Introduction on Robolike reviews and alternatives

Instagram undoubtedly has become one of the most popular social media networks. As a matter of fact, if you own a business account on Instagram, you are aware of the fact that how tough it can get more followers and likes. However, there rise some Instagram growth service tools Robolike that simplifies the path for you.

In this study, we decide to take a look at Robolike, review it, and introduce some of its best alternatives. But before talking about Robolike reviews and the best alternatives, it is good to learn about Instagram engagement then the rest of the article will be dedicated to presenting some Robolike best alternatives.

Many people think that the number of high followers equals the dominance of Instagram by that account; Unaware of the fact that the high number of followers is not necessarily a definite factor. What matters is that the extent to which the audience interacts with the content.

According to Google algorithms, when users engage more with certain accounts post and stories, they see their posts faster than other accounts. On the other hand, accounts with a high engagement rate are more likely to be in the explorer section of Instagram users.

If you are a brand that needs to be seen and more, if you are a person who wants to become an influential figure on Instagram, or even if you are interested in social media marketing, join us in this article to get acquainted with everything about Instagram.

Robolike reviews and Robolike alternatives

Grow your following by Robolike reviews and alternatives

Robolike team motto is that “ our mission is to grow your following”. Their auto-liker feature is what Robolike does the most for its users.


– Security in payment and usage
– Easy set-up system
– Support and customer care
– Trial version
– Quick results


– The possibility of being blocked
– Providing just one package
– Not being able to pre-schedule

How to work with Robolike?

The first thing that you should do is using proper hashtags as your target and set the desired time, then your growth will be done. It means that it the service likes on behalf of you and your account and it is done based on hashtags that you define before. It makes people who get likes become curious and join you.
As we mentioned, it is not a perfect tool and has its minuses, so it it is not useless to know some alternatives. Continue with us to track some Instagram services that you can use instead of Robolike, we are going to talk about the service prices and other details.

Robolike reviews by some customers

In the following part, we are going to look at some Robolike reviews by its former customers, as it is obvious that the best judges for doing Robolike reviews are the ones who use it practically. According to most of reviews which are shown in the following Trustpilot link, customers used to like Robolike, but not anymore; and all need to find another tool instead.

1. Instamber; the best Robolike alternatives in 2021

Instamber homepage as a Robolike alternative

As Instagram make a great platform for every businesses to establish your brand on Instagram. To attract people who are Instagram users, this service helps a lot of accounts find and target their audience and like their posts then attract a lot of followers.

Brief Advantages

The great point about Instamber service is that its human-like behavior emulates the users’ performers and by providing a great application grantees the safety and efficiency of your Instagram account.
Instamber team create more than one service for your Instagram account growth.
For example, services such as auto DM, comment manager, Instagram search tool, and post scheduling will lead any account to more followers, likes and engagement rate.
As mentioned before, it is significant that services you are using behave like a human but somehow faster and automatically.
Recognizing related audience is other great point about Instamber system, so based on the audience that you set based on your niche hashtags and usernames.
This selecting system brings the most relevant system for your account, and the people who are prone to be your loyal customers.

The affordable price of Instamber services what many people can buy them, even you can deploy the monthly and annual discount.
There are various plans for Instamber packages the price base is monthly, however, the three-day trial costing 1$ can be the introduction for you to get familiar with the service. So, the first step to try the service is its trial version.
Other monthly packages cost 15$, but in case you plan to buy more days, you can have discount for months.

Other platforms which Instamber presents services for are TikTok, Telegram, Twitter, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Perfect liker, a simple and easy Robolike alternative

Perfectliker homepage

If you want to substitute Robolike by a free and influential service perfect liker is a great option for you. In spite of being free, it is so efficient and gives you organic likes. It is good to consider the fact that as it is a free service, it does not contain all the features that a non-free service have.
How it works is really simple, just login with your Instagram account, then select your service and get your likes or followers.
A great point is if you introduce their services to your friends and they use perfect liker, you will get extra followers and likes.

Owligram, is a great Roblike alternative

Owligram homepage as the Robolike alternative

Owligram is focusing on gathering followers than getting likes. The fact is what makes Owligram stands out as a service.
The program has many features which are so positive such as free trial, targeted audience, refund guarantee, and real testimonials.
What they claim is that they help you target the most related audience that will lead into being your faithful clients for ever.
If you have other social media for your business, you can use Owligram to include them too.
Twitter automated service is what you can get for your Twitter to advance it, marketing tool, follow bot, and auto follower, are other tools that you can hire.

Bigbangram; a helpful tool for fast and effective upgrading

The first page of Bigbanggram

The other multi-functional platform which provides different types of services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram downloader, hashtag generator, Instagram growth service, DM sender, post scheduling.
Bigbangram helps you be on top of other Instagram accounts.
Though, their services include a variety of social media services, their Instagram services are more than all the other services that they present on their websites.
you can find some interesting tools on their website about growing Instagram accounts.
As a great example, we can name the auto unfollow program that enable different accounts to get rid of their non-essential followings. It is a good action actually, because the high number of followings is not a positive sign for you brand face. Thus, it is so advisable to employ a quicker third party to delete the extra followings. Now, why using an automation to unfollow instead of doing it manually?
As you may experience unfollowing accounts takes more time than following and it is not only time-consuming but it is also boring. So, automate the action to save more time and cost. The great settings of the Bigbangram service is the possibility of customizing the list of accounts that you want to unfollow.
Normally, you do not want to unfollow your friends, family, and other accounts that follow you.

Conclusion on Robolike reviews and Robolike alternatives

Three caricatures are thinking about how to solve the problem of their accounts

What we can say as the conclusion is greater results on Instagram depends on more and more engagement rate, and for more engagement, some tasks are necessary to be done. For instance, services that we introduce in this article are some solutions to improve your account. If you are a business owner, it is clever to choose an applicable tool to grow your account.
Note, not all services are complete and there are some deficiencies in all of them the important point is that choosing a tool that is the best choice for you.

What is Instagram engagement rate?

The measure of audience interaction with the content or content created is called the engagement rate.

engagement rate shows how many people interacted with a page or post on social media. Factors such as number of likes, number of followers, number of comments, content sharing, etc., are among the factors that are involved in determining Instagram engagement.

Why is the engagement rate important?

Three people are anayzing and doing Robolike reviews to find Robolike alternatives

There are many Instagram influencers and business accounts who do their best to increase the rate of interaction with their audience; But the question is, what is all this effort for?
There are two important reasons that answer the question:

  • A high engagement rate indicates that you are producing great content and that your audience love it.
  • High engagement rate indicates that your followers are not fake.

Due to this reasons, most brands that want to order affiliates or ads to influencers or advertising accounts, check the engagement rate to make sure that the followers are real and can see the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. The more impact a person or an account has on social media, the more people it can turn into a brand customer.
The higher the engagement rate of an account, the higher the amount of advertisements.


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