In this article, we will explain the feature that the newest Instagram update has provided; “Topic Channel”. It is a very interesting feature for all of us.
The last explore page of Instagram is a combination of posts from different topics and looks random although it is not because Instagram shows you the posts you might like the most. This new feature is awesome and lets you find and discover people more easily and efficiently. People can find your posts on:

  • Hashtag pages
  • General explore page
  • Their Home Feeds (If they follow a hashtag you are using)

Instagram update

How to use Topic Channels in New Instagram Update?

You will see a bunch of “Topic channels” in boxes on top of your page, like “Food”, “Travel”, “Style”, etc when you open the explore page in the new Instagram update. By pressing the desired topic, you will see 2 things:

There are 2 important things you should know about Topic channels:

The first one is that the topic channel is not like the hashtag page. It looks like a hashtag page but it actually is not. When you press on a topic, due to the Instagram algorithm, it will show you the associated content and this is not the same as the content on the hashtag page. It is like the explore page for specific topics like sports. The photos that appear on the sports topic channel page is not the same as the top posts of the #sport hashtag page. This means that your content can be discovered in a better way in topic channels.

Instagram new update

The second one is that you can manage the topics and content you see. The topics you will see on the top section of your screen will be based on your activities on Instagram. It means that if you like and comment on food photos continuously, you will see food-related topic channels. So, this is the way you can manage and control what channels you want to meet. You may recall how? The answer is by commenting, liking, following and engaging with the pages you want to interact with and see them most. The Instagram algorithm will show better content just for you by analyzing your activities. It is like watching television and seeing the things you actually like.

Tips to personalize your topic channels

#1 Swipe left & right to choose a topic channel
#2 Remove a topic channel from the Explore page by pressing and holding a topic and clicking on “mute” from the menu
#3 Refresh the topic page to see other posts by holding your finger on the screen and pulling the feed down.
#4 Use “related hashtags” by picking a topic that is related to your account, write down new hashtags that are relevant to your account and finally save them in your preview app
#5 Post more videos