Increasing followers on Instagram is now a concern for business accounts and people who want to improve their businesses and earn money via social media. In other words, many business owners seek for Sites to increase followers on Instagram.
The important point is based on statistics, gaining followers on Instagram is harder than other social media such as Twitter and Facebook. So, It requires much more effort and strategies to enhance the account and number of followers. On the other hand, adding organic and real followers matter more than just increasing them by buying fake or inactive ones.

Although creating good content and deploying trending hashtags in your niche lead to more followers on Instagram, it takes so much time to gather a lot of followers. Thus, instead of time-taking methods, it is completely wise to use a third party to speed up the whole process. So far, we come to the conclusion that without an assistant it can be too tough to increase followers on Instagram. This is the reason why many Instagram account owners try to find websites to increase followers on Instagram. What helps Instagrammers to develop their accounts is an Instagram growth service.
Underneath, there is a list of excellent sites to increase followers on Instagram:

Top  sites to increase followers on Instagram

Instamber; a professional site to increase followers on Instagram


Instamber Instagram bot page as a great site to increase followers on Instagram

Instamber Instagram bot is one of the safest, most effective and most affordable websites to help you increase your Instagram followers and improve your account productivity. If you plan to upgrade your Instagram account and enhance your engagement rate, it is so wise to use this Instagram growth tool that simulates human behaviors and accelerates the procedure of adding more followers, likes and comments.

Price: 15$ per month


– Great price
– Security
– Easy to set up and manage
– High efficiency
– 24/7 customer support
– The precise targeting system
– Automating performances
– Evaluating results
– Various and applicable packages
– Discount
– A three-day trial
– Affiliate marketing plans

Instamber service has the benefits of targeting the most related audience using features like hashtags and usernames. The way Instamber gets involved with users is sending auto direct messages and leave comments under their posts. Every action that you do on your Instagram account manually, you can do on by using this service.


SkedSocial; one of advanced Instagram planner Sites to increase followers on Instagram


Skedsocial as the only Instagram planner

Introduction: Sked social is the place many companies use to improve their Instagram marketing plans and strategies. What stands out SkedSocial is, its story scheduling and auto-posting that enables you to save more time by pre-planning your posts and stories. Stories are one of the significant items making it possible to attract audiences via wonderful stories. They keep your account updated and remind your brand to your followers. By putting your website link on stories win a lot of traffic to your site.

Price: 75 $ per month


– Various kinds of social media services
– Long trial
– So many satisfied customers
– Different platform coverage
– great dashboard
– team collaboration

SkedSocial is enabling its users to edit their images and videos and pre-schedule them to publish afterwards. This is a great opportunity for users who have abroad customers to publish their posts based on their time zone. Other wonderful feature that it has is its bulk posting, so you will be able to bulk upload some posts.

Mr. Insta; An easy and economical site to increase followers on your Instagram account


Mr. Insta homepage as the site to increase followers on Instagram

If you want to boost your engagement by adding free followers, Mr. Insta is a good choice for you. The website provides you with the possibility of receiving likes. Mr. Insta has both free and premium plans for customers who want to continue their account growth.

Price: Free and premium


– Real followers
– Great prices
– Covering different social media
– Full support
– Guaranteed safety
– High speed
– Simple setting procedure

Mr. Insta enables you to get more noticeability in this crowded market like a piece of cake. What makes it important to have many fans is that it grants you more views and leads to more enhancement on your Instagram account, The more followers, bring more credibility. So, presence on Instagram and social media can get you more sales and revenue.

SocialEmpire; one of efficient Sites to increase followers on Instagram


Social Empire social growth service to increase your followers

SocialEmpire team helps you with their marketing strategies to expand your network of to get more followers and likes on Instagram. Its services range from Instagram to Reddit and they help you in social marketing and influencer marketing and lead you to your proper users.

Price: From 5$ to more


– High-quality followers
– Refill guarantee
– Great speed
– Customer support
– Quick process

With the help of Social empire, you can simply have a marketing strategist team to aid you to upgrade your account and plan for the future of your account. It has a totally easy procedure, first choose your plan which is the most suitable for you and then pay for your program; so, sit for great results. The good point is that you will receive a very comprehensive analysis to be able to pick the best plan possible for you.

Buzzoid; A progressive marketing guide for boosting your followers on Instagram


Buzzoid first page as the guide to increase followers on Instagram

Price: 49 and 99$

Introduction: This is where you can find the best plan with guarantee for your Instagram growth, in other words, it provides you with a meticulous targeting system and gathers a lot of followers for your Instagram account. The best-suited price packages to improve Instagram engagement and the business sales.


– 14 days money back
– Fast delivery
– Safety assured
– Different applicable plans
– Live support
– presenting case studies

Each business needs two kinds of marketing tactics to promote its number of followers on Instagram. Short-term and long-term one, short term is the one to gather many followers in a short time and this plan works as a basis for the longer one. Thus, Buzzoid is what you need to apply both plan respectively.

Insinside; Great sponsored placement to promote your followers on Instagram


The homepage of insinside as the sites to increase followers on Instagram

Price:15 to 86$ per month

Introduction: Inside as an Instagram follower service helps you improve your Instagram on a budget. That is a kind of service that covers your Instagram account with whatever you need as different packages


– Real results
– guaranteed safety
– Confidentiality
– Various packages
– 24-hour support

If you do not afford to have big plans for your Instagram account in the beginning of your job, get help from Inside and master your account. You can consult with them and choose the most suited plan for your marketing.

Combin: A newly-established team to grow your followers on Instagram


Combin purple homepage to increase followers on Instagram

Price: 18 to 36$ per month

Combin is an Instagram marketing tool having effective features and enables its users to identify, target their proper audience and evaluate the performance to manage the panel better. They serve small and medium-size businesses i.e personal accounts and grand business accounts.
Combin aids accounts know and involve with the audience who get targeted, a great point is detecting the followings that do not follow back and also tracking the proper blogger for you.
And finally, you can pre-schedule your posts and stories by their services.


– Covering both individual and business account
– Efficient support and development team
– Having both growth and scheduling package
– Targeting customers
– Managing content

One other great service that you can get from Combin is their advertising tips and their Instacheck to get advice for better profiles, content, captions, images, and videos.

Ampfluence; A human-powered tool for increasing your Instagram followers


The first page of ampfluence the other site to increase followers on Instagram

Price: 129$ to more

Ampfluence provides consulting before buying, so you can confidently ask Ampfluence team for their advice to know the audience better and find your target audience. One of their great strategies is increasing your followers on Instagram by growing your engagement rate. Finally, you will get your analytics and improve your account by compare and contrast.


– Consultation before purchase
– Bringing more engagement
– Professional analytics system
– Various packages

If you are also on other social media such as Twitter, you can use their help to promote them likewise. It is advisable to improve your Instagram via other media.

Fastnet; Comprehensive tool from what you may need to grow your Instagram followers


The first page of ampfluence the other site to increase followers on Instagram

Price: up to 1000 $ per month

Introduction: Fastnet agency is helping businesses promote their brands, they have the experience of 10 years of marketing. So, they empower brands in improving their marketing content. Altogether, they aid you to advance your brand online. It provides three great packages for three groups of people on social media; The Build package is for the smaller brands, the Grow for the established ones, and the Rocket for businesses who are in a hurry to grow.


– Professional guidelines
– Safety
– Many real cases

In this article, we focus on Instagram growth services, and Fastnet has great plans and strategies to promote accounts. All the methods are organic and attract real audiences and customers. In these methods, they deploy different Instagram features such as posts, stories, and IGTV to gain better results.


Simplygram; An organic service to boost your followers on Instagram


Simplygram home page for the organic Instagram growth

Price: 69 to 199$

If you look for a service that includes applicable features such as target audience, and competition filters. They help you rocket your Instagram followers, the process is so fast. They have created a method called mother-child in which more than 20 Instagram accounts support your main account by sending direct messages. So, you have a major account that some minor accounts developed by Simplygram support.
This is a modern and influential method to grow your Instagram account and increase the engagement rate of your main account.
Do not forget that Simplygram is among the good-rated services on the Trustpilot website, thus you can get useful perspectives.


– Professional features
– Using a creative method
– Quick growth
– Various plans

Simplygram team promises good growth for their customers’ account, and in case, they are not satisfied with their services the refund is what Simplygram offers wholeheartedly.

Upleap; A personal method for each and every account


Upleap first page

Price: 59 to 199$

What Upleap promises to do for its customers is increasing real and organic followers by giving the chance of a dedicated account manager. In other words, right after signing up, Upleap team provides you with a personal and private account manager that manages your account. the role which the account manager plays helps you upgrade your account with the special plan for you.
They present both monthly and yearly plans so that you can choose the best that suits you.
Upleap premium plans are the best and most effective ones that include the best possible strategies for your account growth.


– Easy-setup
– Useful for personal and non-personal accounts
– Monthly and yearly price packages
– An individual account manager

Upleap is one of Instagram growth services with many testimonials and successful samples that reassure you to deploy upleap services.

Hashtagsforlikes; A particular service using trending hashtags to grow likes


Hashtagsforlike home page

Price: 19 to 25$

Introduction: One way to increase followers of your Instagram accounts is via common hashtags. Hashtagsforlikes is a great but average team to enable accounts to grow their accounts by analyzing and managing hashtags. The first step that they will do is they evaluate your account and recognize the strong and weak points, By doing so, they try to cover up the weak points and strengthen the strong points more.
Likewise, their method using trending hashtags special to your niche is an effective one so that every hashtag that may upgrade your account will be used by you.


– Analyzing your profile
– Using hashtags to grow
– Tracking hashtags
– Reporting performance
– Comprehensive support
– Targeted followers

Social captain; A former Instagram tool to vast your Instagram network

Website: Not available

Price: 15 to 99$

Introduction: Social captain was a company that automated your account and helped you increase your account. At first, it has its own pros and cons but unfortunately, it got shut down because of some problems related to buying fake reviews so users mistrusted them gradually. It means that what a brand needs to be more established is being trustworthy and Socialcaptain could not gain that and as result, gets closed.


– Having a short trial period
– Not having a full customer support
– Getting fake reviews

Last word on sites to increase followers on Instagram

In spite of the fact that there are different methods to expand the number of followers on Instagram, and many companies claim that they guarantee your growth; there are a lot of idle methods and scams in the market that are just a waste of money and time. Notice the following factors to test the authenticity of a company:

– Having trial
– Bringing real followers
– Having marketing tactics
– Good customer support


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