With over 1 billion users worldwide, Instagram is an incredible platform for marketing and business strategies. At the same time, it’s easy to fail large businesses due to minor mistakes. If your Instagram marketing strategies, do not work well, and you think there are mistakes that make it happen. It’s better to go along with us in this article. we will review three major Instagram marketing mistakes among other marketing mistakes.
We are going to examine three common mistakes on Instagram marketing, in the eyes of a number of big Instagram marketers and see how to avoid them as much as possible.

1. Misuse of Instagram Hashtags

In 2018, Instagram added a new feature to its mobile application that is placing hashtags in the bio, so that the related posts to that hashtags can be clicked and followed. The mistake that many users make is to put a large number of hashtags in their profile bio, just like what they usually do on Twitter. But why is not this a good idea?
The first point is that your bio hashtags do not impact upon the Instagram search results.
In fact, if someone searches for a keyword on Instagram, there will be no hint of your bio (along with its hashtags) in the search results! In fact, only the name and username will be the fields that the Instagram search engine scans.
The second point which not only is not helpful but also can be troublesome for you is that by placing the popular Instagram hashtags or hashtags that lead the user to the content of other pages, you will divert your page visitors to other pages.
Yes, as simple as that! Let me clarify the issue with an example!
Imagine that you are a photographer, and use #Photography in your bio. When people click on the hashtag, they actually leave your page and go to millions of other posts that are not related to you and your page.
It does not seem that you have any convincing reason to distract someone from your page!
The last point is that a list of hashtags on the Instagram bio appears to be unprofessional and will not usually succeed in persuading new followers to join.
So, to avoid these problems, do not use hashtags in your bio. However, it may be in your favor in some cases. For instance, if you use a brand hashtag that is related to your brand or business, you can direct your audience to more content about yourself. The profile below is a good example of the proper use of hashtags in the Instagram bio. 
Using hashtags in your bio causes distraction from your page to other pages


2. Posting without Instagram Marketing Strategies for Content

Most people post random materials that do not fit their Instagram Marketing strategies. Instead of posting random content or paying attention to what your audience is looking for, make sure to follow your own strategies.
To do this, go to Instagram Analytics in the first place. Then check your previous posts so that you can compare and analyze audiences’ reactions to various media types (text or video), topics (business or entertainment) as well as their final impact (promotional or supportive).


Three Common grounds to explore:

   • What visual content has attracted your audience most?
   • What kind of topics are approved and favored by the majority?
   • Are there any special filters, backgrounds, or styles to be preferred by the most audience?
As soon as you find out what criteria meet your requirements in social media on Instagram marketing, you can get help from your successful posts and create visual content with similar elements.
To clarify this process, suppose that you are a nutritionist, and Instagram Analytics indicates that your audience prefers health and fitness recommendations which teach them how to feed properly without feeling weak, cutting out some meals or giving up eating out.


Preparing absorbing content such as high quality visuals and audios help your business to boom
‎ ‎
You can write about how to love what we eat, but at the same time lose weight. Then, instead of producing irrelevant content, which is not helpful for your business marketing, use parts of your posts that match your analytical results to produce other visual content. Thus, get rid of irrelevant posts that do nothing but destroying your page strategies and discouraging your followers.

3. Prioritizing Follower quantity over Their Participation

Another misconception is that as the number of audience increases, the number of customers increases as well. While not paying attention, whether the previous audience has turned into a customer or not! As a matter of fact, here, the quality of the audience has priority over their quantity, and the solution is not to expand the number of followers, (as some of them are ghost followers) but to provide current followers’ needs in order to turn them into customers, and this is possible by understanding the reasons why your followers follow you.
How? There are some ways to satisfy your customers and expand your Instagram for your business marketing:
 Talk to your audience! Respond to each comment, answer your direct message and follow all the responses to your polls. If you want to justify yourself by saying “I would like to talk to others, but no one speaks to me or comments,” you must first answer the question, how many comments you have written on other people’s posts. Have you sent any direct message to others? We believe in the X10 rule. If you like someone to comment on your posts, write 10 comments on others’ posts. And if you want someone to direct you, send 10 messages to the direct message. When you interact with your own followers, you will know them better. And when you know them better, you’ll find out how to talk to them, and finally find out how to help them.


Communicating via likes, comments, and direct messages with your audience improves your engagement rate
So if you need to have more customers, do not think about increasing the number of followers. Instead, have a deep and practical dialogue with your current audience and solve their problems. In this way, among the many pages that provide the same service as you do, you will be your followers’ only choice, as you know them deeply, talk to them, and help them in a different way.

Last Point: Automation

Today, many people see Instagram as a job that must be treated automatically. They schedule all the work, (using an Instagram bot for example), but in the end, they forget to answer the comments. Thus, it prevents them from interacting on Instagram, whereas interaction is highly crucial in your Instagram marketing.
As the last word, let’s look at the summary of solutions to focus on this issue:


    • Ask questions and invite the audience to participate. If you want your audience to participate more, you must also encourage them to engage more. And also show that you are pleased to talk to them. You can learn a lot from your customers through these conversations.
   • Inject a sense of value to your audience by posting content specially prepared for Instagram. Instead of sharing some content from your other marketing channels; consider a specific issue, which is first hand, or a coupon and a prize only for visitors to your Instagram stories.
   • Answer all the comments and messages as soon as possible. Get used to checking your direct messages several times throughout the day. It may seem a lot of work, but people are looking to connect with you. What will take you a few seconds, is very valuable to them and they will not forget.


Automate your Instagram by Instagram bot to save time and improve efficiency


As soon as marketers find Instagram a way to establish broad connections, rather than just a tool to sell goods or services, they can take advantage of communication with their audience. While the audience has the greater potential to turn into a customer and introduce other customers to your page.


Instagram marketing is constantly changing. What seems to be working today may be discredited in the future. Therefore, some decisions may easily be made to distract you from the right path. So having accurate information about the right and wrong in this field can be very significant.

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