As you know TikTok is a platform provides people to make money by sparing their time in this app. Has it occurred to your mind to make money from TikTok?! If you’ve heard about  the hair-rising amount of money people succeeded to make from TikTok and got electrocuted, and still there are loads of questions in your mind about how to make money on TikTok, this article’s written for you. Have a cup of coffee in your hand & come with us.

How ti make money on tiktok

How people made money from social media before TikTok

Come with me to few years ago. Once upon a time there were people who known Instagram as a platform just to share photos and videos. They used Instagram as an online photo album. But a little bit later they observed blossoming of another group of people who called influencers and personal bloggers.

The second group were making money and having income from posting their contents. Day after day businesses, companies and marketers joined forces in order to gain grounds in the battle. The situation, people, and their mindset had to change and grow up step by step. And now we have the concept of social media marketing and in addition to Instagram, there are many platforms to share contents and have income from them. And one of the best platforms for making money is TikTok now.

Gold mining talent and making money on TikTok

TikTok is a freshly recent platform that people find it amusing and funny. They use it and post funny attractive videos. But there is a question! What happened again that some people can make money from TikTok and most of the users remain as loads of out of battle viewers? Have they some superlative talents that others don’t have?!The answer is yes and no!

Yes, because some people know how to use social media professionally. This is a sort of useful talent nowadays. In fact, some people are able to make money by using their superlative gold mining talent to have fun, to be known, and to gain money at the same time.

No, because using social media professionally is acquirable and you can learn it either, if you want! There is some steps to guide you how to make money on TikTok! Wish you lock, famous and rich people to be!

make money out of TikTok

Creating pro account

First step to become a professional user of TikTok is” creating a pro account”. If you already have an account on TikTok, you can find a guidance here to turn it into pro one.

If you a content creator in another social media like Youtube or Instagram, it’s better for you to mention the link of your page in your TikTok’s account too. It helps you to increase your authority and also your follower can find you in TikTok, if they like you.

  • Explore what your follower likes and what amuses them

Social media are working based on what people desire. As a matter of fact, social media without people is meaningless. Imagine a great speaker is making speech in the empty palace!

At the starting level you’d better to find and follow professional accounts footsteps to get hints of what you must do. In this step you must pay attention to everything they are doing and think about that!

There is a difference between a user and a professional user who can mine golds from TikTok. A professional user observes and analyses whatever he or she sees in social media! But a user just sees, drops a like or scroll it, and seconds later he/she forgets all about what he/she saw!

So be a professional user! Pay attention! Be an observer! Of course a thinking observer! After a while you will see that you’re able to create your own worthy idea. But at this level you should observe them to learn how to create a content and idea!

do you have income of tiktok

  • Recognize your followers

That’s the key question! You must know them, as you know what is favorite colors, foods, films, books, hobbies of your friends! Your followers will be your good friends! Because you want to have influence on them, then you need to know them correctly. It is important to know what they want to see, what is amuses them, what makes them to laugh, how old are they, what is their gender, where they live, …

Knowing these items and even more than them, leads to find your followers and start creating contents for them. If you need more (of course you need!) read this article: How to become famous on TikTok

You must notice that there is a battle to attract more followers and unfortunately there is no shortcut to success. Then, pay attention to found wholes in other’s previous contents, and fill them with your contents. After doing this you will see people are going to find and follow you, because you present them what they need most.

  • Set a schedule for your contents

Content creating without planning is fruitless. You must have daily, weekly and monthly schedule boards. Based on them you start and never give it up. Notice that your schedule must not be so full to lead low quality contents, this way you may gradually get more followers on tiktok!

  • Improve your information in bio

The bio presents the director(s)’s identity and can attract people or make them run away easily. Then, you must present yourself properly as though it’s your visit card.

You should choose a unique name. your name will bring you to people minds and they remember you by it. I personally remember a famous account on Instagram, she chose the name her grandma called her! Her real name was Nelli, and her grandma used to call her Nooli! Because her grandma was toothless and she was really liked her! Did you get it?! By choosing a name and telling a little story, I remember someone I never see, after many years! I can remember not only herself, but her grandma!

iconic name for TikTok account

If you don’t know what information must be write in bio, check some influencers bio and try to present yourself according to their style. What I mean by “according to their style of writing”? I mean don’t copy down them! Just look at their style, and the information they mentioned. Then try to write as your own language.

Use one name for every account you have on all social media you want to be active on. Like Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, tweeter, …

  • Follow the content principles of TikTok

TikTok, same as any other social media, has principles for sharing contents. Videos you are sharing must not contain offending words, racism and violent contents. So be careful about what you share.

Now, we are in the second floor. And we are going to know how to make contents recognizable and familiar for people! in this floor we will do our best to laid foundations in order to make money from our contents on TikTok. But there is still a long road to success.

  • Create content with harmony on TikTok

Pay attention to harmony in your content creating. It means that your videos should have resemblance and relatedness in their appearance and contents to each other. As though you’re a music conductor and your contents are instruments are playing together. You must conduct your contents to a harmony and resemblance.

When people’s eyes meet the videos, without looking at your name, recognize it is your video and your created them! Your video must contain your special unique signature on them! It helps to stick in people’s mind. When they remember you, your road to success will be easier.

tiktokers earn a lot of money out of this platform

  • Reply to the comments

Cement your relationship with your follower by answering. It might take a lot of time, but you need this relationship. Replying to follower’s comments will translate to them in this way “I pay attention to you and you are worth it!”  You make the relationship with them, by giving them notice, then they return it by remaining with you or share your videos more!

Who knows?! Maybe this time your videos become viral by the users! There is a fruitful article about how to go viral on tiktok in our blog that it may help you in making viral contents on social media!

  • Use other social media to share

If you are on the other social media, use it to share your TikTok’s videos. It might help you.

  • Update your content quality

You must Update gradually and continually your content’s quality. It is not bad to start with what you have now! But changing is the key to success! Never forget it!

I remember an influencer many years ago shared videos on Instagram and you-tube. They were not perfect at all! Even they seem awful in comparison what they create now! But who cares?! She is brilliant now! She is well-known, rich and one of the most impacting influencers in the world! Because she is always improving herself and her ability to content creating!

And finally we are on third floor. How to make money on TikTok?!

  • Advertising in your account

Most people think in order to get advertisement in social media, they must have millions of followers! But it is not true at all. In order to advertise in social media and having income, you don’t need loads of loads people who follow you! In fact, it contains levels. Influencers have income based on their levels. Good news to you! It means that you can have income by what you have!

You can register yourself and your account in affiliating sites and they pay you based on the number of followers who bought them.

In addition, you can get offer from online shop stores, little businesses, and so on, to advertise their products in your page.

The other way is sponsorship. In this way you create your own video and advertise them simultaneously, then they pay them.

  • TikTok’s coin can get you real money?

Yes! TikTok brings an option for influencers who have a relationship with their followers. By using this option, you can request followers to pay amounts of money if they want or like you! In this way they buy TikTok’s coins. The coin price is about 1.39 $. If you want your money, you’ll change your coins and TikTok will give you the real money through Paypal.

  • Managing the other pages

The idea tested in Instagram. It is still working. As a Professional TikToker you can have fun in your personal page, make it an advertisement or coin free. But you use your ability to prove yourself to companies or people who want an active and proper page on TikTok, then take responsibility to manage their account.

making money by connecting people to each other in TikTok

  • Connection making

There is a position in TikTok and some other social medias such as Instagram that a third party who having relationship with businesses and also content creators. The third person takes responsibility to making connection and arranging contracts among them. It can be your taste, if the other ways are not your cup of tea.

TikTok’s rules to make money

Those were the game’s rules in TikTok and other social media. It’s a game and need attention, effort and creativity. A 26 years-old user called Shan Young by spending his time frequently in TikTok, earned ten thousands of dollars per month. He has 1 million followers, and manage businesses accounts at the same time. It’s worth to try. There is no limitation to choose which way or ways. If you know how to use TikTok properly, you will make money from it. Why are waiting for?!

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