Discord is a popular messaging platform among gamers, where you can send and receive messages and content about different games. Players can search for other players to form larger social groups since it is always inevitable to discuss with other players, especially if things go wrong.

The platform is full of offensive messages exchanged among players. Some messages are interesting, yet other players who see the content are offended and hurt. In similar situations, the best way to report abusive behavior is Discord.

Reporting this kind of behavior requires evidence and specific details to verify your cyberbullying complaint. It is possible to send a screenshot of the offensive messages yet, what happens if you delete an offensive messages?

How To See Deleted Chat On Discord?

Discord applications may not be able to view messages deleted by Discord, but there are other ways to use them. Never think Discord lied about their tweets. The method is a bit complicated, but you can not do it with the official app alone. Therefore, the tweet was partially correct. How to view deleted messages in Discord involves the use of various bots and plug-ins. You can choose any of the options below and do the right one:

1. Take Screenshots

It is possible that your app show offensive comments and online harassment. The best way to report a deleted message from someone is to take a screenshot. This is the most convenient way to view deleted messages in Discord. All you have to do is take a screenshot of the message that someone is not following Discord’s Terms of Service.

You can take screenshots on any device. However, there is one thing you need to check. Discord does not recommend taking screenshots of someone’s message as it violates the privacy of the user. Therefore, if someone sends a message and wants to keep proof of it, you can’t take a screenshot until you’re sure the sender deletes the message. If that person has not deleted the message, you can answer why it’s invading someone’s privacy.

All in all, if you delete the message, don’t worry. You can use screenshots to report deleted chat in Discord. You can use the screenshots to report their deleted chat on Discord.

2. Use Dyno Bot

The second best way is to use a bot that logs all events on the discord server which contains edited or deleted messages. Regular server members are not able to do much about it, yet administrators have access to many powerful bots and tools. Dyno Bot is a free and feature-rich bot. You have full control over your server and you can easily see all deleted messages in Discord using DynoBot. Many administrators refrain from adding bots to the server since these bots are a small process to use and install. However, all Discord administrators are strongly encouraged to add bots to the server and use all features.

Here are the complete set of steps on ‘How to see deleted messages on Discord’ with Dyno Bot:

1-      Visit Dyno Bot’s official website.

2-      Click on “Add To Server”

3-      Click on “Select a server” and choose a server of your choice.

4-      Click on “Authorize”

5-      Verify the captcha code and Dyno on your Discord Server.

6-      Open Discord.

7-      Login to your Discord account in which you have made the server that you added above.

8-      When you will see Dyno Bot in the server,  you can check it by typing PING in the message box and sending it.

How to Set Up a Dyno Bot?

1-      Again visit the official site of Dyno Bot.

2-      Click on “Login with Discord”

3-      Click on “Manage Servers”

4-      In the “Dashboard” window, you can keep a nickname of your Discord server and click on “Update”.

5-      Click on “Modules” under the Dashboard section.

6-      Enable the “Action Log”

7-      Now, again click on “Modules”, under it you’ll see “Action Log”, click on it.

8-      Specify the Discord server in “Select Channel”

9-      Now, you must select the “Message Deleted”.

(You can also select all the features in the checkboxes if you wish.)

After you have selected the features, go to Discord and open your server’s chat room. Send a message, and then delete it.  You will then see an immediate message from Dyno saying “Message sent by Your Name deleted in “#audits-log”.

3. Logger Bot utilization

Logger Bot is another bot that you can use to view deleted messages in Discord. This is a lightweight bot specially designed to display deleted chat on Discord. If you are not in need of a heavy multifunctional bot like the Dyno Bot, you can use the Logger Bot. The Logger Bot logs events such as deleted messages, edited messages, and join/exit. It’s basically just messaging-related events. This information is retained for up to 2 weeks and is enough to report bad news with evidence. The process is very similar to the one above, with some tweaks.

In conclusion

Once you see someone swearing on Discord or using abusive language or any other stuff that shouldn’t be done on the platform, then you can report it. Now, the reporting becomes a little tough when Discord does not allow taking screenshots in the first place. For that, you can take a screenshot, wait for the person to delete the message, and then report it to Discord. So, if you need more proof besides screenshots of their messages, then we can take the screenshot of the bots that display who deleted what message and when. 


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