Social media form a very important part of media and their users can talk about different subjects. Social media effect people and their decisions and you can also see the effect on online businesses.
If you decide to purchase a product, first you would check for reviews about the product in different websites. So if you look at it that way, the opinion of friends or people who have already used that product is valuable for you.
Social media in recent years have had a major progress and have had a major effect on people’s decisions. There are a lot of users who would write comments on a product after using it. Other users would check their opinions and make their final decisions about purchasing that product.
The reason for that is that users trust other users more than the people selling the product. Because people who used the product would honestly inform other users of the pros and cons of it. All of these helped a new division on internet marketing called influencer marketing to be born!
In this article we intend to completely go over influencer marketing importance in online businesses. First step in getting to understand influencer marketing is understanding the word influencer. It means you should know who is an influencer and what does he or she do! We’ll understand it further in the article.

Who is an influencer?

If you are active in social media like Instagram, you must have seen pages with a lot of followers. The reason for that is either because the page owner is famous. Or he or she provides valuable or entertaining content for users. People who share useful or interesting content for users and have a lot of followers are called influencers. In other words, people who have an influence on others.
Zach king is one of the most famous people on Instagram and you probably have seen his posts. He has been able to put himself on the list of the most popular people in the world on Instagram by making entertaining videos. And with his impressive activities he has reached 20.5 million followers.  
Influencer marketing
There are people on your following list that you follow for their posts. Some of them are singers or actors and others are on your following list because of their entertaining posts. Now that you are familiar with the meaning of influencer, we want to talk about influencer marketing and its effects on your business.

What is influencer marketing?

If you have a product to sell or you provide a service or even if you have an Instagram page and you want to introduce it to other users, influencer marketing is an amazing way to do that. With using the influencer marketing you can show and introduce your product or service to the audience (followers) of that page and depending on how much they trust the page, you can increase your audience (followers).
The number of your page real followers is the number of your audience although you need to know the more famous your influencer is and the more followers he or she has, influencer marketing will cost more.
Influencer marketing
It hasn’t been so long since the influencer marketing has entered the digital marketing list but in this very little time, it has been able to attract many users. To be able to get to know this term better and to be able to use it for your business you need to know all the different types of influencers. We will get to know the different types of influencers later in the article so you could be able to use one of the influencer types depending on your business.

Different types of influencers in social media like Instagram

All over the world, influencers have different types and each of them has become famous using a different way. Being famous on social media is indicated with one factor and that’s the number of the page followers. The more followers an influencer has, the more famous he or she is and of course the more difficult it’ll be to contact them! In this section we want to analyze the different types of influencers.
  1. Celebrities and famous people

We could say the biggest group of influencers are celebrities. Celebrities are famous people who have become famous through other media like television, cinema, music, etc. These people have the most effect on their audience and if you could be able to use them for influencer marketing, your business will attract a lot of audience. Although there are two very important and basic issues here: 
Influencer marketing
  • The price of influencer marketing is too high considering their number of followers: such people have more than a few million followers and a lot of them will reach your advertisement. Although you’ll get a lot of audience using this way but the price of advertisement in such pages is too high for some businesses.
  • Refusing the advertisement by some of the celebrities: some of these influencers don’t believe in advertising in their pages and thus, there are no ads on their page! Although they would earn a lot of income out of it but they constantly respect their followers and audience very much and never share advertising content on their page.
People like Ariana Grande, Dwayne Johnson, Beyoncé, Cristiano Ronaldo and etc. have the most followers on Instagram and that indicates that these pages have the most effect on influencer marketing.
  1. Famous for no reasons! 

If you are active on Instagram, you must have seen them! This is the name given to the people who have increased their number of followers with media Controversy and users believe that many of them don’t have a proper personality. Although they have a lot of followers and they usually accept advertising on their pages but often a lot of people following them are inactive. Thus their advertising is not efficient. But if you follow the rules of influencer marketing you will get very good results from some pages. 
All of these depend on your business field and following the rules of influencer marketing so the efficiency and result can’t be measured and predicted beforehand.
  1. People who are active in the modeling field

Modeling is one of the most popular fields in social media and a lot of people are active in it. Photography and clothing are two basic reasons for these people’s success. So they are the best option for photographers and brand owners to advertise their products and services.
Influencer marketing
In fact, such people share high quality photos of themselves wearing popular and chic outfits. And there are a lot of people who are interested in them. One of the ways of influencer marketing for brand owners is giving chic and well-designed clothes to people who are active in the modeling field as a gift and so they would tag
your page on a high quality and interesting photo that they’ll share on their page. This process will lead to an increment in your audience.
  1. Experts who are active in social media

Expert people and people who know their way around have a high reputation between users. The most influence they have is on the people who are active in the same field they are experts in. Thus; they are perfect for influencer marketing for businesses in their own field. One of the most important sections is startup in which great activity is happening all over the world right now. And also they have attracted a lot of people. Many of the software developers and IT related company owners are very famous in social media and if you have a startup idea or you own an online business, these people are your best choice for influencer marketing and advertisement.
  1. Rich people

Rich people usually are upper class. In other words they have a luxury life and sometimes we see their posts on Instagram. Many of the users follow these people on Instagram so that they could get to know what luxury lifestyle is.
Influencer marketing
They have become influencers because they have a lot of followers. and so now they are an option for influencer marketing. Because they might not need the money they would earn from advertisements. It is a bit harder to advertise on their pages. If you need advertising on rich people’s pages. Get in contact with them and maybe you’ll be able to share your ads on their pages. 
If you have decided to use influencer marketing first, you’ll need to know the different types of influencers.  Then start making your own advertising Campaign depending on your product, page or the service you are offering.

3 important points in optimizing the influencer marketing

Although influencer marketing is one of the most useful methods for increasing costumers for different businesses. You must know that this very amazing method will bring your brand a lot
of problems if it is not used right. 3 very important matters that you should consider are:
  • Use local influencers for local businesses: using an influencer who just has a lot of followers but does not live in your local business area has a low conversion rate. If you are going to use influencer marketing for a local shop, you’ll need to use someone who lives in the same city or region and also is famous and popular among social media -specially Instagram- users.

For example, in influencer marketing for a shop in Chicago using an New York based influencer will not be effective. This is just like if you would show an advertising campaign to 10 million users around the world. Or just to show it to 10 thousand people from a certain city! Instead you could use influencers from that very city and raise your conversion rate greatly. 

  • Influencers’ negative opinions are just as effective as the positive ones: when an influencer gives negative comments about your business for any reason, it effects the users’ opinion. Users’ negative opinions will make your business questionable and if you can’t find a way to fix it, it will definitely be a problem for you. 
  • Analyze influencer marketing campaigns: existing of data is the reason for importance and popularity of online world. In fact, data that helps run the next advertising campaigns and set correct strategies. And you must be able to analyze your influencer marketing campaign related data. You have various tools that are available freely or commercially. The simplest tool you have is called Instagram insights and it gives you valuable information.
If you follow the 3 rules above. You can easily optimize influencer marketing campaigns and Take advantage of its impact on your business.

How to share your product advertisement on influencers’ pages? 

The advertisement for your product or services can be shared on influencers’ pages via various ways. The most important ones are:
Influencer marketing
  • Sending gifts to influencers: sending one of your best products as a gift to an influencer is one of the proper ways for advertisement. If the influencer is satisfied with the product you sent them. He or she might introduce your products to their followers! Although keep in mind that the influencer doesn’t necessarily advertise your product just because they are satisfied with it. And if they have a lot of followers they might only share a post or a story related to your product. ( If you pay them well).
  • Paying the influencer: pages that have a lot of followers usually have an active advertising section and if you want to advertise your product or services you can advertise it on behalf of the influencer of your choosing with just paying for a post or story related to your product. Each page depending on the number of its active followers has a different advertising price.

If you are new with your business, at first, use influencers with less followers. Keep in mind that if your advertising campaign is run correctly, influencers with lower number of followers might have a much better impact rather than more popular influencers. The most important reasons are relatedness of the chosen influencers’ field to your business and how popular their page is among their followers.

  • inviting influencers to compete: one of the ways that has made great success in influencer marketing lately is inviting a few influencers to compete with each other in an interesting game. You can invite a few influencers to your company or the place you run your business in. Then, take an incredible video of them.

Then ask them to share the video on their page and introduce you in return of receiving products, services or even money. This makes the advertising side of the shared content look faded to users. Therefore, the conversion rate of your campaign will rise.

Of course there are other ways and we just mentioned the most important ones; like if your friend is an influencer you can ask them to introduce your business on their page.


Using influencer marketing for introducing businesses is one of the common ways which has a high conversion rate. This method is usually compatible with every business’ budget; like if you own a small business you can use influencers with lower number of followers. Or if you own a bigger business you can use influencers with more followers like celebrities.

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