In 2021, there are nearly as many marketing strategies as there are businesses. Yet, most businesses choose to stick with tried and tested methods of promoting themselves. Social media marketing remains a favorite of many. And for good reason! As more people spend the majority of their days online, they are most likely to discover a brand via social media.

However, not all social media campaigns are equal. Some are so boring or annoying that they backfire. Instead of feeling curious about a brand, people may get annoyed and vow to never shop there! To prevent this, businesses must ensure they grab attention—quickly, and positively. Video marketing is ideal for this. For instance, a short video ad outlining the specs of the Spectrum Silver package is likely to gain attention. Yet, people may skip over a regular post that lists the same content.

Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Why does an audience prefer videos over text? Well, studies show that the human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text! This is why video marketing is the newest trend for business promotion. If you haven’t yet tapped this marketing potential, start now. Here are some ways videography can help promote your business online.

Keeps Audience Engaged

As technology has become a huge part of people’s lives, they have become used to instant gratification. This means they have low attention spans. If you fail to grab their attention quickly, they will get impatient and move on.  Because of it, it is essential for a business to hook its audience from the get-go. Videos are great for this purpose. This is because videos engage multiple senses of a viewer. The audience can listen to a message and view helpful visuals to easily process new information.

Moreover, this leads to increased engagement on social media. If your business’s promotional video is impactful, people are likely to comment on it or share it with their social network. In a survey, 48% of people said they’d share videos with their friends instead of other types of content.

Improves Your SEO Ranking

When it comes to social media marketing, businesses must optimize their ads for search engines. By focusing on SEO, they can boost their visibility and attract more viewers. Investing in videography can really help with this. You can also check the Orlando Search engine Optimization which provides you one of the best service of SEO. Professionally filmed videos can instantly boost a brand’s visibility by targeting its customers’ interests. If your videos have links to your business website, you can easily boost your website’s ranking. Moreover, you boost your website’s chance of appearing in the top search engine results if you embed videos in it.

Relays More Information

People are used to consuming media that offers the most in the least amount of time. This is because the pace of modern life is very fast, and time is precious. Therefore, people are more likely to read or watch something that quickly gets to the point. This is why short-form video content is popular among young people. 

If you use videos to promote your business, you can easily condense a lot of information into one post. This means you can relay all relevant messages to your audience quickly before something else distracts them. 

Increases Audience Trust

People are more likely to trust a product shown in a video than in an image. This is because seeing how the product may look like in real life makes them relate to it. For instance, they can see its size and how it works and imagine themselves using it.

Similarly, a video can effectively convey how exactly someone can avail a service. This way, a video can act as a tutorial for using a product or service. When the audience views this, they feel assured. Hence, they are likely to trust the business and invest in it.

Leads to High Conversion Rates

The simplest reason to adopt video marketing is that it leads to greater conversion. This means more people from your audience will act upon their attraction to your brand. Thus, they will make purchases from your business. In fact, simply adding a video on your business website’s landing page can greatly increase conversions!

In various independent surveys by companies, 84% of people said they have been convinced to buy a brand’s product after watching a promotional video. Similarly, 79% said they decide to download new software after viewing a video about it. So, by using videography to your advantage, you can easily boost your sales and business profits.


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