get started, your priority should be to find the most satisfied guests and ask them to comment.
Another important point is that when you ask guests to add reviews, you must make sure that their comments are real and not cliche. Maybe a guest with a promise of a discount that he received from you and just writes a sentence to solve the task. Unfortunately, such comments are not far from the eyes of those who are looking for accurate information about your service and have little effect on attracting the audience.
3. New and updated reviews
Comments and reviews on the TripAdvisor site get outdated over time. So it is very important that new comments are added to your account in different months and seasons of each year. You put yourself in the shoes of a guest who wants to decide whether to stay at your hotel. Can you really trust the opinion that was written about this hotel 2 years ago? Maybe the hotel management has changed since then. Hotel management standards are high or low. Or even the furniture and equipment of the hotel is older than that time or vice versa the hotel has been renovated. So if guests see the positive feedback of others with a continuous timeline on your hotel page, they will be much more encouraged to stay there.

Last word

So far, we have stated different ways of acquiring more and more reviews on Tripadvisor. All of them are necessary for each step of your business. In other words, if you have a business related to trips and travel facilities, it is significant to strive to get an acceptable rank on Tripadvisor.
At first, buy Tripadvisor reviews to improve your Tripadvisor account, then do your best to achieve reviews written by the people who use your services.

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