As you may know, after the change in Instagram algorithm, you can not calculate the rate posts on Instagram just based on the posts release time. There is a special algorithm for ranking them based on Instagram engagement rate on the homepage of your followers.

Instagram rate posts

The task of rating algorithm

The main task of this algorithm is to show Instagram posts based on your interests; so in this way, these posts are more possible to be liked. By launching this algorithm, Instagram has increased the willingness of users to check out the feeds every few hours. So the first posts to be shown on your feed are more attractive than the other posts.
rate posts on Instagram

How to rate posts on Instagram

To better show the rating process, we rate posts from 1 to 10, so according to the formula, the post rated as 9 will be displayed in the Instagram feed at a higher level.
rate posts on Instagram

The rating formula for posts on Instagram

To explain this formula, we define a series of factors below which we will use in it:
    • Likelihood: Likelihood means that a particular person has liked a few percentages of our page’s posts before. The higher the percentage of likelihood, the higher the future posts rate will be.
rate posts on Instagram
    • Engagement Rate: The engagement rate means the number of interactions (total likes, comment, and shares) divided by the number of people who viewed the post (Reach) multiplied by 8 (because in this formula we need a number from 0 to 8).
Instagram rating posts
    • Relevancy: Relevancy means how much the subject of this post is related to the posts that the viewer has liked in the past.
    • Timeliness: Timeliness means that a post that is published later has a higher priority to display on the user’s feed.
    • Time Spent: This time is the average time spent by users on that post.
Each of these factors has rating importance as shown in the image below:
Instagram rate posts algorithm
This means, for example, a post that has been published in the page which we have liked over 80% of its contents, takes number 8 from multiplying 80% in 10.
Instagram posts rating
Finally, the ranking formula is as follows:

Post Rate = Likelihood + Instagram Engagement Rate + Relevancy + Timeliness + Time Spent

Note: this formula is not prepared for you to calculate this number after publishing your posts. The purpose of designing this formula is to know what factors are effective in order to rate posts on Instagram and which one has the most impact on the formula. Regarding this fact, Likelihood has the most and Timeliness has the least effect on Instagram post rating.