TikTok and beauty are two popular topics these days, while each of them can be controversial.
All in all, TikTok, which is known as an increasingly rising social medium, provides lots of features, possibilities, and opportunities to its users. As we enjoy this video-sharing platform and all the creativity that people put into it to make splendid videos like dance challenges, lip-sync videos, and funny videos. it is also a great place for top TikTok beauty influencers to express their arts, review products, and create make-up tutorials.

It has been said that beauty content has been more viral on TikTok than any other platforms such as Youtube, and the reason is the shorter time the TikTok beauty influencers have to generate their videos. Today’s Instamber blog topic is devoted to introducing the popular TikTok beauty influencers.

Why do Tiktok beauty influencers grow faster here?

Beauty content is somehow the most prevailed topic (if we don’t take sexual content into account), on Social Media. There are millions of beauty posts (414,532,062) with related hashtags on FaceBook, Instagram & TikTok. After all, the issue is one of the most famous topics with the great potentiality to attract audiences. Many experts at different beauty branches started to use the video tools of Social Media, and soon they got beauty influencers.

Also, many TikTok beauty influencers with the aid of hashtag exploring methods on Social Media applications have become successful so fast that they were triggered to work in other beauty branches, like skincare, haircare, nailcare, make-up products reviews, tutorial videos, or even introducing supplements that help people to have shiny skin. When they made a huge success in attracting the eyes on older Social Media applications, so it also makes sense to follow this recipe on TikTok! This is why & how do Top TikTok beauty influencers appear on this platform.

Contest among Top TikTok beauty influencers in different branches

1. Introduction of a new cosmetic product

Over millions of cosmetics or day and night care products exist around the world, and each of them has its pros and cons. A very attractive realm for TikTok beauty influencers is unboxing and introducing different hair, nail, cosmetics, and skin products. They show the users around the world; the appearance, ingredients, and functions of the products and review them as they’d used them beforehand. This is a very helpful activity because it helps users get acquainted with products and pick the most suitable ones.

2. Make-up tutorials

The other kinds of videos that beauty bloggers make are make-up tutorials. They film the entire process of different make-ups and instruct their followers on how to do so. They do the same on different occasions such as valentine’s day, weddings, Halloween, etc. This part is really attractive because the audience can learn make-up tricks for their faces and wear make-ups on different occasions.

3. Skin – hair – nail care

The third beauty branch that loggers talk about is instructing skin, hair, and nail care. They teach their followers how to take care of their skin, hair, and nails whether they are in their youth, middle-age years, or old days. Instructing day and night routines is very common among the influencers and their audience. They also create beneficial content about how to do facial or homemade masks, which nourish their skin and hair.

If you are interested in different hairstyles, it is good to know that there are lots of tutorial videos created by TikTok beauty influencers, which help you learn hairstyles, how to do your hair yourself, and how to be your own hairstylist. There is a vast range of styles for different occasions. So, if you want to learn a great haircut or hairstyle for your birthday, join a beauty influencer on TikTok.

It is worth noting that some influencers do all the above-mentioned activities from introducing and reviewing products to teaching make-up tricks.

In the following, the top TikTok beauty influencers in different branches are introduced to help you get familiar with their realms of expertise. Some of them are famous as they are actresses or TikTok dancers.

1. Top TikTok make-up influencer: Alexandra Anele

Alexandra Anele is an American blogger with a unique style and over 30k followers. She mostly provides make-up tips rather than introducing skincare masks.
She is a 30-year-old influencer, who stars on Instagram more than other media.

Other social media links:

Instagram ID: Alexandra_anele
Twitter ID: Anele_alexandra
Youtube channel ID: Alexandra Anele

2. Former Beauty Blogger – Newcomer TikTok beauty influencer: JaiMariah

A teenage beauty blogger teaching colorful and varied make-ups. She has 34k followers. Since her make-up models are somehow unusual, her audience mainly includes the young generation.
She is also available on other social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.
Her uniqueness originates from the use of colors blue, green, and red in her hair dying and make-up.

Other social media links:

Instagram ID: JaiMariah
Twitter ID: JaiMariah
Youtube channel ID: JaiMariah

3. TikTok famous make-up influencer: AshleyQuiroz

Another well-known influencer, who posts on almost all social media, is AshleyQuiroz. She is a young blogger with nice make-ups and useful make-up tricks.

Other social media links:

Instagram ID: AshleyQuiroz
Twitter ID: AshleyQuiroz
Youtube channel ID: AshleyQuiroz

4. TikTok skincare influencer: Jc.dombrowski

Another blogger that we are going to introduce is jc.dombrowski. Interestingly, he is a boy beauty blogger and he talks about different products for skincare.

Other social media links:

Instagram ID: Jc_dombrowski
Twitter ID: Jc_dombrowski
Youtube channel ID: JC Dombrowski

5. TikTok make-up trainer influencer: Roseandben

Rose Siard, A very traditional and classic make-up trainer, teaches different styles of make-up on her accounts & has been known as one of the top TikTok beauty influencers in 2020. You might have already seen her Instagram account. Rose first became popular by making make-up tutorial videos and reviewing cosmetic products. So far, she has collaborated with a cosmetics manufacturer and appeared in a Sephora ad.

Other social media links:

Instagram ID: Roseandben
Youtube channel ID: MakeupByRoseXOXO
Pinterest ID: Roseandben

6. Top Tiktok hairstylist influencer: Justinemarjan

Another popular TikToker that specializes in various hairstyles is Justin Marjan. She instructs very attractive haircuts and hairstyles. Having 70k followers, she is also active in other social media and has a lot of fans there too.
If you like to learn great styles to do on your hair, watch her videos.

Other social media links:

Instagram ID: Justinemarjan
Twitter ID: Justinemarjan
Youtube channel ID: Justinemarjan
Website: www.justinemarjan.com

7. Famous TikTok beauty influencer: 208skindoc (dermatologist)

A nice category on TikTok includes the specialists who grow their accounts by giving professional tips. The advantage these kinds of bloggers have over the others is that their analyses and information are more trustworthy because they’ve specialized in medical areas and have hands-on experiences in this field.
Dr. Dustin Portela is one of these bloggers, who is also a dermatologist. He creates funny and useful videos by suggesting great healthcare points.

Other social media links:

Instagram ID: 208skindoc
Twitter ID: 208skindoc
Facebook ID: https: 208Skindoc

8. American TikTok skin – & haircare influencer: Hudabeauty

Huda Kattan, an American make-up artist who is also well-known on other platforms such as Instagram and Youtube, has more than two million followers on TikTok. She generally posts different kinds of content about the beauty of skin, hair, and nail. She has a cosmetic brand and publishes make-up videos every now and then.

Other social media links:

Instagram ID: Hudabeauty
Twitter ID: Hudabeauty
Youtube channel ID: Huda Beauty
Website: www.hudabeauty.com

9. TikTok award winner beauty & fashion influencer: Eljammi

An award-winning beauty and fashion blogger, who is very famous for her skincare tips such as making masks and such. She also has a wide range of content on her account. In other words, she shares her lifestyle, her skincare points, and the beauty salons she finds.

Other social media links:

Instagram ID: Eljammi
Twitter ID: Eljammi
Youtube channel ID: Eljammi

10. TikTok Nepalese beauty influencer: PromiseTamang

This Nepalese make-up artist has about 4 million followers on YouTube. Despite not taking any classes to learn make-up, she can do wonders on her face with cosmetics. On her YouTube account, you can find her make-up videos where she can transform herself into any celebrity.

Other social media links:

Facebook ID: Promisetamangphan
Twitter ID: Tamangphan
Youtube channel ID: Promise Phan

11. Tiktok Latin style make-up influencer: Irishcel Beilin

Irishcel is a freelance make-up artist. She specializes in Latin style make-up. Her make-up tutorial videos are fun to watch. She’s popular on both Instagram and YouTube, known as one of the growing TikTok beauty influencers too.

Other social media links:

Instagram ID: Iris Beilin
Twitter ID: Iris Beilin
Youtube channel ID: Irishcel507

12. TikTok nailcare influencer: LoveKelly

If you have the time and are in a mood to polish your nails, be sure to check out LoveKelly’s TikTok account. She makes videos on how to beautify your nails with rhinestones.

13. TikTok cosplayer & make-up artist influencer: Ava Leeigh

Ava is a make-up artist and a cosplayer. She likes to create character costumes from anime, comic books, and video games. If you are interested in any of these Media check her account.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Ava_Leeigh
Twitter ID: AvaLeeigh

14. Comedian TikTok make-up artist: Mia McCorkle

Mia makes comedy and make-up videos. Her make-up skills are very close to Hollywood standards. On YouTube, she uploads skincare and DIY videos.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Mia.nikole.official
Twitter ID: Mia_nikole_

15. Popular beauty Youtuber – Top TikTok beauty influencer: Dasia Janae

At first, Dasia made make-up instruction videos on YouTube. After becoming popular on YouTube, she started to put some videos on TikTok. Dasia also makes videos on DIY art, room renovation, and sneaker art.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Dajjrambo
Twitter ID: Dajjrambo
Youtube channel ID: Dajjrambo

16. British TikTok fashion & beauty influencer: Danielle Marcan

This British model creates fashion and beauty content. She first gained her fame on Instagram. Then, she started to post her videos on TikTok. Danielle has also become an ambassador for Huda beauty brand.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Daniellemarcan

17. Former Blogger – Newcomer TikTok fashion influencer: Anna O’Brien

Anna is actually a blogger and she blogs about plus-size fashion. She also has a YouTube channel. Anna shares her experiences about her clothes’ purchases and encourages her audience to be confident about their bodies.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Glitterandlazers
Linkedin ID: Annagraceobrien

18. Famous TikTok couple beauty influencer: The Young Emperors

Nelson Tiberghien and Isabella Chaput are a couple who first launched their content on their Instagram page. Every week, They wear matching outfits loaned to them by fashion brands or picked from their own wardrobe.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Young_emperors

19. TikTok beauty influencers: Larsen Thompson

Larsen Thompson is a famous Social media model and dancer. She became popular when she posted a video of her dancing to the song “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce. She’s also appeared in some of the music videos of singers like Pink and Katy Perry. She creates dance videos with different songs on TikTok. She is known as one of the Top TikTok beauty influencers as she shares daily make-up routines with users.

Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Larsenthompson
Twitter ID: Larsenthompson
Facebook ID: Larsenthompsonofficial
Youtube channel ID: LarsenThompson

20. TikTok fashion influencer: Olivier Rousteing

Who doesn’t know about Olivier Rousteing? Anyone familiar with the fashion world knows Rousteing as a famous fashion designer for Balmain (French luxury fashion house that was founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945). It seems that besides designing glamorous clothes, he also has time for posting about them on TikTok too.

Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Olivier_rousteing
Twitter ID: Orousteing
Facebook ID: ORousteing

21. Top Tiktok male beauty influencer: Simon Porte Jacquemus

Simon is a fashion designer and has founded his own brand “Jacquemus”. This allows him to have access to expensive fashion runways to post videos about them on TikTok.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Jacquemus

22. TikTok fashion influencer: Tinygirlbigclothes

Sophia Guzman loves to wear oversized t-shirts and bucket hats. She is popular on Instagram. She also makes DIY fashion videos up there.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Sophia.guzman

23. TikTok beauty content maker: Bria Jones

Bria creates beauty & amusing content on YouTube and TikTok. She also posts on Instagram. At first, she gained her popularity by posting lip-sync videos, beauty and lifestyle content on TikTok, but on her YouTube channel, she uploads curly hairstyle tutorials.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Heybriajones
Youtube channel ID: BriaJones

24. TikTok beauty influencer: Jessie Kim

Kim wears various fashion accessories and instructs his audience on how to use them for different social occasions. He also has an Instagram account.

Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Jessie.kim

25. TikTok Beauty & Hijab influencer: Zahraa B

For those interested to have different styles for their hijab, Zahraa’s TikTok account is worth the time. Zahraa makes step-by-step tutorials on how to style hijab for daily life or celebrations. She is being known as one of the Top TikTok beauty influencers for Muslims.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Zahraa_hberro

26. TikTok Travel & Fashion influencer: Billie Newland

Billy is a blogger who likes to blog about travel and fashion. She then started to share her videos from New York fashion week on TikTok. She loves to buy Chanel bags and occasionally posts videos about closet tours.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Billiexnewland
Twitter ID: Bglitz101

27. TikTok fashion content creator: Wisdom Kaye

A Nigerian fashion content creator with more than 3.5 million followers on TikTok. He showcases different outfits and even sometimes remakes runway looks.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Wisdm
Youtube channel ID: Wisdom Kaye

28. TikTok famous beauty model: Lani Baker

Lani Baker is an American model and a blogger, known as one of the top TikTok beauty influencers. She has modeled for brands like Exit Peru, Neiman Marcus and Caycee Black. She mostly posts videos on her model lifestyle and behind-the-scenes photos of fashion shoots. She has more than 7 million followers on TikTok.

29. TikTok famous fashion stylist: Kristin Hancher

Kristin is a dancer, actress, singer & fashion stylist. She has more than 5 million followers on Instagram and over 24 million on TikTok. She uses wigs and make-up to completely transform her looks. Kristin also does lip-sync and comedy videos.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Kristin Hancher
Youtube channel ID: Kristen Hancher

30. Famous artist – Top TikTok beauty influencers:  Loren Grey

Loren first became popular on her TikTok account. After her rise to fame, she signed a contract with a record company and released her first album. She has more than 4 million followers on TikTok.
Other social media links:
Instagram ID: Loren
Twitter ID: Iamlorengray

31. Popular make-up artist – TikTok beauty influencers: Paulie

Paulie has taught himself make-up. He loves to create make-up looks of fantasy characters.
Other social media links:
Twitter ID: Pauliesfx

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