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After each time Instagram updates its algorithms, the question of how Instagram bots may work rises. Actually, many bots stop working every time Instagram releases a new update. This is one reason that we write a Socialcaptain review and its best alternative to help users find the best Socialcaptain alternative. So, finding an efficient automation system seems really hard and even the most famous bots may stop working or start malfunctioning.

Although this makes it hard for you, to have a successful business account you need to hire a third party to speed up things for you. Otherwise, keep the account popular and busy is really hard and time-consuming. As a result, pick a great bot and continue with it. As a matter of fact, it is somehow difficult to distinguish between a scam and an efficient bot, so it is required to pay attention to details and distinguish the best ones.
In the following, we are going to do a Socialcaptain review and the best Socialcaptain alternatives.

What is SocialCaptain service? A Socialcaptain Review

SocialCaptain was a company that helped you automate your account activities and grew your engagement rate without spending too much time on getting likes and followers.
The first thing that Instagram bot company providers claimed was that they generated organic and real followers.
Before they got shut down, they provided one day trial which was free, and their services price ranged from 15$ to 99$. Many users complained about the short-term trial period because one day was not enough to check the functionality of a system. The minimum number of trial days three days and the maximum days are seven days.

Features of SocialCaptain we consider to review:

In the following part of the article as SocialCapatain review, it had various positive and negative effects when it was active, in the next part, we are talking about the advantages and disadvantages that it had before.

Two people are talking about merits and demerits of Socialcaptain alternatives

SocialCaptain service merits:

– Security: An important feature that highlighted SocialCaptain was its safety. A valid website and professional system reassured users’ confidentiality and efficiency, thus everything remained safe and your account was safe and secure from hackers.

– Full support: The other great characteristic that SocialCaptain provided was its full and comprehensive daily and weekly support. By locating a chatbox on their website, they made it possible to be available.

– Clear pricing system: SocialCaptain team enabled users to view their price list plus the number of days each package contained. Unlike some unclear services, Social captain determined its prices so that the audience could select easily.

– Reasonable price: SocialCaptain services ranked among the most affordable prices in comparison to other tools.

– Exact targeting: SocialCaptain had a strong and powerful targeting system and enabled you to track down a suitable audience and encouraged them to visit your account. It had language targeting to target the most related audience.

– Effective filters: Some effective filters such as niche filtering aided you to find your audience faster.

– Improvement guarantee: The automation service gives you the opportunity to be sure about your growth results.

– Analysis: SocialCaptain provided its users with an applicable analysis system allowing them to compare and contrast their results.

SocialCaptain service demerits:

– Having fake reviews: Social captain had a lot of different reviews on the review website like Trustpilot, and unfortunately, there were many fake ones from users pretending to be the pleased audience

– Not having FAQ: Frequently asked questions and Help pages were the two most common content on any website and lack of them was considered as a flaw because it might mislead users.

– Non-effective payment system: a very common disadvantages reported about this service was its non-functional paying system

– A rebranded system: SocialCaptain was the rebranding of two other agencies called Socialdrift and social upgrade. Both of these were closed, so made it somehow not trustworthy.

– Not having 7/24 support: Although SocialCaptain had a supporting system, it was not 7 days of the week and 24 hours a day.

– Short trial day: As mentioned before, SocialCaptain had insufficient trial days and customers could not test the service to see whether it worked or not.

Why was SocialCaptain not able to compete in the market?

Everyday Instagram algorithm alterations which cause many troubles for Instagram bots, do not allow some automation to continue working. So many of them stop working.
After all, many Socialcapatain negative reviews and feedback about SocialCaptain result in its Mal-function and shutting down. Not being able to adapt and also being a rebranded and being combined by two other services are other factors that lead to SocialCaptain blocking.
Actually, the ability to be updated with new algorithms is what automation needs to survive.

A person is shooting by using bow and some arrows, and he is not successful

How to Choose the right Instagram growth automation in 2021?

In fact, it is really hard to find the proper Instagram growth automation for your account, the facts that we have mentioned earlier about strict Instagram regulations will affect your choice, so it is necessary to consider some important parameters and pick the right one. For instance:

– Safety and security
– Easy setting
– Growth guarantee
– Full support
– Good price
– Report and analytics
– Updatable system
– Fast function
– Refund possibility

SocialCaptain best alternative that never says goodbye to you 😎

Due to Instagram’s new alterations, some Instagram growth services get shut down and are unable to perform, like SocialCaptain.
So, it challenges users to search and find other bots as Socialcaptain alternatives that are authentic and efficient to improve their accounts.

In the next section, we try to introduce the best services possible as Socialcaptain alternatives for Instagram.

One efficient Instagram automation that proves to be completely useful is Instamber.

Instamber as the Socialcaptain best alternative

Instamber home page as the socialcaptain best alternative

This service includes wonderful services as an Instagram bot or promotion, post schedule, and direct message. Instamber Instagram bot brings real and organic followers, likes, and comment, as it follows what you target and invite them to view your account and follow you back. The process goes as you determine your audience and plan to target them by proper hashtags and usernames.
Another important point is Instamber does not cause your account to be blocked or flagged, the reason is an applicable application that prevents IP conflict.
So, after setting promotions and running them, you can relax and enjoy your account improvement.
Another helpful tool is Instamber auto direct message that plays an important role in increasing your engagement rate. You can make a nice impression by sending your audience messages and make them feel important. Sending direct messages may result in starting conversations and more engagement.

The third service that is created and performed by Instamber is its post-scheduling service. It helps you manage your content on Instagram wisely and more correctly. It enables you to spend less time and publish your content whenever you want especially during peak hours.


– Affordable price
– Useful and complete analysis
– Customer support
– Refund guarantee
– Efficiency
– Organic followers, likes, and comments
– Great engagement rate
– Security
– Confidentiality of your account information
– Easy usage
– High conversion rate
– Professional dashboard


Instamber services prices range from 15$ to how much you are interested in, however, you can get discounts by purchasing annually.

later; an efficient SocialCaptain alternative for post scheduling on Instagram and Pinterest

Later website first page as an alternative of Socialcaptain

Later is a visual marketing platform to help users grow their social media platforms. Services include improving content, increasing website traffic to enhancing your business. Likewise, later provides services for various platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
You can find many different materials on the Later website, in other words, they create a wide range of content to help social media users develop their markets.


– Good price
– Different marketing plans
– Informative content
– Full social media experience
– Support


Later prepares four packages for its services, free, starter, growth, and advanced. Each of them lasts for a specific amount of time and specific features. The price range is from 12.5 to 33.

Hootsuite; as the best SocialCaptain alternative in social media management

The main page of Hootsuite website as one of Social captain alternatives

The other social media management platform that helps brands manage their media accounts and businesses. One of the best social media integration programs that enable users of social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube to handle their tasks.
Their saving time plans help their customers to plan for their marketing and the future perspective of their businesses.


– Useful marketing plan
– 30-day free trial
– Demo
– Full support


Hootsuite price ranges are somehow higher than the similar programs, and that is because of their different range of services and good efficiency. It presents four packages containing professional, team, business, enterprise.

Iconosquare; a SocialCaption alternative for an analytics tool

Iconosquare home page as it is one of Socialcaptain alternatives
Iconosquare is a functioning program to manage platforms to help you make decisions for your networks more efficiently. The analytics program is what you need to plan the future of your business better.
With one dashboard, it is possible to monitor every task that you are doing from scheduling, reporting to analyzing.
The analytics tool helps you evaluate and analyze the acquired results and guide you to plan for your future marketing strategies.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Professional dashboard
  • Preparing plans for small and big businesses
  • Great instruction


They have three prepared packages for 29$ and more. Based on the services the package includes, you can gain benefits.

Pablo; An image creator for making great content as Socialcaptain alternative

Buffer first page as one of the Socialcaptain alternatives

One very exciting service that charges you nothing for its service. Pablo is created by Buffer and enables you to prepare a lot of wonderful pictures. It provides users an archive of images and a lot of font styles and formats.


– Free to use
– A full library of images
– Different font styles
– Resizing option for any platform


Fortunately, this service is free of charge and you can easily deploy its various possibility.

Conclusion on Socialcaptain review and alternatives

Choosing a service is a crucial strategy to increase your account followers and engagement rate and also maintain these features. Selecting a Mal-functional service or a scam definitely harms your account and wastes your time and money.
So, be careful about the tools that you pick not to get blocked and flagged. Reading Socialcaptain review


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