Sometimes when you try to open a link or see some content on Facebook, you receive the error “This content isn’t available right now”. This is for sure very frustrating. In this article, we want to examine why Facebook shows this message to you and what the possible fixes are.

Why does it show “This content isn’t available right now” on Facebook?

There are several reasons why content is not available any more on Facebook. Let’s see what they are.

  1. For your account, you have deleted the post: you may have deleted your post intentionally. In that case, it is not surprising to see this message. There is also a chance that you have erased it unintentionally and mistakenly. On that condition, if you want to open your post, Facebook will show you the “This content isn’t available right now” message!
  2. The person you are checking out has deleted their content: if this error pops up when you are checking another person’s content, it can mean they have deleted their account.
  3. You have been blocked: another reason for seeing this error is that the person has blocked you. You have to bear in mind this is only one possibility and you can only be sure you have been blocked if you check out the post or profile from another account.
  4. Technical error: it does not happen often that Facebook is down but after all, it is a website. Like any other website, it might be down sometimes. It might be that the whole website is not down but only parts of it. In order to find out whether it is only your problem or a lot of people’s, you can either follow the news or check it up on Downdetector websites. 
  5. It is about the privacy settings: on Facebook people can change their privacy settings in a way that only allows their followers to see their content. This feature can also be applied to Facebook groups in which the admin determines whether everybody can see what the members share on the group or the followers.
  6. Facebook has disabled the page: like every other social platform, Facebook has its own rules and guidelines. If you cross them, it may disable your page. Some reasons may include posting offensive content, not using your real name, poking too many people, and so on. 
  7. You are logged out of your account: sometimes Facebook makes you log out of your account for a reason that might not be obvious to you. It might be because you have spent a lot of time on the page. The solution to this problem is to refresh the page and enter your username and password.

How to fix this silly error on Facebook like a hero?

Here are some solutions that may assist you in solving this problem.

1. Reload the page: reloading the page may solve many small problems that are preventing you from accessing the content. Plus, when you do this, it is easier for you to know if you have been involuntarily logged out of your account.

2. Log out and in again: log out of your account and attempt to log in again. Then you can search for what you want and see if the problem is solved.

3. Ask Facebook for assistance: if none of the workarounds help, you can contact the help center of Facebook and ask them for assistance. Follow the steps below to contact the Facebook help center:

  1. First, log in to your account
  2. from the top right corner of the page, click on the arrow
  3. choose “Help & Support”
  4. choose “Report a Problem”
  5. select “Something Went Wrong”
  6. There, you can fill out a short form about your compliment. Facebook gives you feedback after some working days but a faster way to find a solution may be asking other people on the Facebook community and forums. 

4. Use VPN: sometimes you may not be able to see Facebook content because of age limitations or restrictions that Facebook has for some countries. The workaround is to turn on your VPN and try to connect to Facebook again.

5. Check it out from another person’s account: to check if this error is showing because of being blocked, try to view the content from another person’s account. You can ask a friend, relative, or a family member to go to that user’s account. If they can see it, there is a good chance that you have been blocked. 

6. Create a new account: if you cannot ask someone else to check out the content for you, an alternative is to create a new account for yourself and try to reach the person’s profile with it.

7. Try another device: sometimes the “this content isn’t available right now” Facebook error there might be something wrong with your device. If you are checking out the page from your mobile phone, attempt to reach it from your laptop or vice versa.

8. Check your internet connection: turning your WiFi on and off may fix problems related to your internet connection. Also, check out that you have paid the bills. It is also a good idea to call your service provider and check if the service is down.


It is always frustrating to encounter an error when you try to reach some content. This might have many reasons and there are of course some fixes. In this article, we examined “this content isn’t available right now” on Facebook, the possible reasons, and also some solutions that may help you with solving them. Hopefully, you can find the reason and get rid of the error. recently many users reported a problem with changing their password, if you encountered this issue too, please read our blog about how to change Facebook password.


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