As a marketer or entrepreneur you definitely know the importance of saving time. Spend one hour scheduling so you can save a lot of time in a day avoiding irregularities. With millions of users, Instagram is a popular social media and an important one especially for business owners. Here we want to talk about the importance of scheduling Instagram posts.

Golden times

Using Instagram, you may know posts published at certain times have higher engagement rate than the ones published at other times. There are different golden times for publishing your posts on Instagram. It depends on your audience and their demographic features and also the time they are mostly online. by adhering to these times, you will benefit by Instagram algorithm which rates Instagram posts

Scheduling Instagram posts

A variety of factors will help you choose the best time for publishing posts. It is also recommended to publish just one post at a time. Here we talk about the best time for publishing your valuable content on Instagram. Note that these hours would not be suitable for all pages; you should choose the best time studying your audience. Consider these times:

    • Morning (8 am – 10 am): people usually check their Instagram’s feed in the first hours of a day (in bed or on the way to work or college). So it is important to consider posting in these hours.
    • Afternoon (16:30 pm – 19 pm): immediately after work, the possibility of published posts being seen by audiences is high.
    • Midnight (22 pm – 1 am): finally the last option is midnight. People often check their social media before going to bed. That’s why it is important consider this golden time, especially if your target audience are students.

Scheduling Instagram posts

Now you know the best time to post but why scheduling Instagram posts is important? First of all, your audience may be in a different time zone so you may not be online to post when they are active. There are valuable tools that help you to schedule your posts and make publishing posts more convenient. They also help you not to miss golden times mentioned above, even when you are not online.

Scheduling Instagram posts

Having a lot of tasks to do as a blogger or marketer, you may also know that you should spend a good amount of time preparing your contents and publishing them. However you can reduce this time and make the best use of it by preparing your posts in bulk in advance.

Scheduling Instagram posts, you won’t miss any time and post more regularly and stay consistent. There are also other reasons to use a post scheduler for your Instagram, maybe not as important as previous ones, but still valid.

One of these reasons is the post scheduler services’ ability to keep you away from Instagram as much as possible. As mentioned before, you have little time to spend for each task; opening Instagram each time to post, you may get stuck in it like other social media. Avoiding this problem, you can study your audience, provide valuable content or just spend this time with your family.

Scheduling Instagram posts

It also helps you to have a plan for your future posts. Having enough time, you can decide what contents to use in advance and avoid the confusion about what to post about. It also let you to share the best of your contents, not just the content prepared at the last moment.

According to Instagram algorithm, if you publish charming post at good times, your post will be shown to more followers, so it goes viral and appears on explore page of many Instagram users. As a consequence you can get more followers on Instagram in a shorter period of time. We highly recommend to use Instagram post scheduler tools to get the most out of this popular social media platform.


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