Buy active Instagram followers to make a more appealing profile in the eyes of users.


Numbers are what matter in social media, particularly, Instagram as one of the vastest networks. The higher numbers of followers, likes, comments, and views make an account more noticeable.

A lot of followers are very significant, as they earn you users’ trust and they bring you more followers, likes and comments and consequently more engagement.

Owning active followers helps you make an unforgettable image. So, buying many followers will be influential in achieving more trust and improving your profile.

The first solution of having more likes and comments then more engagement is having a huge number of followers.

Many influencers and brands are now looking to engage more and more people with their page. They increase their activity extremely on Instagram to do so. Companies and big brands make a business account on Instagram and thrive to get a lot of followers mainly for a single reason.

Having a lot of followers for them is like a social recognition, get trusted by many people and increase their own reputation.

You have the following route to enhance your Instagram followers:

For your convenience, we provide a calculator to calculate the price of followers based on your needs:

1. Sign up (You need to add your Instagram account to get second verification, this phase includes steps 1 to 7)

2- Click on “Other Socials” on left side of your dashboard (step 8)


3- Select Instagram among other existing socials (step 9)

4- Select followers on the left side of your dashboard (step 10)

5- Enter your profile link and choose the number, and click on Add to cart then click on your cart to continue (steps 11 to 13)

6- To finalize your order click on Top up balance and pay (step 14)

What are the alternative ways to buy Instagram followers?

There are some other efficient ways to boost the number of your real followers on your account:

The first tool to speed up your Instagram growth

Based on what we have discussed above, Instagram new algorithm will definitely put some limitations and suspend accounts that exceeds the limit. To avoid the situation, we provide users with an efficient service called Manual Promotion . This service is perfect for users to whom Instagram gets suspicious. The good point about Hot client service is that it is completely planned and functions like a human so it will be never blocked.

Via this method, users can target the audiences’ posts manually and interact with them. Instamber collects users’ target posts by its filters so that the users can see them choose them and interact with them. We dedicated some features like comments, sending direct messages and likes and the users can apply some actions on the collected posts.

The Second tool to accelerate your Instagram growth:

As you may know, one of the best ways to increase your Instagram followers is interacting with other users. Instamber Instagram bot, working like a person would engage with your followers and other Instagram users. It follows them, likes their posts, comments on them, sends direct message even views their stories. A task that you should have done yourself to get the attention of your target audience if you didn’t have access to Instamber.

Instamber would do all these time-consuming tasks with minimum prices and even when you have no access to Internet. Just buy its one month package and Instamber would interact with your audience all day long, seven days a week and would also consider Instagram limits in performing all these actions. Try Instamber’s free three day trial right now to see its user-friendly dashboard and speed up your growth.

If you still do not know how Instagram bot for follower growth works, have a look at our article about Instagram bot and their function. Also read our article explaining why Instamber Instagram bot is one of the best ways to get active Instagram followers.

Moreover, Instamber blog is the perfect place to learn marketing tricks in social networks specially Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do the services selling fake Instagram followers work?

This approach first appeared when Instagram still doesn’t have many users worldwide. Some people would create several emails to create different Instagram accounts and increase the number of their followers and likes. They would finally follow their own account and like their own posts. Gradually this changed to the services selling followers and likes on Instagram with fake accounts. You may ask what is the difference between fake and real accounts. The only thing which matters for you may just be the number of your post likes and its going viral on Instagram explore page.

2. What are the problems of buying fake Instagram followers?

The first issue is that this approach, seeking to appear on the explore page, does not stick to Instagram most important rule which is Interaction and engaging with others. In the worst condition, 10 people should leave comments on your posts out of 1000 people who would like your post. However fake accounts cannot leave comment on the posts and it would show something is wrong with your page. The second problem is that fake accounts are pretty recognizable. They have no profile picture, few followers and less than 10 posts, they have no new posts and also no activity. An Instagram accounts with lots of such fake followers would be removed by Instagram.

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