This is how you can use Instagram bot to increase followers
If you have an Instagram page and you are constantly working on it, you already know that increasing the number of your followers is by no means a simple task; especially if you want to attract active followers who pay enough attention to your postsKnowing all its difficulties, you still cannot wait for a long time to grow your followers naturally. So what should you do? Don’t worry. There is a special trick to grow your Instagram follower counts rapidly: Instagram bot. We can safely say that Instagram bot to increase followers is the best way to increase your followers.
Let’s summarize everything in one sentence. An Instagram bot is the most effective, the cheapest and the best way to increase your Instagram followers. Here we mention 10 reasons why you should use Instamber Instagram bot to increase followers.

10 reasons why an Instagram bot is the best way to increase Instagram followers

1. Your followers will be real and choose you themselves

When someone claims to offer the best way to increase your followers, he certainly does not talk about fake followers; he is speaking of real followers. But how you can be sure that the followers gained by the bot are active followers? The answer is simple: they choose to follow you themselves and no one would force them to do so.

In fact, this is the opposite of the approaches using fake followers, which, in addition to wasting your money, would not interact with your page and add to its value.

2. An Instagram bot attracts people interested in your page

Though buying followers are simple, you are not interested in fake followers for sure. If you want to find followers who are really interested in your page, you have a long way to go. Unless you use an Instagram bot.

You have two great options using an Instagram bot. First, you can target followers of pages similar to yours. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, you can target a page in your niche like a cosmetic shop or one of your competitors. There is no doubt that most of them would be interested in your page.

The second method is to target hashtags. That means you can target people who have used a hashtag in their posts or even interacted with posts having that hashtag. Considering the same example, all you have to do is to find out what hashtags beauty bloggers are using and what popular hashtags people active in this niche, follow.

3. Find followers located in a specific city or region

Assume you have a physical store in Los Angles, the best followers you can have are people living in that city. This is exactly what the Instagram bot would do. By defining certain locations, the bot would target people located in that area, whether it is a neighborhood or a country. 

4. Using a bot, you have enough time to optimize your page

Getting popular on Instagram is not easy at all. It certainly needs a lot of time and money. You can spend this time and money on two parts:

The first and more important issue is the quality of your page and your posts, and the second one is finding active followers who are interested on your page. Using an Instagram bot, the second part of your tasks which is very time-consuming and difficult will be eliminated completely. An Instagram bot can perform these tasks even better than you so you can spend your precious time on the quality of your page which is very important too.

5. The lowest expectation of an Instagram Bot: the rapid growth of followers

One of the capabilities of a bot which differentiates it from a person is that the bot can work uninterruptedly. And your Instagram bot is no exception. It will work indefinitely after you have set up its initial settings and the great news is that it will guarantee the fast growth of your followers.

Don’t forget that the growth rate of your followers depends on two factors:

  • Bot speed setting: you can set up the speed of following others, and liking and commenting on their posts in your bot setting. It is clear that the faster your bot follows, the more followers you’ll get. However, don’t overdo it, the speed of your Instagram bot should grow over time and resemble a person’s presence of Instagram. 
  • Share High-quality posts: If you share innovative and high-quality posts, the speed of gaining followers by your Instagram bot will increase for sure. It may be interesting to know that we have clients in Instamber that attract thousands of followers every month using the bot and sharing quality content. On the other hand, if your posts have low quality, the bot cannot miraculously make your page popular. 

We mentioned the quality of your posts to show that running a bot is not the only thing you should do. But in order to give you a clear vision of what you can expect. Most Instagram bots would gain to at least 1000 followers per month, and this number is not small for sure.

6.Your active followers would increase every day

You may already know that an active follower would engage with your page by liking your posts, commenting on them. Or viewing your video and stories. It is why you should not buy fake followers. An Instagram bot would gain active followers and it is why you need one. In fact, you gain new followers using a bot by being active on Instagram. First, the bot follows other users, likes and comments on their posts and then they would follow your page. It would assure you that your new followers are real people who would engage with your posts.

7. The cost of an Instagram bot is much lower than other solutions

You would be amazed knowing that using an Instagram bot to increase followers is very cheap (if you are not sure of what I am saying check Instamber Price list ). Believe me, there is no cheaper way to do all the tasks this bot performs. Following/unfollowing other users, liking their posts and commenting on them needs at least 2 hours daily. A social assistant would get much more than the bot for 60 hours in a month. Yes, you can also do all of them yourself, however, You can save the time for more important tasks.

8. All Instagram bot options can be set considering your preferences

When we dare to say that the best way to increase Instagram followers is using a bot, it should be flexible enough for each of your needs. By using the Instagram bot, you can customize the most basic settings, such as adjusting the speed of liking, viewing, and commenting to even more advanced settings like choosing popular hashtags, specific users, and preferred location. After activating the bot, set up these settings and safely do your other tasks, the bot will do whatever you asked it.

9. The Instagram bot core feature is engagement 

When you like someone’s posts or comment on them, they will get interested to visit your page. Then follow it, like your posts and even comment on them. Apparently, it is an interaction between two people which may even shape a long term relationship. If you look at it closely, many times when you visit an anonymous persons’ page, it’s because they have previously liked your posts, left comments on them. Or engaged with your page in other ways and you don’t want to ignore them.

An Instagram bot works using the same logic and does exactly the same thing a person would do manually to increase the number of followers. So your followers are precious and you should interact with them.

10. An Instagram bot gives you a detailed report of your page performance

Your Instagram bot gives you two different reports in its panel:

  • Activity report: You can check what your Instagram bot has done which includes the number of how people who have followed, liked, commented, and viewed your stories and page or even unfollowed it.
  • Average CTR report: Assume your bot has interacted with 1,000 people (followed them and liked their posts,…). The main question is how many of these 1000 people have been attracted to your page. By answering this question, you will find the percentage of your Instagram bot conversion rate as well as the overall quality of your page.

The final word: gain followers by increasing the quality of your page and using a bot 

Do not forget that if you don’t have a high-quality page, it would not be easy to attract new followers. Moreover, it would affect the performance of your bot. So it is necessary to focus on the quality of your page even more than before. People are encountering with lots of photos and content every day in different social networks. And they no longer favor repetitive content. Getting sure that you have a quality page and the conversion rate of your Instagram bot is reasonable and the number of likes and comments on your posts is increasing, start your Instagram advertisement campaigns and spend more money on getting your page more popular.
Please share your insights about using Instagram bots in the comment section below. Also if you would like to try Instamber Instagram bot, visit our website for more information.