It’s hard to succeed on Instagram without paying attention to important things mentioned below. Notice that by adhering to each of these factors, you will be near to get followers on Instagram massively.
get followers on Instagram

Time Spent

One of the factors which are important for rating posts on Instagram is Time Spent. Time spent implies the time users spend on a single post. Instagram calculates the importance and charm of a post on a specific following page. If the rate of this calculation is higher in comparison to other published posts, Instagram will recognize the importance of this post and will show it to other followers. This is the reason that videos and posts with images have more chance to reach explore page and go viral. in order to get followers on Instagram, you need to pay more attention to the time you want to spend.


Relevancy is the other important factor for rating posts on Instagram and many other social media. Instagram defines relevancy in engagement rate; it means the relation between this post and other posts which a user has engaged with. But the biggest challenge is that how Instagram calculates this rate. Instagram calculates relevancy, by analyzing the user’s interests and engagement with other posts. You may recall that how Instagram recognize these relations. This is simple. Instagram recognize the relation mentioned above by calculating shared interactions between its users.
When two users like a similar post, Instagram find out the shared interaction between these two. That’s how explore pages are designed to show you the posts that are more likely to be attractive for you. However, if you have followed the page which published the specific post we described, Instagram will show it on top of your homepage and if you have not followed the page, Instagram will send the post to your explore page. Nevertheless, the importance of creating high quality contents for social media increases and having the accurate way for publishing your contents may increase your engagement rate and will cause to get followers on Instagram.
  get followers on Instagram


Likelihood is one of the newest Instagram features that helps you keep track of the posts that seem more interesting to you. To understand this point, Instagram gathers information about the profiles you visit. Based on your engagement rate in these places, it will eventually offers similar pages.
For example, if the page you like, has published a new post, Instagram will show this post on top of other contents in your feed even if other pages share new ones.
From this feature, we can conclude that the more we get loyal followers, the more we can be seen on social media especially on Instagram. So for succeeding in social media, take care of your audience and followers.
Instagram followers
These are 3 main factors that affect your social media exclusively. It is really important to keep close eyes on them to succeed in social media; specially to get a better rating for your posts on Instagram.