Do you wish to enjoy the passionate family drama and witness a woman’s lifestyle change? Home Town will provide immense pleasure with every scene. The story begins with the renovation activities of a house in Laurel. It is a tale of two talented renovation experts, Ben and Erin. If you like the designing activities, this is a perfect show then. The fifth season of Home Town consists of 13 outstanding episodes. Discovery Plus offers several such innovative shows to portray real-life in different parts of the world.

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Series Name…Home Town Season 5

  • Ratings: 9.2/10
  • Genre: TV Series, Reality show
  • Directed by: Jim MacPherson
  • Produced by: RTR Media Inc.
  • Host: Ben Napier, Erin Napier


Laurel is a historic district near Mississippi. Erin and Ben are a couple dealing with various dilapidated buildings in the vicinity. They carry out the renovation of these houses and decided to start a reality show based on their activities. Therefore, Home Town is a wonderful show displaying the couple’s hardships every day. Moreover, they want the public to know about the challenges involved in construction and renovation activities. The show’s latest season elaborately picturizes how the couple indulged in renovating multiple houses in a different country. You can catch the beautiful episodes anytime on Discovery Plus.

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Home Town is not a scripted show. However, it is nothing less than a family drama when it comes to non-stop entertainment. It calls for fantastic fun as the couple starts renovating a particular house. They agree to various contracts in different regions. Experiences are varied as they keep on shifting from one state to another. Season 5 specializes in portraying their expertise while working with various communities. The title of this season is Home Town: Ben’s Workshop. The couple works brilliantly in public places also located in one town. The new episodes aired on Discovery Plus from July 2020. The response was quite satisfying from the very first episode. For the new season, the concerned place of work is Wetumpka of Alabama. The high-end drama with all the enthusiastic actions makes the show a favorite for hundreds of audiences around the globe.

Twisting Details Of The Show

Twists are there in almost every episode of Home Town. Moreover, it is not about the typical singing and dancing competition on a platform. It is riskier and highly enthralling as Ben goes for one piece of equipment while Erin checks the time to lay the foundation of some new activity. Furthermore, the most exciting part lies in communicating with the foreigners to complete the deal. Working in a different town is itself a big thing. The adventurous life of Erin and Ben will strike you at every point. Sometimes, the audience will feel the urge to join hands with the couple and start the renovation. Such is the power of a power-packed show like Home Town. KeepStreams Discovery Plus Downloader will let you watch the episodes full of actions offline. There is no need to have an internet connection always if you wish to watch any show coming on Discovery Plus.

Our Verdict

You will witness all the ups and downs Ben faces while renovating so many houses according to the pre-determined contracts. Will he succeed in completing all the projects on time? How will Erin support Ben? To know all these tricks, you need to download Discovery Plus. Thus, learn how to download Discovery Plus to enjoy every episode. If you have not watched it before, go back and view the previous seasons too. It is going to be a marvelous experience, indeed. After every episode, the couple remains full of energy to start their next project. You can see whether anyone comes to help them or not.

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