Travel Influencers are a group of bloggers who have chosen tourism and travel for their activities. These people travel a lot and wherever they go, they provide information about the destinations to their audience. In fact, these people travel so much that it would be worth their while to look into jet card cost and other deals on air travel, so they can travel comfortably and within budget!

Travel influencers talk about tourist attractions, restaurants, food, hotels, indigenous culture, type of clothing, customs, and anything else that is appealing to others to see and hear, and they share beautiful pictures. In this way, they introduce the world’s tourism destinations to others and encourage others to travel.
To become an influencer, these people choose different topics and produce content in that same field. Travel and tourism influencers or tourism bloggers are people who work in the field of tourism and travel provide information to their audience about the destinations they travel to. Travel blogging has become one of the most popular occupations these days.

Who are travel influencers?

These days on various social networks, especially Instagram, we see people who share pictures of their daily lives and activities with others. These people, who also have a large audience, are called influencers.
Influencers work in various fields such as fashion, makeup, beauty, food, cooking, lifestyle, humor, and entertainment, etc., and generate content in their fields of activity.

Travel Influencers are a group of bloggers who have chosen tourism and travel for their activities. These people travel a lot and wherever they go, they provide information about the destinations to their audience. Travel influencers talk about tourist attractions, restaurants, food, hotels, indigenous culture, type of clothing, customs, and anything else that is appealing to others to see and hear, and they share beautiful pictures. In this way, they introduce the world’s tourism destinations to others and encourage others to travel.

If you are also interested in tourism and travel a lot, you can be a travel influencer and introduce your country’s tourist spots to other people around the globe.

How to be Instagram travel influencers?

In today’s article, we’ll cover some tips to help you become a popular travel influencer.

1. Travel Influencer is a full-time job

If you think travel influencer is a side job, you are totally mistaken. To become a travel influencer you have to quit your full-time job! Of course, we know this is scary, but most travel influencers first need to invest in themselves in order to grow and become popular. The main challenge here is that traveling around the world is pricey, and you certainly can’t travel like an influencer twice a year.

The story of most people who work in this field has started with a great interest in seeing different places and of course a lot of courage. Most of these people have had to give up their daily and full-time jobs to pursue their dreams. In addition, they have invested a little in this before they get to the point where their return on investment is. If you really want to be a travel influencer, look at it as an investment. But if you look at this endeavor as a business (which it really is), every single one of your banking transactions can be very annoying in the first few days!

necessary accessories for travel influencers

2. Do not be afraid to invest in tools

Aside from investing in yourself, you should also think about investing in pieces of equipment because it gives your personal brand credibility and is very important on your path to becoming a professional travel influencer. Depending on your style, these tools can include photography equipment, training classes (Photoshop, photography, film editing), and tourism conferences. Combining these will take your skills to a point where they will definitely be useful as a travel influencer.

3. Find your own style to be among popular travel influencers

The decision to travel to be an Influencer alone is not enough. In fact, it is a very general decision. You have to look for novel ideas. If you pay attention to the work of famous travel influencers, you will find that each of them has various activities and does not do the same thing. So to become a successful travel influencer, be different and unique!

4. Do a research

Continuing to learn how to become an influencer, we come to an important topic: research. Certainly, the rules of influencer travel are not complex; But by studying the activities of your favorite influencers and their successful work, you can prevent some possible failures.

5. Do amazing things as travel influencers

No one is called an influencer who spends all his time in the hotel! Make sure you do not have a clichéd and boring journey by doing challenging and interesting things; In this case, people will follow you as a different travel influencer because different things will lead them to distance themselves from their daily, hectic activities and routine.

6. Start a dedicated blog

A real travel influencer is not just about sharing interesting content and having a few thousand followers on Instagram. These people are generally active on other social networks such as Facebook and YouTube, or they also write on their personal blogs.

Keep this in mind when learning to become an influencer: The value of all work can not be shown in the Instagram caption. If you have a good website, users can visit it to get a lot of information about your destination and your activity. The website does not need to be so great, but try to make it look as simple and professional as possible. You can also get help from a freelancer to develop your site.

Three travel influencers are preparing to go on a trip

7. Video content; The key to success is to compete with other travel influencers

At the end of the article on how to become an influencer, we come to the golden tip: Think about producing video content as soon as possible. In fact, “video” is the answer to the question of many people who say how to succeed in today’s competitive market to become a travel influencer.

8. Connect with your followers and fans

Everyone always says that you have to provide content that is useful for your followers and fans, But content is only halfway there. To be a successful travel influencer, you need to stay in touch with your audience. If your posts on YouTube or Instagram have hundreds of comments, you should feel indebted to them and spend some of your time (even 30 minutes) responding to them.

Remember that interaction is like a two-way street: the more positive feedback your audience receives, the more loyal they will be.

#travel, a hashtag which is common with travel influencers

9. Proper use of hashtags about travel influencers on Instagram

Let’s make influencer training a little more specialized! The most salient point for success on Instagram is to use hashtags correctly. Hashtags are important because they aid users in finding your content. Currently, Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, and we recommend that you make the most of it. But which hashtags to choose?

In the rest of the article, we are going to introduce some trending hashtags about travel, travel blogging, tourism, adventure, family travel, and travel influencers.

Trending hashtags for travel influencers:

#Travelgram #Travelholic #Travelbook #Traveller #Travel_Captures #Instatravel #SeeTheWorld #TravelTheWorld #TravelAddict #Travellingram #TravellingThroughTheWorld #TravelIsLife #TravelWithMe #TravelCouple #WorldTraveler #MyTravelStory #WanderingSoul #TravelMoments #JustTravel #Globetrotter #NextDestination #LetsTravel #HappyTraveller #TravelTips #TheBestDestinations #TravelInspiration #TravelJunkie #WorldExplorer

#LifeIsAnAdventure #AdventureTime #Adventurer #ExploreTheWorld #GoExplore #SeekAdventure #GoPlaces #NotLost #HikingAdventures #AdventureOn #StayAndWander #GoneOutdoors #Adventure_Culture #ChooseAdventure #GetOutStayOut #AdventureAddict #AdventureInspire #AdventureTillWeDie #AdventureThatIsLife #RoamThePlanet #AdventureSeeker #NeverStopExploring #EarthOutdoors #FindYourAdventure

#FamilyTravels #TravelFamily #FamilyVacay #TravelFam #FamiliesWhoTravel #ParentsWhoWander #FamilyTravelTribe #TravelMadFam #GoWithNugget #TravelBrood #LoveYourTimeTogether #TravellingWithKids #LPKids #ExploringFamilies #FearlessFamTrav #TravelMum #TravelDad #FamilyAdventure #LitteTraveler #OurTribeTravels #KidsThatTravel

10. Be a professional tourist in your hometown

Although you have to travel constantly to become a travel influencer, with a little creativity you can create great content about your city and its tourism site. If you wish, you can also contact local businesses (such as restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.) to double the attractiveness of the content and reduce costs. This approach can be totally useful at the beginning of the journey to becoming a popular travel influencer.

Top Instagram travel influencers

@Loki the Wolfdog, both pet and travel influencer

Loki the Wolfdog one of travel influencers

With 2M followers, the account engages its followers by the stories of a dog named Loki, everywhere it goes and making people accompany him and see the world.
A dog being the narrator makes the posts and stories much more tantalizing.

Other media:

@DoYouTravel, an entrepreneur and a travel influencer


The account belongs to Jack Morris with 2.5M followers, he travels to the most mind-blowing places and takes the most gorgeous pictures. His feed is one of the most eye-catching ones in travel blogging.

Other media:
Twitter: @doyoutravel

@Spiritedpursuit, a style and travel influencer

Spiritedpursuit, as one of travel influencers

A high-spirited black girl having 232K followers, share pictures and videos of her travels around the globe. Actually, she has started her account as a lifestyle blog and developed it into a travel blog in the course of time.

Other media:

@TravellingThroughTheWorld, a creative photographer and a travel influencer

A horse

A 2M account containing amazing posts from various parts of the world and wildlife encourages users to visit his other colorful pictures on the other account of his and get along with his travels.

 Other media: 
The other Instagram account:

@muradosmann, the Influencer of the year

Great pictures a couple of photographers sharing trip moments in different places with a special style catch the eyes of many users to join them and make the follower number to 3.7M. There is a special hashtag to share posts which is #fallowmeto

Other media: 
Twitter: muradosmann

@taramilktea, a Sydnian creative traveler

A girl wearing white

The account which is owned by Tara Milk Tea has 1.4M fans following her on her travels to the most incredible sites. Her selection of colors makes her posts jolly to observe.

Other media: 


@NoBackHome, a world epic place explorer

Her adventures with her kid and their pictures make her blog even more different from others and also motivate other parents to take their children outdoors. Their lives are outdoors with a lot of great adventures to embark upon.

Other media:

Twitter: ciantravels

@Aniab, travel and lifestyle blogger

The story of a former accountant shares her travels and her lifestyle. She also has a website and writes her stories there too. Her number of followers is 116K and tries to involve her fans with her visual narrations. Her experiences of camping give her followers insight to do outdoor adventures.

 Other media:
Twitter: aniab

@Loius Cole, an adventurous travel vlogger

Loius Cole with more than 1.1 million fans, excites his followers with his great images and marvelous Vlogs. He shares everything with his followers and never forgets to involve them. He actually lives with his followers.

Last thoughts on travel influencers

We all agree that watching videos is more fun than reading a long text or looking at pictures. On the other hand, producing video content is more expensive and more difficult; That’s why so many people are holding them back! Experience has shown that influencers who work harder on video production have a better chance of ordering and promoting various products.

In addition, the use of videos will have a huge impact on your ranking on YouTube and Google. This is the case if you plan to enhance your blogs in other media as well. With these interpretations, the result of your journey to becoming an influencer is probably worth the challenges of producing video content.

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