When you break one or more rules of Instagram, it imposes Shadowban on your page which is one of its penalties; so you will get banned for a period of time from being found on the feed of your followers.

What will happen when Instagram shadowbans you:

When Instagram bans you, none of your posts appears in explorer page and also in none of the hashtags.

What you can do to prevent this ban:

Instagram shadowban


  1. Maybe you are using unofficial Instagram apps that break the rules. To be more certain, download and install the official apps from credible stores.
  2. You are not considering Insta daily and hourly limitations. Although these limitations may be different for everyone, publicly the limitations are as follows:
            • 150 likes per hour
            • 60 comments per hour
            • 60 follows and 60 unfollows per hour
            • If you try to ignore these restrictions continuously, Insta may penalize you. 
  3. If you use unrelated hashtags or hashtags that are related to spam or illegal content, you will be penalized soon and this will decrease the engagement rate of your page.
  4. Another reason would be Insta users reporting you. It may be the most important reason that causes a penalty by Instagram. Try not to post content that makes users report you as much as possible.
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    Important note:
    Recent researches show that the main reason that Insta shadowbans an account is breaking the hourly limitations and because of that many people try to use Insta automation tools to check these restrictions. So if you are using Instagram bot notice that the bot should have the filter to check these limitations and do not use tools or bots without the filters mentioned above.