Looking for a quick fix for your IG DMs not working? Try one of these 4 guaranteed solutions. (No need to install a new app or disable your account). First, make sure your internet connection is stable. Then, try restarting the app. If Instagram DM not working, uninstall the recent updates (works only for Android), or reinstall the Instagram app. You can also log out of your account and log back in to fix the issue.

How to fix Instagram DMs not working?

Fix #1: Log out of your account and log in again.
Go to your IG profile and press the hamburger menu on top of the right corner (it looks likes three horizontal lines). From there, select Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Choose Log Out under the ‘Logins’ section.
Now, you see the IG Login page again. Enter your username and password to log back into your accounts. Check if the DMs are working properly.
Fix #2: Clear the app cache.
On an iOS device, follow these steps: Go to Settings > Apps > find the Instagram App and select it > select ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ options at the bottom of the screen.
Android users should go to Settings > Apps > Find the app icon > select Storage > and then proceed to ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache.’

Deleting this data should not change or remove anything from your Instagram account. But if you are too worried to try, use one of the other three solutions instead.
Fix #3: Uninstall the recent update or reinstall the app.
iOS users cannot uninstall Instagram updates to go back to an older version. So, if that is the case, uninstall the IG app and download it again. (It may require you to log in to your account after reinstallation).
Android users can undo a recent IG update to fix any Direct Message issues. To do so, go to your Settings > Apps > select the Instagram application > press the three dots on the top corner > choose ‘Uninstall Updates.’

You can always update the app again. But before that, head back to your DMs to see if the fix has been effective.
Fix #4: Use a free VPN.

Sometimes, fixing the DM problem is as easy as using a VPN application. We recommend Turbo VPN to Android users and Hotspot Shield for iPhone or iPad users.

Other Fast Solutions

Here are some alternative ways to fix Instagram DM not working in 2021.
1. Force Stop the App (Android)
Go to your Settings and proceed to find Instagram in your Applications. Select the icon and press the ‘Force Stop’ button.
2. Use the Desktop Version
Log in to your IG account on a browser using a laptop or PC. To do so, you need to visit the Accounts & Login page first. Enter your username and password to access your profile on your computer. Try sending messages via the desktop version and see if it works.
This is a temporary solution as you cannot send images directly from your camera or make video calls.
3. Send an in-App Help Request
On your profile, select the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines). And then select Settings and from there, go to the ‘Help’ section. Choose Report a Problem and proceed to select it again in the new tab. You will see a blank space with a note saying, ‘Briefly explain what happened or what’s not working.’
Here, you can ask for a DM fix from the actual IG support team. If you don’t know how to explain your issue, use the following sample text.
“Hi, dear support team. I’m having trouble with my direct messages, and it’s not working properly/I cannot send or receive messages. I’ve tried everything, including reinstalling the app. But the DMs still not working.”

Note: You can submit a screenshot of your DM problem to make your request clear. But do not expect a quick response because the Help Center is usually way busy to take care of all the messages.

3 Primary Signs that Your IG Account’s DMs Are Down

If your internet connection or wi-fi is a-okay, the following red flags indicate a problem with your messages.
# 1 False notifications.
Most users receive notifications. But when they open the IG app, there are no messages. Some others see ‘Requests’ in their DMs. However, they become invisible after the user clicks on button. Facing any of these issues points out that something is wrong with your account.
# 2 One-sided problems in sending/receiving messages.
An obvious red flag is when the Instagram DM is broken only for one side of the conversation. For example, your friends can send you messages. But you either cannot see them or respond to them. If that is the case, you need a quick IG Direct Message fix.
# 3 Disappearing DMs.
When someone sends you a message request and deletes it before you allow it, the conversation will disappear from your account. However, if you see other messages go missing for no apparent reason, you might be dealing with a DM problem.
Note: It Might be a Mega Issue in Meta
You do not always need to fix a broken Instagram DM. Sometimes, the issue is nationwide or worldwide. For example, back in October 2021, Meta (also known as Facebook) faced a major outage that caused most of its apps to stop functioning.
So, before looking for a DM fix, make sure there are no active outages in your area. One way to do so is by Googling ‘Instagram outage.’ You will find lots of monitoring websites such as Downdetector.com that would tell you if IG is down.

3 Methods to Prevent any Instagram DM Problems

You are here to know how to fix Instagram DM not working. But there are ways you can stop such issues from happening in the first place. Use these three techniques to keep your Direct Messages up and running all the time.
# 1 Keep Your Phone and App Updated
Your phone’s operating system should support the current version of the IG application. So, you want to make sure that your Android or iOS is as updated as possible. You also need to keep up with the application updates.
If checking for new updates sounds complicated, turn on automatic downloads on your phone. This way, your cellphone will detect the new version of applications and install them when a wi-fi connection is available.
Here is how to do so on an iPhone. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Turn on “Automatic Updates” under the Automatic Downloads section.
For Android devices, go to your Google Play profile. Select Settings Network Preferences > Auto-update apps > Over wi-fi only.
# 2 Leave Enough Free Space on Your Phone
If you are an Apple product user, it’s best to leave at least 2 GB of free space on your device. That way, you can make sure Instagram is not crashing because of storage shortage. Android users need at least 200 MB of free space for a reliable experience and to avoid in-app crashes.
# 3 Keep the IG DM Limits in Mind
Exceeding 100 direct messages per day may result in an ‘Action Block.’ It would help if you also kept your account spam-free because spammy messages can get you banned or suspended.


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