There is no need to emphasize the popularity and effect of Instagram in everybody’s life, particularly, businesses. They can increase their sales via this platform. So the active users will be aware of the business products and services and buy what they need from them. Besides Instagram marketing, email marketing has a long history even longer than Instagram marketing. And one method to grow your email list with Instagram. The main reason for the aforementioned fact is that email provides you with direct access to potential customers, you will be guaranteed that your emails are in their inbox, in spite of not checking the platform at the same time that you post your content (This is the case with almost all the social media).

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Why is it beneficial to grow your email list with Instagram

No matter what you sell, products, or services, Instagram is a great place to promote your sale. As it proves the highest engagement rate is even higher than Facebook.
So, on this powerful platform, find your audience to advertise your products and services on other influential platforms.
In addition to promoting your products via email marketing, it is so helpful to design newsletters to keep in touch with your audience. You can do a wide range of tasks such as educational videos and informing them of your festivals and discount.
The interesting point about this is that it can be a reciprocal action, you can easily improve your other social media like Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and …
In the following we are going to look into some methods to help you grow your email list through Instagram:

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1. Encourage your audience to sign up via your bio, posts, IGTV, or stories

This is one of the most effective methods, do not forget to provide a call-to-action button or your website link so that the audience can click and enter their emails.
For instance, put your website link on your bio and motivate the audience. So they sign up with their emails to continue their sales or receiving a newsletter. The other way can be your posts as images or videos and more important than that your stories and their miraculous swipe up features. Place the link on your story and ask users to swipe it up and continue the process of inserting their email and signing up whether to purchase or be a subscriber to keep informed about products and services.

2. Prepare a contest grow your email list with Instagram

A contest and wonderful gifts are what users love the most, so you can ask them to mention their friends to register and participate in the contest. This persuades users to invite their friends and be among contestants, and you can have a list of subscribers easily.

3. Involve followers with user-generated content

Engaging your followers always works even on Instagram or off Instagram.
Lead them to share your posts and stories and send many other users to your account and its content. So by gathering a lot of people on your account, many emails can be collected.
Create proper hashtags and by this method make a list for users’ emails and improve your CTR.

4. Provide a great and free video or an article on your website (freebies)

Make content like a wonderful video or instructional article and entice users to open the link and download it, thus they need to sign up and insert their emails. Promote your link on your posts or stories.
What matters here is that they all must be free, these are things called freebies and so practical in sharing your content and gathering many emails.
They can come in different varieties such as e-books, videos, images, music, podcasts, and…
The reason why freebies are significant is that they earn you their trust so this leads you to more sales for your real products. The other reason for its usefulness is that people like free stuff and works as an incentive.

Note: Pay attention to the fact that it is crucial to create a custom page for the followers coming from your Instagram to your website. Because they access the page to insert their information more easily and they do not get frustrated by going to the homepage and search for the box to enter their information.

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Conclusion about Grow Your Email List With Instagram

Whatever strategies mentioned above are great and effective. At the end of the day, the significant point is that you clarify the fact for your followers that what they can acquire from signing up on your website and giving you their email addresses.
All in all, deploying your Instagram to build a massive email list for your email marketing is an extremely helpful method. It not only helps your interaction and engagement with your followers, but it also promotes your business on more than one platform and you make sure that your audience receives your content.
As encouraging people to submit their email addresses is beneficial for improving the engagement rate. Increasing the number of followers helps the fact of email marketing. In other words, the more followers you get on your account, the more email you will have. So, if you are after a gross email list, do not miss gaining more audience.

Growth tool

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Here, we are including an applicable service of automation for advancing Instagram accounts. Instamber Instagram bot is one of the best in this field and simulates human behaviors but at a faster speed. And prevents spending so much time and money on following and unfollowing people.

Try the service and expand the number of your followers and your email list.


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