Contesting on social networks has different approaches. But the main goal that brands follow from running an Instagram contest & other social media is to attract the audience, obtain customer satisfaction, and increase the engagement rate of posts.

What is the meaning of holding a contest on Instagram?

Recently, great pages on social media publish posts as a contest to gain followers, customer satisfaction, and a better engagement rate. These contests are such that brands ask users to do a special action in order to promote their brand. In return, they will take them into the contest or dedicate a gift from the products of that brand. These are some examples of holding a contest on Instagram:

Instagram contest


Instagram contest

As you can see, all of these contests, select the winner in a drawing. In all of them, users who mentioned some of their friends below the posts have been in the drawing.

How to hold a contest on Instagram?

Of course, this question has come to you. How do these brands select the winner from those who have participated in your contest? In answer to the possible question, I have to say that there are tools that make it easy for you. The way these tools work is that you enter the post of the contest and the number of winners. These tools automatically select a random number of comments, and you select these as winners. This is the way you can easily run your own drawing.
Of course, in some cases when people have to mention one or more of their friends, given the possibility of cheating users and preventing them, you must validate the comments after selecting the winners and exclude those who have cheated them. Again, through these tools, select the same number of new winning cheaters and continue this screening until the number of cheaters reaches zero. So the actual winners get selected. One of the best of these tools is the comment picker website that helps you to hold your contest.

Instagram contest

What is the benefit of the Instagram contest?

Conducting these contests, if targeted and correct, will have helpful results for brands. Some of the benefits of the Instagram contest are as the following:
• In some of these contests, users are asked to bring a few of their friends, which will make new people get familiar with your brand and have a significant impact on brand awareness of your business.
• By holding a contest and awarding, your followers will feel better about your brand, and if you continue this, people will follow your Instagram page more than ever.
• Due to the fact that there are many comments below your contest post and by paying attention to the Instagram algorithm, your post will gain more engagement rate. This causes you to show your post to more people on the search page and eventually, your post becomes viral.

Know different types of Instagram contests

There are various competitions on Instagram, each of which has good results for certain types of businesses; Of course, any Instagram contest can be useful, but some of them are more productive and you can experience more sales at a lower cost. You should also keep in mind that the goal of a successful Instagram contest is not necessarily to increase sales and you can have other goals! For example, you can increase the number of followers or interaction of your account, or even your goal is to get a certain number of likes for a particular post. Here are three types of Instagram contests:


Type 1) Like posts to win the contest!

This type of contest is very common on Instagram; You must have seen the accounts that ask you to like a post to participate in the contest. Perhaps the simplest type of successful Instagram contest can be considered this type of contest; Because users do not need to work hard and just by liking a photo, he/she have a chance to participate in.

The advantages of this method are:

Your account engagement is greatly increasing; In this way, users will simply follow you to participate in the contest and like one of your posts, which has a great impact on your engagement.
Users can easily enter the contest; In other methods, users may need to be present at the venue, but this is the simplest type of successful Instagram contest.

Disadvantages of this method are:

Your business conversion rate is very low; In this way, users participate in the contest very simply and have no interaction with the account other than following and liking you. They may not even read your posts and unfollow you after a while! Therefore, the conversion rate of users to customers is very low and can not be counted on to increase sales in this way.

Participants do not contribute to your branding very much; Your followers may seem to increase, but they are not usually targeted audiences! So they can’t really help with branding.
This method is only suitable when you want to increase the number of likes of a post or increase your engagement for a while. So if you are looking to brand or increase the sales of your business, I do not recommend using this method and you should use the other two methods that we will discuss below.

Type 2) Share posts with a special hashtag

Another attractive and professional way to conduct a successful Instagram contest is to use a special hashtag. In this method, you must select a dedicated hashtag for your contest and ask users to share their photos or videos with that hashtag. You should note that this hashtag is appropriate for the type of competition and your brand is also specified in it! This method has many advantages, but the most important is branding. Because when a large number of users share the hashtag you want, a large number of those users will see it and enter your Instagram account.

If you search for this hashtag on Instagram, you will see all the posts related to this contest that were shared by users. You too can have a successful Instagram contest by launching your own hashtag and greatly increase your account engagement. You can also ask users to tag your account in addition to using their own hashtag so that other users who see posts related to your contest will follow your Instagram account.


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  1. As an Instagram user, I like to participate in contests held on that platform. How can I find the best ones with the best prizes? Are they even trustworthy? Do they really give away the prizes?

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