Do you wonder how you can see liked posts on Instagram? It’s pretty simple. The IG app has a specific section in the settings that shows your recent likes.

Here, you learn:

– How to see what photos/videos you’ve liked on Instagram.

– Who else can see your likes?

– How to see others’ IG likes?

– And more on your account’s insights.  

How to See Every Post You’ve Liked on Instagram

To see the list of your liked posts on Instagram:

  1. Go to your profile. 
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Tap Account.
  5. And choose ‘Posts You’ve Liked.’ 

You will see a list of images, video, IG TV, and Reel posts that you recently left a ♥ on. 

5 Things About Your Liked Posts You Probably Didn’t Know

#1. You can only see up to 300 recently liked images/videos.

Instagram stores up to three hundred posts you liked on the app. It’ll automatically remove the older ones from the list as soon as you cross the limit. 

Note: If you want to restore an image or video for a longer time, it’s best to save it. 

#2. You cannot see posts you’ve liked on Instagram’s website. 

IG only stores your in-app likes. So, if you heart something on, it won’t appear in the recent like section. 

#3. You can remove posts you’ve liked by unliking them. 

If you don’t want to see specific photos or videos, select them from the list, and tap the red heart above the caption. That’s how you can retract your likes, which eventually deletes that particular post from your likes. 

#4. The post disappears from your likes if the owner deletes it. 

If you cannot find a particular content that you liked on IG, it’s probably because it has been deleted. The owner has the right to remove what they share on their feed. And you will not be able to store their posts afterward. 

#5. Comments are not stored.

You cannot see the posts you’ve commented on in the IG app. And there’s no way to have access to them. 

Who Can See Posts You’ve Liked?

Anyone who taps the like-counter under a post can see your username and profile picture. They can tap on your name and check out your bio as well. (They won’t see your posts if your account is set to private). 

Your followers might see your username in a post’s like section without even taping the counter. In this case, the counter will show a text that says, “Liked by [your username] and 17 others.” Your profile picture appears next to your username as well. 

What if You, Unlike an Image or Video? (Will the Owner Find Out?)

The post owner receives a notification when you like their content. But it gets removed as soon as you, unlike an image. If the other party has their push notifications on, they’ll be notified regardless. 

What if you unlike and like the same post again? In that case, the owner only receives a notification for your most recent activity, which, in this case, is liking their content. 

See Others’ Liked Posts on Instagram 

Unlike TikTok or Twitter, the IG app does not have a feature to see other users’ liked images. The app used to have an Activity section to see your followings’ recent engagements. But it has been removed due to privacy concerns. 

BUT there’s a workaround to find out if a specific user has liked a post. First, you need to find the photo or video you want to inspect. Then, you need to tap the like-counter (the text that shows how many people have liked the post). In the new tap that pops up, search the username of your interest to see if they’ve liked this particular post or not. (Bounce: Learn How to search on Instagram without having an account)

Note: It doesn’t matter if the person’s account is private. You’ll see their username and profile picture regardless. 

Other Insights Does IG Offer 

Are your recent likes the only data you can extract about your IG activity? No. Below is a list of helpful information you can find in the app’s Account section (found in the settings). 

Saved images

There’s a bookmark icon on the right-end of every IG post. Tapping it will store that image or video in the ‘Saved’ section. You can either tap the three horizontal lines on your profile to access it or go to the settings > account > and Saved to manage your content. 

Note that you’re the only person who can see these stored posts no matter your account’s privacy settings. 

Time spent on the app

Go to settings > Account > Your Activity and tap Time to see how much time you spent on the IG app per day. You can also set a reminder to manage your time and snap out of social media if necessary. 

Links you’ve visited

Similar to posts you liked on Instagram, you can also check out the links you’ve visited through stories or bio websites. You can access this information by visiting the ‘Your Activity’ in the Account section. If you don’t want the links to appear, tap the ‘Hide History’ on the top-right corner. 

Quick Recap of What You Learned

  • To see your liked posts on Instagram, go to Settings > Account > Posts You’ve Liked.’
  • You can only see up to 300 recent posts that you have liked. 
  • Likes from are not stored and, therefore, not displayed anywhere in the app. 
  • Anyone who taps the like-counter text under a post can see if you’ve liked it not. 
  • You can remove a post from the liked list by tapping the heart icon and unliking it. 
  • Unlike apps like TikTok and Twitter, no one has access to the list of your liked posts but you.