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Introduction to Instagress review and Instagress alternatives

Attracting a huge number of users by choosing to buy followers proves that Instagram has a lot of potential to offer to its one billion users. Different kinds of users deploy social platforms to meet their needs. Some users use Instagram to spend time and have fun, some use it to socialize with their friends and other people. More than half of the users try to make money on and develop their businesses on Instagram. Many influential account owners make a fortune by advertising and growing business owners’ Instagram accounts.

The people who plan to improve their businesses on this medium may find it difficult to establish their jobs; especially small businesses that have not made names for themselves in the business world. As a matter of fact, the reason is clear, there are so many big business giants out there which make it too tough to compete with.
The other point is the speed of growing a frustratingly slow business account, thus the page owners decide to get help from external aids such as buying followers, likes, comments, and growth tools such as bots.
In this article, we are going to state growth tools at length and introduce some of them to pave your way.

Growth Services as Instagress alternatives

Growth services are tools that work as aids to increase the number of followers, likes, and engagement rate on any social media including Instagram. The followers like and… that they bring are organic and real, however, Instagram opposes them and in the case of recognition, bans the account.

Note: Be careful about buying which kind of growth tools not to get blocked.

Purchasing followers or likes is the other tactic for Instagram improvement but this method is not proper for long-term goals. In the first steps, it is Okay to buy some followers and likes but as the account is growing, it is not advisable to use just this method.
In the following, we are going to introduce some effective tools for your account growth and an increase in the engagement rate.

1. Instamber, one of the best Instagress alternatives

Instamber homepage as one of the Instagress alternatives


Instamber is a growth tool that helps you automate your Instagram accounts and increase your followers and likes. The great possibility of targeting your audience based on hashtags and usernames makes it so useful and easy to use.
Instamber makes it really easy to use automation and not to get recognized by Instagram, it happens by use of Social bridge. It makes it safe and sound to use the bot because Instagram will never catch you due to IP conflict.


Instamber provides you with the possibility of a three-day trial that enables you to get familiar with the service and it cost 1 $.

One month subscription to Instamber is 15 $ which gives you the ability to use Social bridge for free too.

2. Instagram Ads as one of professional Instagress alternatives

Instagram logo

Using Instagram ads is so effective to promote your account because you will get the most relevant advertisements on the most relevant platform. As there are a lot of potential customers as Instagram users, So Instagram ads are the best solution to grab their attention.
The first thing that you must pay attention to is that you must have a professional account to perform Instagram ads. Instagram provides you with three different methods to exercise your ads:

1. The first one is direct ads from Instagram as the post and story promotion
2. The second one is ads from your Facebook page which helps you be on both Instagram and Facebook
3. Creating ad campaigns in Ads manager


Actually, it is differs based on your plans, however, a rough price can be $0.50 to $1.00 per click.

3. Highkeyclout, one of pricey Instagress alternatives

Highkeyclout website as one of Instagress alternatives


Jordan & Luke Lintz: The Owners of HighKey Clout are the brothers, Jordan and Luke Lintz.
HighKey Clout is an Influencer Managing company that concentrates on that is Celebrity Influencer. It owns by Jordan Lintz and Luke Lintz.
HighKey Clout employs influencers to introduce Instagram accounts and ask users to follow its followings, so the followings are the accounts that plan to increase their followers. And the company offers a gift for the user who follows and wins the lottery.


It does not have a fixed price on their website, their team will give you the exact price suitable for you based on your needs and their business model.

4. SocialSteez

SocialSteez searches for Instagram users by going through usernames, locations, and hashtags. It utilizes machine learning to find followers for your account. However, SocialSteeze assigns a real person to be in charge of managing your account and see to its growth. In this way, you are not breaking any of Instagram’s laws and your account won’t get blocked.


In exchange for a price of $15 a week or $38 a month, SocialSteeze provides a targeted audience and real followers. It also provides full management of your account. If you want to use all the features of SocialSteez, you can get them by paying $25 a week or 99$ a month. Another option is to pay 449 $ a year. This will grant you the full features of SocialSteeze besides the regular ones and preferential support. and guarantees more engagement with your followers.

5. Magic Social, as the Instagress alternatives

Magicalsocial first page in Instagress reviews

Magic Social is another growth service that assigns a real person in charge of your account. This account manager will target followers relevant to your account and engages with them.


For a fee of $15 a week or $38 a month, Magic Social finds your audience, provides real followers, and maintains its services. If you want the full features of Magic Social, you have to purchase its professional plan. You can pay $25 a week, 99$ a month, or pay $420 a year. It has all the regular features in addition to preferential support and more engagement with your followers.

6. Kicksta as one of the best auto-liker Instagress alternatives

Kicksta homepage among other Instagress alternatives

By signing up with Kicksta, you can provide them with a list of Instagram accounts that have followers whom you would like to engage. Kicksta will then like photos from each of these accounts. The users will get notifications for the likes and will come to check your account. Kicksta will target accounts that are similar to yours and your content; in this way, the possibility of them following you will increase.


For a regular plan, you have to pay $49 a month. You can have a steady growth speed, video onboarding, and 10 unique target users. For a premium plan, you have to pay $99 a month. In a premium plan, you will have access to all the features of Kicksta in addition to maximum growth, Speed, and 40 unique target users.

7. Combin

Combin main page

Combin has a simple and easy-to-use user interface. This app is available on Windows and Linux. Through Combin’s search tools and machine learning, you can find followers of accounts similar to yours and engage with them. The main difference between Combin and other apps and this list is that you do most of your account management. There’s no account manager assigned to your account. It is you and your information on different businesses, your target audiences, and the time you invest in searching them that determines your account’s growth.


Combin has three plans: Starter Personal and Business. Their Starter plan is free and lets you try the app’s features before deciding to purchase its full services. The Personal plan costs $10 a month and it grants you the management of only one account, 1000 instant search results for posts and users, statistics, and unlimited in-app actions. The cost of a Business plan is $30 a month. You can manage 5 accounts with this plan and it has all the features of the Personal plan.

8. Upleap, one of Instagress alternatives

Upleap for Instagress review

Upleap assigns a dedicated account manager to grow your account. Upleap will interact with your preferential accounts by following them, viewing their stories, and react to their live broadcasts. The account manager will always be in touch with you and will manage your account based on your preferences.


Upleap’s Lite plan costs $39 a month. It is useful for managing personal accounts and influencers who want to grow their accounts organically. You have to pay $69 a month for a Standard plan. It includes account manager, targeting hashtags, similar users, faster organic growth, and viewing Instagram stories. This plan is good for both influences and businesses. The cost of Upleap’s premium plan is 99$ a month. Besides the features of a Standard plan, Premium also excludes keywords and offers premium support.

9. Jarvee

Jarvee first page

Jarvee is an automation software for social media. It is software with high functionality on Windows 7 and higher. If you want to interact with your audience – for instance, direct messages, likes and comments – but you don’t have the time, you can use Jarvee to do it for you. With Jarvee you can automate the engagement process with users. Jarvee can also schedule your posts, target your audience based on hashtags and location. You can also directly control the automation process; there is no third party with access to your account.


The three packages of Jarvee include Starter, Regular and Professional. The Starter package costs 29.95$ a month and has all the scheduling and automation features. It can manage 10 accounts and has premium customer support. Jarvee’s Regular plan has a monthly cost of 49.95 dollars. It manages a total amount of 30 accounts and has all the features of a standard plan. The price of the Professional package is 69.95$ a month. It has all the Standard and Regular features and can manage 70 social accounts.

10. Stellation Media

Stellation homepage

Stellation Media is a good choice if you want to grow your account organically. The staff of Stellation Media has developed a technology called Mass Story Engager. Through this technology, Stellation Media can interact with countless Instagram stories, polls, quizzes and sliders. Stellation Media will first assign an account manager for your account. Based on your preferences and your content, the manager will use Mass Story Engager to find users based on usernames, location and gender. Stellation Media can also automate the responses to direct messages, liking posts, following and unfollowing users. You can also use its’ analytics tools to check your accounts’ performance.


Stellation Media’s Light plan includes customer service, mass voting, mass story viewing, mass direct message and advanced analytics. It costs 99$ a month. The Standard plan has all the features of the Light plan with the addition of live inbox, profile management, direct message cleaner, auto-accept followers and auto repost story. It also assigns an account manager for you. This plan is good for influencers and has a monthly cost of $149. The Premium plan costs $199 a month and besides having all the features of Light and Standard plans, it has a posting scheduler and image editor features.

11. Nitreo

Nitreo homepage

The most prominent feature of Nitreo is account growth by following other accounts to gain followers. Based on your relevant target audience, Nitro finds users with accounts similar to yours and engages with them. It also filters followers based on their gender, location and hashtags. Besides these, Nitro has a multitude of features that include commenting, liking, auto-posting, live reactions, etc.


Nitro has three pricing plans Essential and Speed. The Essential plan costs $49 a month. It guarantees a 14-day account growth and fast organic growth. This plan is good for beginners in Instagram marketing and provides more followers, likes and engagement with the audience. The cost of a Speed plan is $79 a month.
This plan has all the targeting, priority support, max speed and features of the Essential plan. The Speed plan is good for influencers and businesses who want to grow their account faster and organically.

12. Ingramer

Ingramer first page

This growth service claims that its automation features provide followers and likes much faster than the other software. Most of the reviews for this app tend to agree with this. Through filtering locations, usernames, hashtags, language and gender Ingramer helps you get real followers. It also automates the follow and unfollow process based on your account and its content. Ingramer’s hashtag generator can also help you in finding suitable hashtags for growing your account.


Ingramer has three subscription periods. You can subscribe to Ingramer for 2 weeks and pay 37$, pay a monthly fee of $57 or $144 for 3 months.

13. StormLikesStorms like homepage as Instagress alternative

If you want your posts to get real likes, and genuine potential followers, be sure to check out StormLikes. StormLikes filters users based on country and gender. It can also get you the same amount of views as the likes your posts receive. You can control how many likes your posts receive or adjust the Speed of receiving them. StormLikes pricing is good and it has a trial period.


StormLikes grants you 10 likes for free. For 100 likes, you have to pay $2.99. This plan gets likes from real users, starts within 5 seconds and has 24-hour support. For 250 likes, you have to pay 4.49$ and you get all the previous features.

Final Thoughts on Instagress review and Instagress alternatives

So far, we have discussed some points about social media (such as Instagram) and their effects on our new world. On Instagram, there are some growth tools to accelerate the growth process, in this study, we talk about Instagress review as a former Instagram growth tool and also, introduce some Instagress alternatives.


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