Facebook which was founded in 2004 is one the best known social media out there. It is said that Facebook has more than 2.8 billion monthly active users who can do many things through this platform. Facebook has many features among which are sharing your thought and idea, communicating with a friend, promoting your business, sharing your videos and photos, and many more, but in this article, we are specifically going to talk about a feature on this platform which is known as Dark Mode.

What is Dark mode?

Dark mode is a feature available on many smartphones and personal computers.

This mode allows smartphone users to change the default setting on their phone which is light mode into a dark one known as dark mode. Dark mode also has other names such as black mode, dark theme, or night mode. This mode actually decreases the light radiated from a smartphone screen or any other devices with the same feature such as a laptop, iPad, tablet, and so on. Dark mode is not specific to Facebook, and there are many famous platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and many more which have this feature as well.

According to some experts, dark mode decreases the eye strain and this means that when your phone is on this mode you can read text easier and it’s also healthier, of course, there is not much supporting evidence and some studies even show exactly the opposite of what I’ve just said.

Keep in mind that Dark mode doesn’t work on every app but fortunately, you can use this mode on Facebook app for android, ios, and even personal computers.

According to some experts while Night mode on a smartphone might be suitable for nighttime it doesn’t mean that this mode can make reading comfortable or make your eyes less fatigue. Also, they say it doesn’t help your device to save battery or to make it last longer. Also if you notice any eyesight problems or sensitivity to light you need to entirely stop using Dark mode because that is not good for eye health and through many years of evolution we as human beings are accustomed to reading something like a text with the light around. Of course, experiencing this mode for yourself is the way to go, so give it a try and see if it is something you wanna use or stop using. 

Dark mode on Facebook

 Facebook allows its users to change the color of its Android app from white to a dark background or in other words it allows the users to get the app background dark. This mode saves battery life and also makes it easier to read something on this platform especially at nighttime.  Dark mode on Facebook needs to be adjusted manually and once this mode is on you can enjoy its features. 

Below you can see two photos of Facebook in both Light mode and Dark Mode on Android, the Light mode is the default setting and the Dark mode is what you need to adjust manually.

How to enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android

Activating the Facebook Dark mode is not a hard thing to do at all and I’m here to show you how to activate Dark mode step by step, but before we learn how to do that make sure you download the latest version of Facebook because if you use an older version you may not be able to use this mode and also Facebook has updated many of its app features which are only available on its latest version so don’t use an older version.

Step 1. After you’ve installed the latest version you need to sign in. Once you’ve signed in a photo like what you’ve already seen will pop up.

Step 2. Then you should be looking for the three horizontal lines also known as the hamburger icon. Once you’ve found the icon tap on it.

Step 3. Now you need to look for settings and when you’ve found this section tap on it.

Step 4.  Now you should be able to see the Dark mode and you need to tap on it.

Step 5. In this final stage, you need to toggle the Dark mode on, and voila! Now the Dark mode is activated and you can enjoy this feature on Facebook.

Pros of Dark mode

  • You will use less energy, so the phone battery of your device will last longer.
  • If you use your phone before going to bed; night mode may disturb you less, so you can not be awake for long.
  • Dark mode can reduce eye strain in places with low light conditions.
  • The dark mode is beneficial for people who are sensitive to light or people who have a visual impairment.
  • In dark places, where others are sleeping or in cinema and theater this mode doesn’t bother others.
  • Dark mode can enhance focus and concentration. Of course, experts do not support this because there is not any scientific background.
  • According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Dark mode can make the eye less tired especially at nighttime or in dark places.

Cons of Dark mode

  • If your smartphone is an old device without an OLED screen then Dark mode won’t make the battery of your device last longer.
  • It is not suitable for reading long text.
  • It can lower reading comprehension.
  • People with myopia or astigmatism cannot read well with the Dark mode on
  • Dark mode can increase eye fatigue in bright places.

Wrap up

Dark mode is a practical feature on Facebook and many other apps. It allows users to change the background color on their device from white to dark, that will help users. There are some advantages and disadvantages that you need to think over before using Dark mode, so if it is okay for you then give it a go.


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