What is Instagram?

Instagram is an American image and video sharing site that are helpful for Instagram users. People introduce their brands and products on Instagram by making pages. You can make Instagram profiles and make posts about the products. When you create beautiful descriptions about the products then your brand selling rate increases.

That’s why Instagram has now become the top-visited application because businesses man and other brands use this application for promoting their business. You can also make new videos and photos on Instagram. Million of videos are uploaded every day on Instagram. Sometimes you learn something and you want to watch videos again for better understanding.

Instagram video downloader

Everyone wants a reliable and accurate site for downloading Instagram Videos and images using http://updatednewsreport.com/instagram-video-downloader . We will tell you the best downloading video site that saves videos on your mobile without any issue or difficulty. There is no restriction in downloading Instagram videos. You can see unlimited videos at one time. This downloading site is free of cost, you can use its amazing properties without spending any single rupee on it. Now we will discuss the main characteristics of the Instagram downloader:

Main characteristics:

There are some characteristics of an Instagram video downloader:

This downloader Instagram is the accurate site for download Instagram videos because the best thing about this site is you can save the video in their original quality.

  • Different formats are available in Instagram downloader you can easily convert one file to another file in multiple formats.
  • It is a free site, you can easily use its features without paying money.
  • You can download videos on different devices because this downloading site is device-friendly.
  • It is a very easy process to download Instagram videos from this site, you just paste the copied link of the video because this downloading site picks the record, and the video is automatically saved in the device.

How you can save the Instagram videos with the help of an Instagram video downloader

This is a very easy step to download videos from this accurate video downloading site. This site is supported by all types of versions and windows. It is very secure that’s why it does not create any threat and malware on your device. You don’t need to install any application or extension when this downloading site is present. Follow the below steps;

  • Open the Instagram app, choose the specific video which you want to save.
  • After selecting the video clip, open the video on the full screen of the mobile phone or any device you are using.
  • Here you view the share button. After clicking on it you see the link to the Instagram video. Copy the link of the video and put this link in the search bar of the Instagram video downloader.
  • Hit the download button. This site will give you different options about the quality of videos. You can easily choose the video quality.
  • After some minutes, you can search the video name in the downloaded history of the device. Now you can watch videos offline.

This downloading site has an easy method to save Instagram video clips. This method is too easy and reliable as compared to other methods. And this method is for all types of devices no matter if you are using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Is this site suitable for ios devices like iPhone or iPad?

Yes, this downloading site is suitable for ios devices but as you know that according to the new policy of Apple you cannot save videos directly from a direct downloading site. That’s why you first need a document by the readdle app. Copy the link of the video and then launch this video link into the document by the readdle app. After launching then you can paste this link on the Instagram videos downloader. By this process, you can easily and instantly download or save the videos from this downloading site.

Is there any need to install any additional application or software?

No, you do not need to install any extension or software to download Instagram videos because Instagram downloader is enough. Any additional app is not required in the presence of this downloading site. Because it is a very easy-to-use site, you just paste the link and the video automatically downloads on the device.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. People around the world post 80 million content a day on this social network. If you haven’t joined its users yet, I suggest you get the latest Instagram update for ios and Android.

This popular app allows its users to connect with other users by sharing photos and videos, but it does not allow you to download from Instagram and save other people’s content. This is because of copyright. Of course, Instagram doesn’t want you to use it all the time, because if you download a funny video of a furry dog from Instagram, you don’t need to log in to Instagram to see it again. In this article, I will show you the easy and simple ways to download from Instagram.
However, it is not possible to download directly from Instagram at the moment, and many times we need to save the photo or video on our mobile phone.

Apps to download via Instagram

There are many programs to download from Instagram on the Internet, each with its own features. But most of them are not efficient and can also be considered as a threat by having your personal information. Thus, we are going to introduce some exceptional ones.

Insta caption

This program has the ability to download and save your desired captions in addition to Instagram photos and clips. Insta caption program is a complete program that allows you to save photos, videos and captions with the original quality. Download and install Insta Caption freely.
In this program, using the photo download option from Instagram as well as downloading videos and captions are also free. But in order to take advantage of some of its more advanced features, such as downloading a profile picture, you need to make an in-app purchase. After downloading and installing Insta Caption, click on the three dot icon at the top of your desired post and follow the steps as shown below.

If you want to try other programs, you can use Insta downloader and Easy down loader too.
There are other options besides applications which you need to download. For instance, a website called Dinsta, so to download pictures and videos, enter the picture or video link to Dinsta website and download them.
If you do not use this program, you can download and install alternative programs such as Insta Downloader and Easy down loader from the market.
If you don’t have access to the apps, you can download the photo from Instagram or download the video, put the photo link or video you want on the Dinsta site and download it.

Applications to download from Instagram for ios


This app allows you to download from Instagram for Apple phones. But it comes with advertising.


InstaSavor is another program designed to download photos and videos from Instagram. Using this program, you can download photos and videos and republish them.

The apps to download for windows

If you use Instagram on your computer, you can go to www.dinsta.com to download the pictures and videos from Instagram. First, go to Instagram through your computer or laptop browser, then go to the page where the photo is located and click on the photo to enlarge. Copy the link and put it on www.dinsta.com, and then download it.

The other website that can be substituted is www.torch.com

Downloading from Instagram without installing additional programs

In this way, I will tell you how to save a photo or video from your Instagram without downloading and installing an additional program.

• Using screenshots, your photos are stored in mobile memory: Taking screenshots is the most common and easiest way to store a photo on a mobile phone, but it does not support video files. One of the disadvantages of screenshots is that their quality is lower than the original image. If your operating system supports Android 4 and more, you can easily take screenshots of your screen. Just hold down the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons to hear the screenshot click. You can also take screenshots from your screen by holding down the “Home” and “Power” buttons on all Apple phones.

• Using the Instagram Save option to collect files: In new Instagram updates, a feature called “save” has been added, and you can touch the ribbon icon under a post in a private collection on your Instagram (not in memory). Mobile Save. No one but you can see them, and you have to log in to Instagram to see them again. This feature keeps your phone memory from being filled with screenshots. But if the owner of the photo deletes it or takes your page out of reach, you will no longer be able to see that photo.

• All photos are in your mobile file manager: All Instagram videos are stored on your phone. To find them, just use your phone’s file manager. Go to Data> com.instagram.android> cache> videos and change the file extension to MP4; now you can watch videos on your phone. In the file manager The order of the videos is reversed, the last video you watched will be the first file.

• By using Telegram, you can download photos and videos: Did you know that you can download Instagram using Telegram? Click the three dots at the top of the Instagram post. Select the Copy link option. Open the chat page with you on Telegram and paste the link on it. Now you can download it like other files that are sent to you on Telegram.


Instagram is an accurate way to express your creative ideas in front of an audience. Business men and brands are using Instagram for promoting their business and products. That’s why Instagram is the most visited site as compared to other social media platforms. This article is based on the downloader Instagram. I hope this content gives you the required information or knowledge about the purpose of the Instagram downloader and Instagram video download, its features, and downloading process in different android and ios devices. Continue sharing this information with friends and beloved ones. Best of luck.


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