Social media is a major driver in today’s world of connected learning. With the advent of social media and technology like it, our educations are becoming more accessible. If used well, social media and education can complement each other. Students are constantly discovering new learning opportunities through social media. Education has many benefits from social media that makes us say “ I still want to write my essay”. However, there are also some negative consequences. These are the positive and negative effects that social media has on education.

Social media has become an integral part of students’ social lives. It has been deemed a learning platform that improves student engagement and abilities in many schools. These platforms allow schoolchildren to communicate, get in touch, find information, and do research. Social media is the most powerful medium for communication, allowing people to connect even from far away. These prospects are dependent on social media’s acceptance in everyday life.

Positive Impact of Social Media Education

  1. Motivate Online Learning

Students are motivated to learn and encouraged to use social media in school. YouTube educational videos, easy access to ebooks, notes online, and the ability to learn via video calls all contribute to educational development. Learning from respected organizations via distance learning is one of many great ways to do so.

  1. Improve Creative Element

Social media allows students to develop their creative skills by allowing them to learn from others and then execute it by themselves. A student’s hidden talent can often be revealed when they start taking pictures and using online editing skills to make them look more appealing. Many students have hobbies they share online through videos and photographers. This helps them to realize their potential as a career.

  1. Academic Performance Boost

Social media has a vital impact on student academic performance. It also helps to increase their knowledge and data collection. Students are given projects to complete in school. They use several online platforms to gather information and find the answers to their problems.

Social media have a negative impact on education

  1. Distraction Causes

Social media platforms can be a major factor in distressing and causing mental obstacles. Students are now more likely to scroll on social media than to study, which can lead them to lose focus. This is a waste of time that doesn’t result in anything. Students often find it difficult to submit their work within the timeframes given because they are too focused on using social media platforms.

  1. This reduces learning and research capacity

Students are now more likely to use social media platforms to find information and knowledge than they do in books, journals, notes, or other printed materials. Students’ reading habits are declining as it is easier to access data online. This has a negative impact on their research and learning abilities.

  1. Health Impact

Social media can lead to mental and physical health problems if one uses them with carelessness. Students who don’t eat properly, are not punctual with their meals, or spend too much time on their phones and laptops can have negative effects on their eyes. Students become slow and unmotivated to learn or go out and meet new people. Parents and schools should keep an eye on their children’s internet activities. Students can experience negative effects from excessive use of social media, including poor posture, eye strain, mental stress, and increased risk for developing eye problems.


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