Many people complain that they are getting the message “Oops an error occurred” from Instagram and they have no idea why this is happening.

It might only be a bug but it might also have other reasons including being banned because of taking suspicious actions like exceeding the limits for liking videos, commenting, following, and unfollowing.

You may encounter this error while opening an account, trying to log in to an account you have previously created, trying to like or comment, and even while uploading a post or story. In this article, we want to suggest some solutions that may help you with solving the problem

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Solutions to fix ‘Oops, an error occurred’ on Instagram

The “Oops, an error occurred” usually occurs when Instagram is unable to establish a working connection with its servers. This issue particularly arises when you are using Instagram on a browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Though, there are numerous workarounds which work for this issue as well.

1. Check your connection 🌐:

Local internet-related issues are the #1 reason why you face Instagram errors. So, ensure you’re using a stable connection before applying any of the following fixes. Your best bet is to unplug the modem, give it a few minutes, and plug it in again. This should resolve any minor issues right away. 

If you’re using cellular data, turn on the Airplane Mode and give it a minute or two before turning it off again. 

2. Restart your device 🔁:

No matter you’re on a smartphone or PC, restarting is a go-to fix. If the problem is on your side, a simple turn-off/turn-on might make it go away. 

3. Check if Instagram is down.

Use online tools such as to see if Instagram is down. In rare cases, the reason you get the ‘Oops, an error occurred’ message is because of an internal issue on the app’s side. If that’s the case, you can’t do much but wait for things to get back to normal. 

Fun fact: An example of this happened in October 2021. All Facebook-powered apps faced significant outages. And users got random errors when using the services.  

4. Switch your browser.

It is always a good idea to change the browser and see if it happens again. For example, if you are using Firefox, use Chrome or Safari to see the problem still exists or not.

If you don’t have any other browsers on your device, try the incognito mode. This will remove your cached data and resolve minor problems leading to the “Oops, an error occurred” message. 

Here’s how to use the feature on different browsers.

Chrome: Press Ctrl + Shift + N or click on the three dots on the top-right corner and select ‘New incognito window.’

 Safari: Tap ‘File’ and then select ‘New Private Window.’ 

Firefox: click the three horizontal lines on the top-right corner (hamburger menu). Select ‘New Private Window or press Ctrl + Shift + P. 

5. Update your Instagram 🆕:

You might do fine without Instagram’s latest version. But remember, updates fix bugs and glitches. So, the ‘Oops, an error occurred’ might be resolved as soon as you upgrade the app. 

A smarter idea would be turning on automatic updates on your App Store or Google Play Store. It schedules instant downloads when updated versions of your apps are released. That way, you can be sure your applications are always up-to-date no matter what. 

6. Check your IP address📍:

Do not log in to your account with different IP addresses. Instagram is sensitive to such actions. And it might ban your device due to suspicious activities. 

If you use a VPN to connect to your account, turn it off and try again. Such applications change your IP randomly, triggering IG’s safety measurements. 

7. Clear the cache 💭:

Head to your phone’s setting and find the Instagram app. Tap on its icon and select ‘Storage.’ Locate the option that says ‘Clear Cache’ and tap it. This should remove any glitchy data that may cause IG errors. 

If it doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 

8. Change your password 🔑:

Changing your password helps you remove Instagram oops an error occurred. To do so:

  1. Open Instagram application.
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Choose “Forgot password.”
  4. Enter your new password.
  5. Retype the new password.

Instagram will send you a verification code via SMS or email. Enter the code, and you will be good to go.

9. Be patient⌛:

It might be an Instagram bug. If so, all you can do is wait for them to solve the issue.

10. Contact Instagram help center📝:

If the error is still there after a few hours, it’s time to contact the support team. Open your app, head to your profile, and tap Settings. Select ‘Help’ and then ‘Report a Problem.’ You can let the IG know there’s a problem with your account, and they should get back to you in under 5 working days. 

[RECAP]: Make the ‘Oops, an Error Occurred’ Go Away

  • Ensure your internet connection is stable and secure.
  • Restart your device before applying any fixes.
  • Don’t use VPNs to log in to your account. 
  • Check if the issue is not on the IG side. 
  • Change your password.
  • Clear the app’s cache. 

Oops, an Error Occurred on TikTok

The error usually happens when you’re trying to link your Instagram account to your TikTok. You try clearing the TikTok app’s cache in the settings. But if all fails, reinstalling the application will make it go away. If you see the ‘Oops error’ on a browser, though, it’s best to turn off your VPN, go incognito, or change the browser entirely. 

TikTok-Instagram link allows you to share your content on both apps. But sometimes, the IG login seems to be unsupported. In that case, you can try one of the following methods: 

  • Updating the app: Ensure your TikTok app is updated to the latest version. Outdated versions cause problems like ‘Oops, an error occurred’ all the time. (The same rule applies to browsers as well. You need to keep them up-to-date to avoid possible errors). 
  • Going Pro: By heading to your TikTok Settings and Account Management, you can switch to a pro or business account. It allows you to add a website link to your profile. And you can use the feature to link to your Instagram profile instead of an actual website. 

[RECAP]: Make the ‘Oops, an Error Occurred’ Go Away

  • Ensure your internet connection is stable and secure.
  • Restart your device before applying any fixes.
  • Don’t use VPNs to log in to your account. 
  • Check if the issue is not on the IG side. 
  • Change your password.
  • Clear the app’s cache.


It is really frustrating to encounter an error when trying to upload something on Instagram or doing any type of action. One message that users are encountering a lot these days is “oops an error occurred”. In this article, we discussed the possible reasons for receiving this error are and show you ways to solve it.


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