Unlike the common beliefs, your posts on social media are not just a set of pictures and videos, they are means of interacting with your followers and engaging them with your page; they are communication tools. A good marketer would sell interaction instead of goods. Interacting with costumers and engaging them with your posts is one of the most important ways leading to your business’s success. Here we will talk about the importance of engagement and how you can increase it. 

Why is social media engagement important?

Social media engagement is important because it shows the organic traffic of your account, which affects Instagram account growth. it’s also important for Instagram to show your posts more to users on explore, if you have high engagement rate.

social media engagement

How to interact with followers on social media?

There are a lot of ways to interact with followers. The first step is to study your business and choose the best channels through which you want to interact with your costumers and engage them with your brand; e.g. as a restaurant manager, you can ask your costumers about different types of foods they prefer and what to include in the menu through Telegram or Instagram. You can ask them to mention foods they want to order, share the photos they have taken in your restaurant with you, tag your page or mention its hashtags on their posts and share their experience with other followers.

social media engagement

You can even share pictures of your employees in your social media platforms. Though it is good to share educational posts or posts introducing your restaurant and its services and foods, it is not enough. Write questions and ask your followers to share their insights with you and your followers, invite them to do something and share the result with you, and make polls and contests. Today is the best time to change your approach towards marketing in social media.

Build relationships with your followers

In order to build the best interaction with your costumers, you should make it personal. You should enter to the personal world of your followers. It makes you eternal in their mind and they will remember you easily all the time. People are interested in talking about their happiness as well as grief. You just start a conversation, give them hints and they will continue it. It will build a perfect interaction between you and your followers and totally engage them with your page.

social media engagement

Think about a food application in which costumers share their experience with different restaurants and rate them, which one would you prefer? A restaurant that just answers compliments or a restaurant that answers negative comments as well as positive ones. You will definitely choose the second one in which you can express your thoughts freely and you feel that you are interacting with real people not just robots delivering your orders.

What is the advantage of engagement for your business?

Our interaction with customers is not just a mechanical relationship in a social media. It is a relation between two human beings and you should gain your followers’ trust. It will lead to loyalty for sure.
If we consider social media as a means of enhancing our personal relationships and extending our friend zone, the miraculous capacities of social media will be revealed gradually. People will become interested in your business over time and notice its different aspects and even recommend it to others; it is the result of trust your interaction made.

Today, we live in the world of lonely people who spend lots of their time in Social Media platforms. If you interact with your followers, they will respond in return and give their attention to your work, try it. Take a few steps towards your customers; this will definitely lead to increase in the number of your loyal followers.

Interaction leads to increase in the number of loyal followers

One of the most important advantages of interacting with followers and engaging them into your posts is gaining loyal customers. It might be interesting to know that almost 40% of a business’s monthly revenue comes from its loyal customers. So why interaction leads to the increase of loyal customers?

social media engagement

Interaction is an ongoing process. It is a set of relationships connected to each other. Each interaction and each comment will lead to another one. It is better to sat that it is a seed which grows up and the factor which leads to its growth is the presence of other “people”. Interaction builds trust in followers, engage them with your business and make them loyal customers.

Interaction improve your services over time

One of the key elements in the success of your business is paying enough attention to permanent improvement of your services and products. Customers will help you to improve them. Their insight and feedback about your business is the most important resource you have.

social media engagement

Interaction with your followers in social media give you the chance to know their opinion about your services. It may not be pleasant to hear customers’ negative comments, however hearing their voices and paying attention to them, help you to grow up in long term.

When you communicate directly with followers, you will understand their needs better. On the other hand, when your followers feel you are concerned about their feelings and are moving towards change for the best, they would trust you; so a mutual relationship would be built. It makes your business important to your followers and they let you know any problem they may face using your services. It is actually killing two birds with one stone. You are doing social media marketing and also improving your business at the same time.

Interaction helps your posts go viral

One of the most important features of social media is its ability to help your contents go viral. A suitable content is an important criteria in social media marketing. When your contents go viral, many users can see it. For example when your followers retweet your posts, it become visible for their followers as well as others. When you interact with your followers and increase your page’s engagement by asking questions or making polls, they will share your content with their connections and your posts appear more on the search pages.

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Interact creatively

Getting high engagement will definitely expand the circle of your followers. However, you can not engage followers in different Social Media platforms with the same approach. Find the best channel to interact with your audience and boost your engagement; one business would be more successful in twitter and the other in Instagram.

Make followers interested in participating and engaging in your page and draw an exact plan for it. There are many ways to encourage them to participate like creating contests or asking their opinion about different subjects. Be creative. It is good to benchmark successful pages but being creative and having a unique approach to communicate with your followers make it easier to connect with them and engage them more. As we said before, there are many ways to boost your engagement; from telling long stories in different posts or writing about important everyday news, events or festivals.

social media engagement

Here are some creative ways to increase your followers engagement:

  •  Ask your followers’opinion about a certain issue. Then share some of them to show you care about their opinion and do not just want them to make vain efforts. This will give your followers a sense of being important so following your page becomes important for them as well.
  • Be up-to-date and answer their question as quickly as possible. Followers would feel your presence in this way, interact with you and do not consider your page as a mere commercial page. On the other hand, they would consider it like engaging with a friend, specially answer the questions about time and location which should be answered as soon as possible.
  • Be consistent in being active on social media. It will remind your presence to your followers.

Last but not least, interacting with followers and engaging them is fun and satisfying. You would communicate with people with different tastes and backgrounds. It will give an experience which no book or seminar will give you, enjoy it.


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