Why did you tag me?! Did you not see that I photographed awful?!
If you have not heard this sentence, it means that you’re not an Instagram user! Instagram professionals are constantly posting photos, videos, stories, and tagging their friends on their posts. But what does Instagram tag mean? And what is its use? How to tag our friends on Instagram? In this article, I will tell you everything about tagging. Stay with me!

What Is Instagram Tag?

You may see that when you buy clothes, there is a sticker inscribed on it. They are called tags. Tagging on Instagram also has the same meaning. Tagging on Instagram means you label someone and write his/her name on it.


What is tag?

Is Tagging the Same as Mentioning?

Both yes and no!
The term tag is used when you want someone’s name to be displayed on your photo. But mentioning is more to be done for story and comment. However, both of them do one thing, and users usually use these two terms instead of each other.

How is Tagging on Instagram Useful?

When you publish a photo, video, or any other content on Instagram that someone else is present there too, you can tag him/her on the post. The reason is that, for example, if someone sees your friend’s picture and wants to know who your friend is. Or, you’ve done a project with your colleague and now you want to share the project result on Instagram.
In this case, you tag your colleague on the photo to keep his rights in the project, and everyone knows that you’ve done it together.
 Tagging on Instagram means introducing a person, for any reason. Someone who is in the picture, or has taken a photo of you, or you want to thank him/her. Tagging on Instagram also means informing a person. If you see a funny video on Instagram and want your friend to see it as well. You tag him/her in your comment so that he/she can see it.
You may see that users on Instagram ask you to tag your friends below their photos to give you a prize. This is also one of the most important ways to increase Followers on Instagram. But it will work if it is used right.

Where Can I Use a Tag on Instagram?

You can tag your friends or other users in different places on Instagram:

• Your own photos.

• Your stories.

• Your captions.

• And the comments you make.
Note: You cannot tag yourself on other people’s photos.

How to Tag on a Photo on Instagram?

To tag people on your photo, go ahead to the final stage of photo uploading. In the final step and before publishing it, click the Tag People button.


Instruction of tagging on Instagram
In the second step, tap on the face of each person you want to tag. Now an icon appears asking you who the person you want to add is.


people tag a friend on Instagram
Type his/her name and select it when his/her profile is displayed on the list.


2 people type the user name to tag
You can see that your friend’s name on the photo and you can post it.


Tagging is complete

How to Tag in Comments?

Tagging on a live video is not available right now. But you can tag someone in captions and comments. Tagging in comments and captions is exactly the same. To tag in comments, just type the @ sign for the tag and then enter the name of the person you want to tag.

Is Tagging on a Story the Same?

Tagging on the story is the same as tagging in comments and captions. It means that in the typing part, in order to tag On the story, you should write the name of the person you want to tag, like the way you do it in comments. But remember to put @ before his/her name.
Note: Sometimes, if you type the name of the person with a small font or drag it with two fingers and narrow the size, the tag does not work. And it does not tag your friend.


People tag friends on story

I Do not Want Anyone Tagging Me in His/Her Photos! What Do I Do?

If you do not want someone to tag you on his/her photos, go to your Instagram page and tap the three dot icon that is related to the Instagram Setting. In the Setting section, open the Photos of your section, and turn off the key. In this case, no one can tag you on a photo without your permission. Before you get tagged, you will first receive a request and if you accept it, it tags you.


People disable tag on their account

Four Important Notes on Tagging

1. On Instagram, you can tag a maximum of 20 people per picture.
2. If you tag many users in a short and continuous interval, Instagram blocks you for a while. See (Why does Instagram block an account).
3. To delete your tag from a photo, tap on your tag on the photo and touch the Remove tag button.
4. If you want your tag to be on the photo, but that photo is not in your Instagram gallery, tap on your tag on the photo, and turn off Keep in photos of you.
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