Whenever we talk about how to use Twitter and the phrase “tweeting”, many of us are reminded of the news, the election campaign, and the controversial Donald Trump position. But we need to know that the reality of Twitter and its applications is much more than that.
Twitter, one of the most powerful and influential social networks in the world, with over 335 million monthly active users and over 40 different languages, is one of the top digital marketing tools.
By writing short, effective texts, using powerful hashtags and interacting with other users actively, you can launch one of your most effective Twitter campaigns and get the most out of your users’ retweet, because Twitter is one of the strongest Social networks that helps you to make your content viral.
Its power and effectiveness, are the points that many large corporations, and politicians, use all sorts of celebrities as media to present, advertise, and campaign. Twitter content is often so prevalent that it also overtakes other social networks, including Instagram.
In short, if you’re still not using Twitter to promote your business, it’s best to get it right now. Here’s how we work with Twitter, its features, and the features that set it apart from other social platforms. Stay with us!


The Twitter name is derived from the word tweet meaning bird kicking and singing (remember the tweet character in Looney Tunes cartoons). Here’s the bird we want (who are Twitter users themselves) to hear the latest news. This means that the word tweet in English means writing or posting content.
tweety is a simbol of twitter
Twitter was launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, who is now the company’s CEO. The first tweet was made by Jack Dorsey himself on March 22, 2006. The number of Twitter users has grown rapidly since the beginning, reaching six million within six years, tweeting about 340 million daily.
Twitter was among the top 10 websites in the world in 2013, earning the nickname “Internet SMS” due to its wide range of tweets and wide usage.
Twitter has become the main “Citizen – Reporters” forum today, meaning people who are not professional journalists or celebrities that are just looking for an online platform for information and communication with the world.

Twitter Content and Structure

The Twitter structure is very simple and does not have more than a single column. You can easily scroll up and down those tweets. Different types of content can be shared on Twitter.
Twitter Content and Structure


The main meaning of the word “tweet” on Twitter is to write text and share it by pressing the Tweet button. Twitter users could initially write only text with a maximum length of 140 characters per tweet, but by November 2017 it was doubled for all languages except Japanese, Korean and Chinese. At the same time, this has its proponents and opponents.
Because of this limitation on the number of characters, many Twitter users either omit some words or misspell them. It’s quite common on Twitter, and after a while, you get used to it!
However, if you want to write texts longer than 280 characters, you have to write your post in several separate tweets or write a so-called “tweet string”. Another way to share a link to your post on Twitter is to continue.


If you write something on your blog, have a product on your site for sale, or find interesting news or content on the web that you want to share with others, you can tweet the page link. Links are not part of the 280 characters of Tweets and you can easily paste the text you want next to the link.
Twitter shortens all shared links using the t.co domain. This domain is owned by Twitter, and any links you publish to it will be shortened by this domain.

Visual content

It’s easy to share photos and gifs on Twitter. You can tweet up to 1 gif or 4 photos per tweet, and share photos directly from your phone camera if you use the Twitter mobile app.
Visual content twiiter


Video sharing is possible by uploading a file or recording it with your camcorder. Note that your video can be up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long, otherwise Twitter itself will shorten your video. If you want to share a longer video, it’s best to upload it to websites like YouTube and other media and sharing the link on Twitter.
In addition, live video is available here.


One of the best features of Twitter to interact with other users is the ability to create a poll. Simply click the Create Poll button, type your question and enter the answers you want so users can choose one. It is also possible to set a time limit (i.e., how long the poll will stay on the website).
If knowing the age of users helps you communicate better, then you can start a poll about it
Now it is beneficial to mention Twitter influencers. You’re probably familiar with Instagram influencers; people who are famous on Instagram, so companies go to advertise their products or services.
How to use Twitter for businesses


There are a lot of users here, too. Since these people can only make your tweets thousands of times more than just a tweet, it’s helpful to go to these people on Twitter. Of course, Twitter Influencers are usually nothing less than professional Instagram ones and the costs they get will definitely not below!

Direct Messages

If you want to connect with another user but you don’t want your conversations public on Twitter, use Direct Messages. DMing is easy for other users and requires no specific explanation. To send a message to any of the other users, click the Message button, enter their username and send your message.
Another absorbing feature on Twitter is the Twitter auto welcome message which sends welcoming messages, to improve communication with the new joiners.
Twitter auto welcome message


It has to be said that hashtags are not as powerful as Twitter on any social network. Because of Twitter inclusivity, if you use the hashtags that are relevant, your tweet views can reach as high as celebrities.
Hashtags are usually used to launch campaigns or ads to sell a small product and the presidential election. We’ve already written about hashtags and how to use them on social networks.

Promoting Tweets

Just like Instagram or Facebook, you can display tweets or the account itself by paying more or promoting the account.
Promoting Tweets in twitter

Common Terms among Twitter users

After some time after that you working with Twitter, you will find words and terms that may not seem so familiar at first glance. Here are some of them:


This does not mean to be the first 3D movie in the history of cinema! Users usually refer to their profile picture as an avatar.


Users use a banner image at the top of their account (just like Facebook), also called a header.


Twitter may lock your account for a variety of reasons, such as inactivity, over following, inappropriate content, or other users’ reports. If so, it may take a few days for the account to be reopened and be available to you.


If you have a problem with someone, you can block them. If so, you will not have access to their tweets, and vice versa.
block twitter accounts

Pin tweets:

You can pin one of your favorite tweets, slogans or favorite content on your profile that is always visible to everyone.


Since Twitter is like a sea of sentences and it’s not easy to find a tweet again, we suggest bookmarking it if you like the tweet and want to go again. If so, the tweet you have saved will be saved and you can have it available again.

Fave star:

Tweets that get more than 1,000 likes, called Fave Star.


A moment on Twitter is almost like a story on Instagram or Facebook. You can select one or more tweets, pair them with the Add to New Moment option, choose a title for your moment, and finally put it on your profile. From now on, anyone who enters your profile will be able to see your favorite topics by seeing your posts. Moments can be used to record important events on your profile. Moments are always available on your profile unless you decide to delete them yourself.

Deactivate Account:

Twitter lets you deactivate your account. Note that if you regret it, you have up to 14 days to return it. After 14 days, your account will be permanently closed.


Trolls are people who destroy, insult or ridicule other users on Twitter. It is usually a good idea to remove (sometimes block) trolls from your list of followers from time to time.
twitter trolls

Twitter Storm:

Occasionally, Twitter users launch “Twitter Storm” to send a specific purpose or message to the community. Twitter Storm means to post thousands of tweets concurrently and usually with the same hashtag by multiple users.
What we have said so far was a simple part of the story and a summary of Twitter general features. To use Twitter professionally, you need professional tools. In the following, we will discuss Twitter Analytics and how to work with it.

Using Twitter Analytics for Digital Marketers

Tweeting without any goals is useless. Whether you’re planning to launch your page on Twitter or thinking about launching a campaign, Twitter Analytics can help you perform your ideas. With at least 500 million new tweets a day, having enough information and using it properly will make more people see you.
It’s easy to log into the Twitter Analytics panel. Just click on your profile picture and select Analytics.

What is going on in Twitter Analytics?

Inside the Twitter Analytics panel, there are many statistics and reports. Here are some things that matter the most to digital marketers.
What is going on in Twitter Analytics

Top Tweets

Top Tweet is the tweet that has received the most impression in a month. Checking out the most visited tweets will help you find your way on Twitter better.

New Followers

As a user, you sometimes like a tweet, and sometimes after viewing it, you go to the channel or page you want to see more similar content. An increase in the number of followers means you are doing well and a decrease in your growth is probably a sign that you are on the wrong track.


Top Followers

The phrase Top Follower here means someone who has more followers than any of your followers. Actually, top popular followers will also attract more people to your page.
Top Followers in twitter


Engagement is every single click on your tweets. Opening photos, logging in links, replies, unlocking profiles or anything similar is “Engagement”. These clicks mean that you’ve been able to get someone’s attention and that person is trying to get to know you more. The number of Engagements can show you how your Call to Actions works.

Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate is the number of clicks divided by the number of views a tweet has. When comparing the status of two or more tweets, just counting the number of clicks may be misleading because we do not consider the number of times that tweet is viewed. For example, suppose a tweet is viewed 100 times and clicked 20 times. In this case, the participation rate is 20%. Now suppose your tweet has views of over 1000 times but its clicks are 20 clicks, the engagement rate is 2%. So as you can see, the number of views is not important. The click-to-visit ratio is important.

Twitter Reach Percentage

This criterion shows how many of your followers view your tweets. The importance of this number is that you can find out when to tweet at the right time.
So Twitter Analytics has many benefits for you. Here are four of the most widely used benefits of Twitter Analytics.

Four reasons that you must use Tweeter analytics

Whatever social network you use, Analytics gives you useful information, and Twitter is no exception.

Knowing the audience well

Understanding the audience and having a good understanding of their needs, desires, age, gender, language, geographic location, and other information is important not only to Twitter users but to all digital marketers. Much of this information is available on the Analytics panel, and you can find other information by finding the same users on other social networks like Instagram.

Creating better content

Although Twitter has increased the limit on the number of characters per tweet to 280, it is still advisable to keep your tweets short but engaging. Another point is that people tend to click on tweets that have photos or videos up to three times more than just text tweets.
But aside from that, Twitter Analytics can always help you know what kind of content your audience really likes. For example, suppose your job is to produce and sell dog and cat clothing. If more cat-related content and photos click, it might be best for you to focus on cat clothing too!
Creating better content for twitter

The best time to tweet

Each tweet has a life span of about 24 minutes after its release (half-life here means that if you have 200 people watching it, 100 people will see it within the first 24 minutes and the other 100 will gradually see it, or they will see in the coming days). That’s about half as much on other social networks like Facebook or Instagram. That’s why tweeting at the right time is so important.
Some sources mention that the best time to tweet is around 3 pm on business days. It is recommended that you tweet at least once a day to communicate with your audience. But of course, this advice is unchangeable, and the best time to tweet depends on the type of audience and the gender of your content.
Twitter Analytics can help you know when and in what days your posts were most successful. After a while, you can know when your followers are online to tweet at exactly the same time.

More successful marketing

The Twitter Analytics tool tells you what works and what doesn’t. Your top tweets tell you which part of your work is right, and weaker tweets, on the other hand, can tell you where you make a mistake. Always keep in mind the previous experiences when tweeting for the best results.



More successful marketing in twitter



Gaining the blue tick and account verification

Having a blue tick next to your name means that your account is yours and there will be no place for fake accounts or people trying to use your name and brand to your advantage. Twitter account verification is a time-consuming process and requires many steps. Here are some tips that will help you get a blue tick and verify your account:
• Whether you request an account verification or Twitter itself wants to verify your account, the accounts will be verified by users who are partially known by the public (celebrities, politicians, or popular companies and brands). Sometimes Twitter tries to find and verify the original account if there are multiple accounts in the same person or brand.
• It’s important to be active on Twitter. Tweet at least twice a day and connect with the users.
• Connect your account to your blog and accounts on other social networks. If you have the same name in several places, it is more probable, Twitter will approve you.
• Complete your profile.
• Try to follow and stay in touch with verified user accounts.
• When you feel your account is ready to be verified, make a tweet to @verified account and ask for your approval. If you are asked a question, answer the questions correctly so that your approval process can proceed faster.
•Be patient. As we said, verifying your account is a time-consuming process and may never happen. But if you are eligible to be approved, this will definitely happen.
There are some things you must do to verify your account. In the following, we will discuss these.
Gaining the blue tick and account verification

Confirming phone number


To verify your account, one thing that you need to verify is your mobile number. To confirm your phone number, follow these steps:
1. Log in to your Twitter account.
2. Click on the profile button (profile picture).
3. Select Settings and privacy.
4. Click the Mobile tab.
5. Enter your mobile number and click on the Continue button.
6. Enter the code for your SMS and hit Activate Phone.

Deactivating Tweet Protection

It’s just like making your account on Instagram. It is natural for your account content to be visible to everyone in order to be known as a person or brand.
1. Log in.
2. Click on your profile photo and click on the Settings and privacy button.
3. Enter the Privacy and Safety tab.
4. Uncheck Protect your tweets and click Save Changes.

Editing profile to get approved

1. Log in.
2. Click on your profile photo and select Profile.
3. Click on the Edit Profile button.
4. Choose your profile photo to reflect your popularity. Use a clear, and high-quality photo or put your original logo.
5. Use your real name or brand.
6. In the Location section, enter your real residence or business location.
7. Include your official website address in your profile.
8. Write personal or brand information as far as you can in the Bio section.
9. Click the Save changes button.

Twitter marketing


Pay attention to…

• Do not use the blue tick next to your account title. Twitter may block your account because of this.
• If your account is approved, you should not change your username. This may result in the loss of a blue tick.
• Once approved, no longer go to Protect your tweets.
• Once approved, nothing is finished and there will be users trying to take your place. It’s up to you to keep your position on Twitter with great content.

Additional points to promote Twitter

• As we mentioned, complete your profile information.
• Observe security tips such as registering your email and phone number, using 2-step verification, and choosing the right password.
• Tweet at least three times a day
• Have your own perspective in your tweets and do not copy others’ tweets.
• Be patient and do not act nervously when exposed to trolls.
• Always respect other users.
• Use a variety of content forms such as photos and videos.
• Don’t be silent! Enter the other pages and interact with them!


Using Twitter for marketing has many benefits, including a large audience, face-to-face communication, and ease of use. Twitter is just like a sharp knife that if you work it right, you will get the best results. But be careful not to take this knife by its blade! If audiences on Twitter have a negative attitude towards you, it can be very difficult to get it right again.
Find the perfect tweeting time using Twitter Analytics for the best results. Try to keep your profile information up to date and try to get a blue tick for approval. This will have a huge impact on your Twitter brand name and reputation.
Are you a Twitter user? Are you just reading or engaging in the news? Is Twitter popular among the people of our country?
How to use Twitter for businesses

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